Stay Strong Beautiful

Kieran the one with the green hair goes out with Emma the one with the purple hair to the park. They were best friends. They did everything together. They were just normal teenagers who kept each other strong I till they met Calum and
Luke from
5 seconds of summer!



Emma's Pov

"Omfg I'm so sorry!!" I screamed my eyes wide. I saw Calum standing beside him starring at Kieran. I looked back at Kieran who was standing shocked. "It's okay...?" A raspy voice said asking for my name. I looked back at Luke and said "Emma it's Emma.."

Calum's Pov

Fuck she's cute.

I thought starring at the girl with green hair. She had a lot if bracelets on her wrist. And her crop top flowed in the wind. And her ripped jeans fit her just right. She was perfect.. My dream girl. Suddenly someone nudged me it was Luke. I saw Luke pass a number to the girl with the purple hair. I went up to the one with the perfect smile and the perfect body. "I didn't catch your name." I said sorta shyly. She blushed and said "Kieran.." I smirked. "Cute name, I'm ca-" She interrupted. "Calum.." She said rapidly. "Fan of my band?" I asked her. "Your a family not a band. And yes." She smiled. I passed her my number and her blue eyes sparkled with joy.

Kieran's Pov

Oh my Fuck am I dreaming?? I'm meeting cake!!

I thought. This can't be real can it? All I could do was smile. They probaly think I'm fucking hideous and I deserve to die. I'm such an idiot... I looked up at Calum as he passed me his number. I looked up at him surprised. Does he like me!?

Wowie they got flirts from 5sos cake lucky them!! Do you think Kieran should die? Comment!! Also adding a michaels girl

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