Living In Reverse

A childhood friend who was forgotten when fame came.


1. Pizza











(I just love this version of the song but the video has nothing to do with the story :D Thanks <3)


I giggle a little at the twins when they pull funny faces at me and Beau as we got told off by our baby sitter. She glared every time we smiled, so we tried keeping straight faces, even though we knew we weren't fooling anybody.

"I will be telling your parents about this as soon as they come home." Mia threatened, before turning around and walking back out of the room. That was when we all burst out laughing. All six of us fall to the floor because we weren't able to hold our weight anymore whilst we all kept laughing.

The reason for me and Beau getting told off was because Mia, our 'baby sitter' caught me and Beau dressing up in my mothers clothes, shoes and makeup. I know she won't mind, but Daniel double dared us to do it anyway. Luke did get a few good shots of us as we did our little catwalk up and down the stairs, but the one time Mia gets away from her phone or the TV was when she would come and get food, meaning she would walk straight into our little dress-up show.

"You two look so good!" 9 year old James complemented us, trying to climb back onto the bed but failing and falling back onto the floor.
"I'm fabulous!" I say in a posh accent, wiggling my eyebrows and laughing again.

"Come on, lets get this off." Beau suggested, pulling me back to my mum's room.
Beau pulled off my mum's pink frilly dress along with a long pearl necklace. I took of the red high heeled shoes and big black hat then we both went into the bathroom to wash off our 'makeup'. 

"Dinner time, come on down!" I heard Mia yell and we all run out into the hallway at the same time, tripping over each other. I yelp and jump away from them all and rush down the stairs in front of the others.


"Ha ha! I win!" I cheer as I sit at the dinner table before anyone else.
"That's not fair, Aria always wins!" Beau exclaims with a pout when he joins me at the dinner table with the boys.

I give them my famous grin before digging into my pepperoni pizza.




It's funny how the most simplest things remind me of them. Even eating pizza, like I am now, makes me think of them and how they're doing now.
I mean, I could always stalk their twitter and instagram like nearly every other teenage girl does now, but I don't want to seem desperate.
I'm sure they will be back in Melbourne in no time.


I bite into a piece of pizza and watch the youtube video on my laptop. 1D Fan boy Mockumentary...
I know I just said I didn't want to seem desperate by stalking their social media websites, but that doesn't mean I don't watch their videos every night because it's the closest thing I've got since the boys changed their phone numbers and I never got the new one. Or since they moved away and only come back on holidays when they need to spend time with their families...

"You do know you can just ask their mother for their numbers." Missy, my roommate/best friend, said to me, taking a slice of pizza from my box and sitting on my feet.
I roll my eyes, "If they wanted me to have their numbers, then I would have gotten them." I tell her. "They had plenty of opportunities to do it..."

"Maybe they forgot." She suggested, grabbing the remote for the TV and changing the channel, "Maybe they were overwhelmed by just being in your presence."
"Then they would have been overwhelmed by the thought of not seeing my for another 6-12 months." I add and click off the video I have watched over 100 times. "It doesn't matter anyway, they're probably too busy hanging out with their famous youtube friends." 

"Actually, the boys are on their way here." She tells me and I scrunch my eyebrows together.
"What!" I breathe and sit up.
"Yep. They just tweeted that they are just leaving now. Should be here by tomorrow." She says, not turning away from the TV that was playing Teen Wolf. "And yes, just because you don't stalk their twitter, doesn't mean I don't."
I breathe a chuckle and lean back again. "I can't believe they're coming back. It's been so long." I sigh. Should I go see them when they get here? Will they remember me? Or even think of me as their bestfriend anymore?

Of course not, they have better friends than me. Friends that share the same life as them, or live in a big house across the road from them. I'm not famous, nor have I ever been, and I live half way across the world from them in a tiny apartment on the third floor of a old smelly building.


Maybe if they know what was wrong with me they'd come to see me before it's too late. Before we'd completely lose contact forever. Would they come and see me then?

12 months. That's all they have left.




(If you want to know what the characters look like in my perspective, here they are, but if you want to make up their appearance in your own mind, don't read this. :D

Aria Violet (POV): Selena Gomez

Missy Lovito (Best friend/roommate): Victoria Justice

Mia (baby sitter): Troian Bellisario

Beau Brooks

Jai Brooks

Luke Brooks

James Yammouni

Daniel Sahyounie

 Thanks :D    )






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