Living In Reverse

A childhood friend who was forgotten when fame came.


2. Bucket List







I woke up to Missy jumping up and down on my bed. "Aria! Aria! Aria! Aria! Aria!" She kept repeating and I even heard a few chuckles.
"Missy! Shut the hell up and let me sleep." I groan and roll over, not taking notice in the extra chuckles I heard that were too deep for Missy to have made.

"No!" She moans and jumps down next to my head. "We have guests." She whispers in my ear before getting up and leaving my room without another word.
Guests? They better not be her stupid book club again! I told her not to let them back in here after what happened last time. RIP old coffee table, you will be in my heart forever.

Could it be her parents? Or mine? Maybe I should at least get up to see.


I sighed before getting out of bed and walking out of my room. I could hear voices from the kitchen but I was too tired to know who they all belonged to. 

"Missy, just tell me who is here. And ask them why they're here at..." I pause to look at the clock in the living room that was connected to the kitchen, "10 in the morning. This is like the middle of the night!" I groan and rub my eyes, making my way into the kitchen, straight to the coffee mug on the side, that was now mine, not bothering to see who the visitors are. They are the reason I am up early.

I heard a cough from behind me and I yawned, turning to see who it was.

When I saw who it was, I froze, my mouth open and eyes wide.


"Hey Aria." Jai greeted with a smirk at my bad appearance. I was stood in my short shorts and a loose fitted tank. My hair was probably messy right now and this isn't how I wanted to meet them again.

"Hi." I choke out, not being able to find the right words, causing the guys to chuckle.
"Is that all you've got to say to us?" James asks with another smirk. 
"We've come all this way to see you." Luke says, folding his arms, also with a smirk.
In fact, they were all wearing smirks. "And all you can say in hi?" Daniel finishes Luke's sentence off.
I smile, finally being able to move after the near-heart-attack moment I just had.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, bunching my eyebrows together.
"Well, you know... Just to see our good friend Aria." Luke winks at me before jumping up onto the dinning table, sitting on it.
"All for me?" I say ask, sarcastically, sipping on my coffee.

"Of course we did. You didn't think we forgot about you didn't you." James rolled his eyes, so I just smiled awkwardly. 
"Ha ha ha." I pretend to laugh then turn to make myself some cereal.

I know they are watching me. They must know about my little problem. Well, it could be considered a big problem, I guess, but I don't. It doesn't really change that much for me right now.


Once I finish making my cereal, I walk over and sit at the dining table with Missy.
"So, what do you want to do today?" Skip ask as he sits on the chair next to me, and the boys joins us too.
"We were thinking ice-skating? Ice cream? Shopping? Anything you want." James adds.
"We could even go to that park we used to go to everyday when we lived up here." Jai suggested, leaning back on his chair, relaxing.

"Well, I was just planning to stay inside all day. You know, with my laptop and a nice cup of tea." They raise their eyebrows, probably secretly calling me a grandma or something. "I actually wanted to start reading If I Stay."

"C'mon! Is reading If I Stay on your bucket list right now?" Luke asks sarcastically, "You should be trying to tick off as many of them as possible right now."


All I do is roll my eyes.

Maybe they were right. I do have a bucket list somewhere in my room. Most of the things on the list I haven't done. The only one I have done, actually, is getting arrested. Honestly, I don't even know why I put that on my Things To Do Before I Die list.


"Okay fine. Lets see if we can do something from my list." I suggest, causing all the boys to cheer. I chuckle, shaking my head as I made my way back to my room for a hunt to find the list.










Finally, I found it. I was in a secret draw in one of my old jewelry boxes in my closet. The list was crumpled and smudged, but still readable.


My Bucket List:

1) Pass my driving test.

2) Go sky-diving.

3) Go to New York.

4) Get arrested. (X)

5) Be in an episode of Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries.

6) Buy a pet dog.

7) Run a marathon.

8) Take a selfie with Simon Cowel.

9) Make pancakes for The Queen.

10) Climb a mountain.


Okay, my list may be very bizarre and random, but it took a lot of time and effort to think of only 10 things I wanted to do before I die. And this is the outcome...


These boys are going to wish they never mentions or suggested this.


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