Stay Strong Beautiful

Kieran the one with the green hair goes out with Emma the one with the purple hair to the park. They were best friends. They did everything together. They were just normal teenagers who kept each other strong I till they met Calum and
Luke from
5 seconds of summer!


3. Drivin

Kieran's pov

When I got home I slammed my door and bit my lip. I smiled as I had a flash back of me and Calum kissing. I took my shirt of leavening me in my Victoria's Secret velvet purple laced bra. I slipped on a baggy baseball tee with my plaid pj bottoms I got from Ardenes. I jumped onto my bed and grabbed my phone off the night table. I went on Twitter and saw pictures of me and Calum kissing. I gasped and read the comments 'what a slut' 'she doesn't deserve you' 'she is ugly as fuck' 'is she even human!?' 'The ugliest person on earth calum what do you see in her' 'must be a mistake cause calum wouldn't kiss a ugly person' I started to cry. I shut my phone off sighing. I shuttered and got out if bed. Mascara was running down my face. Suddenly my phone dinged. I went over to see the text. It was from calum.

To Kieran: omg I'm so sorry did u see the hate

To Calum: yeah...😭

To:Kieran ignore the hate they r just jealous if you

I just my phone off sighing and fell asleep

Emma's pov

Best night off my life I jumped around my room in my pjs. I went on Twitter and saw Kieran's hate "Omfg.." I gasped. I put on twitter 'SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MY BESTFRIEND SHE IA THE MOST AMAZEING PERSON EVER!AND OU BITCHES R JEALOUS AS FUCK SHE IS THE MODT REALIST KINDEST PERSON I KNOW SO GO FUCK YOUR LONLY SELVES!'

We'll let's say thank you Emma. Such a great speech. Hope you liked it and comment again to be Ashton's girl just put your eye and hair color!! 😚😚😚😘😘

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