Swimming Lessons

Well, Melany, it's time ...

You have to go in there now...

I'm pushing the door...

And ... Seriously ???


2. Chapter 2 : First Lesson

Chapter 2 : First Lesson


Seriously ??! This has to be a **** joke !!! There's only 5 years old !!!! Bim mom !!! OMG !! And there's absolutely no boys older than 10 years old ... So, of course, I'm the older one ...!!

The swimming teacher is looking at me so weirdly ... Oh... He's coming to me ...

"Hum... Are you in the good class...?"

"Yep ..."

"Oh !! You're Melany, aren't you ?"

"I am ..."

"Welcome !! My name is Tony and I'm your swimmig teacher !!"

If you were asking to yourself how looks Tony ... Well, he looks old ... He must be ... like ... 55 years old ?! Yeah I know, I have a problem with ages... And yeah my vision of old is weird !!

"You should go in the water now, Melany ..."

Thanks Tony... Like if I didn't know that ... Did he forget thath I don't know how to swim ?!! It's okay Mel ... You can do this ! (Yep, still talking to myself...)


I did it !! I've jumped in the water like a stupid girl !!!


What the f*ck is that ??! Am I dreaming or one of those stupid kids just jumped on me ??!! I'm gonna kill him !!! Wait ... Why his face is not out of the water yet ?? Is he drowning ?? Oh My God !! I have to do something !! But you don't know how to swim Mel !! Tony !! Where's Tony ?!

"Tony !!!!!!!!!!!!!"


I'm shocked !! I am so shocked !! And not just because someone just almost drowned or because my ol swimming teacher, called Tony, just saved him .... I'm so shocked cause this "someone" is Zayn Malik ....


Here's my second chapter !! So predictible .... But anyway, tell me what you think about it !!

XOXO Boys 😘

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