Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty. That's my name. At least that's what I'll legally change it to when I'm 24 because everyone ignores the fact that my real name is Maria. I was born as a normal baby, but as I grew older I developed a facial deformity that's apparently 'temporary.' And now, I'm about to give up my life for some 'criminal' celebrities named Zayn and Harry who were accused of attempting to kill Niall Horan. What have I got to lose...


2. Chapter 2

"You're free to go roam hun," spoke Sarah. 

By that she meant that I was allowed to roam the hospital, but I always escape through an emergency exit in the back, and she knows that. I know she knows that.

Quickly I threw on a flowy red dress that went just above my knees and a jacket with a hood. All of my jackets had hoods because I'm always hiding my face. You obviously know why. 

Making sure that no one was watching, I glided across the sleek tiled floors and hid behind a curtain. This is a routinely thing. 

Once the nurse at the desk left to check on the patient in room 324, I rushed towards the abandoned part of the hospital and grasped the cold door knob of the emergency exit.

I was finally outside. Breathing in the non-medicated air of the world. And I always head towards the mall.

Why, you may ask? It's because I love observing the lives of normal people. I know that sounds really creepy, but if you were in my shoes, you'd understand.

As I approached the mall, I noticed a group of middle-aged guys hovering near the back of a white van. "What the hell..." I thought to myself. Curiosity filled me a little too quickly when I saw one of the guys raise their hand and slap something. Fierce whispering came after that.

My curiosity got the best of me, and I slowly creeped towards them, trying to get a better look of whatever was so interesting in the van. Once I was close, I noticed a human like figure squirming around in the back. The five men were muttering words down to him harshly.

"If any of you make even a peep again, I'll bring out the fucking cigarettes! Shut the fuck up you assholes! I don't want to tell you again!" scolded the man. Oh god... I know what this is. 

Slowly, I turned around and tiptoed behind a nearby car. I came to the assumption that those men were kidnappers, and of course, I'd have to check it out myself to see if I was right. 

After waiting for three minutes, I watched as three of them went around the corner of a building and the other two went into the mall. 

Once I knew that the coast was clear, I silently sprinted towards the van. Jiggling the handle of the trunk, I discovered that the door was locked. Not a big surprise though. I looked around the ground and crouched down, feeling underneath the car. When my hand touched something cold and hard, I yanked it up to my face. 

How could someone drop the keys to their car right under it and not notice? Idiots.

Looking around the area once more, I pushed the key into the door's lock and cautiously opened the door.

I couldn't believe my eyes. There were three guys in the car. And I know who they are.

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan. Their mouths were gagged with handkerchiefs and their hands were tied behind their backs tightly with duck tape. 

Putting a hand over my mouth, I rush towards the closest one. Harry. I removed the handkerchief from his mouth, trying to hide my face while doing it.

"Y-you have to get help! Get the police!" he blurted out. Tears cascaded down his face as he looked at me with pleading eyes.

I nodded quickly and whipped out my emergency cellphone given to me by the hospital. Turning around a big hand was put over my mouth. There's no purpose for that anyway because of my lips being sealed together so I just kicked the man in the groin and started running for my life.

How stupid of me! What was I thinking, trying to see what was in the van.

Sooner than I expected, I was tackled to the concrete ground. Hearing a crack from my wrist when I landed, I squeezed my eyes tight. If I could scream, I would. 

The pain was sharp and got worse as I was yanked up and forced against the white van.

"Just leave her alone!" yelled Harry. 

"Shut the fuck up!" yelled one of the men. When I heard a lot of slapping and punching in the that trunk, I ignored the pain in my wrist and struggled to go and help them. 

Once again, I was thrown against the van and let my head lean down.

"Who the hell are you?" demanded the biggest of them all.

When I didn't reply, he snapped my head back against the side of the van and grasped my chin.

"Look at me when I talk to you," he hissed.

And then it happened. He pulled down my hood and his eyes widened. Two of the others came over and reacted in the same way.

"Holy shit..."

I was petrified and ashamed. "Just let me go," I signed. 

"What are you doing?" he muttered still in awe. 

Once he realized that I couldn't reply, he motioned to the other men and then hauled me into the trunk as I squirmed and punched with all of my might. No use.

Surprisingly, they didn't tie me up. I wonder why...

Glancing over to the three boys, I felt my demented eyes swell up with tears. Their faces were swollen and puffy from the recent beatings they received. I scooched over to Harry and ran my fingers over his delicate face.

I couldn't save him.

Why why why...



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