Stay Strong Beautiful

Kieran the one with the green hair goes out with Emma the one with the purple hair to the park. They were best friends. They did everything together. They were just normal teenagers who kept each other strong I till they met Calum and
Luke from
5 seconds of summer!


1. The meet

Kieran's Pov

I was dancing around in Emma's room while she was getting a shower. I smiled into her mirror while my long green hair bounced. I spun around. My black rock on crop top flowed while I leapt and spun and twirled to 5sos music. Suddenly the shower turned off. A couple minutes later Emma walked out with dark ripped jeans and a shirt that said Fuck off. "Hi!" I said still bouncing. "Aren't you in a good mood this morning?" Emma said. "Yeah!!" I screamed. "Why?" Emma asked confused I always was in a depressed mood. "Cause we're breathing the same air as 5sos! They're here! They're playing here this week!!" I started to bounce again. "Calm down you can see you're bra when you bounce." Emma said sarcastically. My face went red with laughter. "Sorry!!" I laughed. "Let's go to the park now.." Emma said

Emma's Pov

Me and Kieran walked to the park. "Want a ice cream?" I asked Kieran. "No thanks." She said vibrating. Can this women get anymore hyper? I thought. Kieran followed me to the ice cream stand. I kept walking until I hit a person, a tall person but not just any tall person..."L-Luke Hemmings!!" I screamed

What will Emma and Kieran do sense they bumped into Luke and Calum!? Find out in the next chapter

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