Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty. That's my name. At least that's what I'll legally change it to when I'm 24 because everyone ignores the fact that my real name is Maria. I was born as a normal baby, but as I grew older I developed a facial deformity that's apparently 'temporary.' And now, I'm about to give up my life for some 'criminal' celebrities named Zayn and Harry who were accused of attempting to kill Niall Horan. What have I got to lose...


3. Chapter 3

The van jerked me ferociously around as it turned this way and that.

I gripped on to Harry and squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for this ride of hell to end.

After what seemed like hours, the doors were opened, and the big man grabbed my arms tightly.

"Hurry the fuck up!" he yelled. I winced and crawled out faster with my one good hand.

I observed my surroundings once I was out. We were in a forest. Well isn't that just fucking great.

Turning back to the van, I watched as Harry, Zayn, and Niall were pulled out and spat on by the other four men. I wanted to kill them for doing this. Did I mention that they took my jacket away? My face was now out in the open... to all of them.

"Let's go let's go! WALK."

I quickened my pace and climbed up the stairs to the the doorway of a mansion. 

The big man unlocked and opened the door, pushing me in harshly.


There was nothing in the house besides beds. Every single once of the walls was painted a dark reddish color. Abruptly, my long dark brown hair was yanked on and next thing you know, I'm sitting on the second bed in the living room. 

I shut my eyes quickly when the three boys walked in, tears running down their beaten faces. It hurt me so much to see them in this state and I don't know why...

Two fingers gently lifted up my chin. I was staring into the blue eyes of my kidnapper.

"Hello sweetheart," he spoke coldly.

"Or should I call you the original ugly duckling?" he laughed. A cold hard laugh.

I jerked my head away from him, and before you know it, he's pushed me down onto the bed and was humping me roughly.

"Who do you think you are? Trespassing in my property!" 

He slapped my face, and I pushed with all of my might to get him off, yet he didn't even budge.

As he humped faster, I heard him moan. I tried pleading with my eyes, but all I saw was darkness in his.

"I've seen the way you look at those boys, and let me just say," he stopped in mid-sentence and came down to my ear,"If you don't listen to what I tell you to do, I'll kill them all, one by one."

I was then sat up in the bed, looking into the eyes of Harry, Zayn, and Niall. I could tell that they were frightened by my appearance, but still stared at me with concerned eyes. Probably because the man just randomly humped me..


We were all ordered to stand up and walk towards the kitchen and into the basement. As we trudged along down the steps, I heard a lock behind me and had to calm myself. 

It took me forever to except the fact that I might not even make it out of here alive..


The lights were already on down there, and as my foot hit the last step, I thought that I was going to faint.

There was a bed down there, of course, and a giant tank right across from it. 

"You," he pointed to me,"Sit down on the bed." I obeyed him and sat down, keeping my eyes on the boys.


The big man smiled evilly as the door to the tank was opened. His helpers took the handkerchiefs off of the boy's mouths and pushed them into the the tank. 

Oh my gosh...


"Now, sweetheart, this is how it's going to go," his voice spoke coldly.

"If you don't do what I tell you to do or if you deny me in any way, I'll add water to this tank."

He chuckled. "I'm not saying that I'll kill them at all," he paused and looked to the ground crazily.

"It's all up to you. Do what I say, and they'll live. Don't do what I say, and I won't feed them for a week. And of course, i'll add two gallons to the tank."

My breathing hitched as I started to cry. Looking down into my lap, I realized that I needed to be brave... for them. My eyes averted over to them, and they looked sorrowfully at me. I saw Harry part his lips to say something but I quickly shook my head at him. I didn't want him or Zayn and Niall to get hurt anymore.

One of the helpers handed me a notebook and pen. I looked at them with a confused expression.


"Ahhh, yes. Since you can't speak, I want you to communicate through writing. Now, tell me your name." he smiled creepily.

My hand shook as I spelled out Maria. M-A-R-I-A.

Him and his helpers laughed.

"What a beautiful name for an UGLY girl," he spat. 

I buried my face into my hands in embarrassment as they continued to laugh.

When I heard their laughter and feet trot up the steps of the basement, I slowly moved my hands away from my face and sighed. Sarah must be worried sick.


"Hey," I heard a voice speak. Looking up the boys, I noticed that it was Harry that was talking to me.

"Don't listen to them, love. You're beautiful. Don't risk your life for us." His voice was soothing and filled with so much care, my heart couldn't take.

I quickly wrote down,"I'm not beautiful, and I'm not letting you guys die."

Niall pressed his hand against the glass. "I can tell that you're beautiful. Don't say that you aren't again," he scolded. Rolling my eyes, Harry spoke up again.

"Yes, you are gonna let us die! The world already hates us because they think we almost killed Niall-"

'Which isn't true!" Niall butted in.

"I don't care what the world thinks, I'm still not going to let you die. I'm choosing this for myself. I have no family, no friends, and I live in a hospital. This is my decision. Just let me go. It's for the best." I wrote out while shaking my head at them.

Tears fell from all of their cheeks as they denied everything I told them I was going to do.

"Don't do this!" demanded Harry.

"You're worth more than you think love," Niall gently spoke.

I believe Zayn was in too much shock to even say anything.

Eventually I just laid down on the bed that would drastically be implanted in my mind and fell asleep.




Hey there! :) I'm not sure if this story is good enough, so please comment if you would like me to continue. If I get at least three comments for an update, I will write two more chapters. Thank you so much! :) <3 

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