Stay Strong Beautiful

Kieran the one with the green hair goes out with Emma the one with the purple hair to the park. They were best friends. They did everything together. They were just normal teenagers who kept each other strong I till they met Calum and
Luke from
5 seconds of summer!


4. Falling

Kieran's pov

The next day

I woke up the dried mascara still on my face and tear stains on my pillow from the night before. My hair was a mess and I felt like staying in bed. I got up and yelled to my dad "Grabbing a shower!" Of course he was home he couldn't drive he has epilepsy. I grabbed my clothes and got into the shower. I sighed turning in the shower.

I turned the shower off about 20 minutes later. I got out and blow dried my long hair. I got dressed into my flowy white 5sos gravity top with some ripped shorts with my gravity converse. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail. I smiled into the bathroom mirror. I walked out and flopped down the stairs.

Luke's pov

We're doing a concert tonight and I just can't stop thinking about Emma... That's a problem right?

I looked at my phone. I scrolled threw my contacts and saw future mrs Hemmings (Emma) I chuckled. I did really like her. She was kind and pretty but also badass sorta like me!!? Penguins are badass right?? I am a penguin so I should know

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