My life was going great. I was finally getting the girl of my dreams, I wasn't getting too many detentions, so yeah, life was perfect. Until, one day, no one knew me. (Think of Tom Holland, I'm just using his character name from the Impossible, Lucas Bennett.)


1. Just A Another Day

Lucas' P.O.V:

Hi, my name's Lucas Bennett. I'm just an average 14 year-old whose trying to get through school life I guess. (With intense Fifa playing in between) My best friend is a girl called Charlie Lewington. She is the ugliest person I've ever met. I mean most gorgeous, of course. She has a stunning hour glass figure. Shit, I mean, beautiful long, curly, brown hair and twinkling blue eyes. A fucking huge gob, I mean, a lovely smile. But in all seriousness, she has to be the happiest, bubbliest person I know.

Her optimism and sarcasm literally radiates off her. When I first moved into the area when I was eight years old, I always got all the girls! I was actually pretty shy and lonely at my first day of primary school and Charlie just filled the void I suppose. Our families became friends so we got to see more of each other. As I became settled and as the years flew by, Charlie and I became almost inseparable!

Right now though, it's a boring school day. 

"LUCAS, WAKE UP!!! You have to leave in ten minutes! Why do you make everything so stressful?" Mum shouted, clearly agitated.

"No! Sleepy time."

"Get up! I won't ask again! You won't have time to get dressed at this rate!" No answer. "Alright, I'll set Simon on you."

"No, he's in a biting phase."

"Well get up then!"

"God fine!" Sometimes, mum can be so unreasonable!

When I eventually got to school, like every morning, I try to sit next to Charlie for as long as possible before the teacher separates us.

"So Lukey, how was your morning?" She asked, knowing what my reaction would be like.

"Call me Lukey one more time and I swear I will kill you in your sleep, Lottie!"

"I fucking hate you sometimes!" She screamed while punching my arm. "God, you're annoying! Promise me that you will never say the diabolically disgusting L word in front of me again!" She looked at me seriously.

"Lottie isn't that bad though."


"Fine, fine. Just so long as you don't call me the L word either."

"What, you mean your name? Okay then fart-face."

Then I tried to push her off of her chair. Then she tried to push me off mine e.t.c... Then the teacher separated us as per usual.

And yet again, another school day gone.

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