I'm in the wrong body

Story of a ftm trans parson called Mimi


1. New beginnings

I woke up drowsy from the anesthetic. After a big yawn, i went to roll over. I felt a bit of a snag, and then i remembered; my top surgery!

I slowly got out of bed and went to stand in front of a mirror. There were crisp white bandages criss-crossing over my now flat chest. I stood side on and saw how much difference had been made, and my eyes filled with tears. I blinked them away and laughed at myself.

I looked again at myself in the mirror, my blue eyes skimming over my slender form. I knew it would be easier to pass now i'd had the life changing surgery, and i was so happy. As well as being happy, i was still very drowsy from the anesthetic, so i went back to my bed, curled up with my bear and watched a movie.

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