Puzzle Piece

Luke Hemmings is your average "fly under the radar" guy who's taken interest in the new girl, Avery. Avery is quiet with a secret haunting past. Will her baggage be too much for Luke to handle? Or will he be the support Avery needs? Understanding may be more difficult then Luke ever imagined. Read the story "Puzzle Piece" to find out more!

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8. chapter 8

Avery's POV

Luke told me that his friends were coming over. Which made me pretty nervous, what if they thought I wasn't good enough for luke? What do I do then? Wait what am I saying? Me and luke aren't even dating. I have to remind myself that pretty frequently. Because Luke's friends were coming (Ashton, calum, and Michael) I figured I should maybe put some makeup on. I did an auburn brown with gold smokey eye and did a thin black line of top eye liner with mascara of course. By the time I was done I went to find luke. "Luke?" I yelled from the kitchen. "Luke!?" I yelled a little louder. I decided to search the house for him. I looked around the entire first floor before giving up and sitting on the couch and watching "Hey Arnold" re-runs. A few minutes later I got a text from luke.

L- what? You aren't going to come cuddle with me?

A-I didn't know you wanted to!

L-I always want to cuddle!

A-well okay then where are you? I will come cuddle☺️

L-you have to find me😏

A-challenge excepted Mr.Hemmings

I got up from the couch with a grin plastered on my face. I began to look some what frantically. Under the couch, in closets, in his room, and I finally decided to take a look in the basement even though i hadn't been down there yet. I walked down the stairs that were covered in a creamy white soft carpet and I looked around the basement. There was a bar area surrounded by stools, to the left of that there was a pool table and a huge black leather sectional couch facing a huge entertainment center. To the right of the stairs there was another room with glass walls with a huge control panel around it. A recording studio. And on the inside, behind the mic, there was a cheeky looking luke hemmings holding an acoustic guitar. He stepped out wearing a misfits muscle tank and his black skinny jeans. His hair was styled and his lip ring looked so hot. My lips missed his lips like magnets being pulled away from one another. His mouth moved into a smirk before saying "you found me." while he grabbed my waist. "Cuddles?" I said looking up at him smiling. "Of course." He said taking my Hand and leading me to the sectional couch. He sat down patting the spot next to him. I curled up and sat next to him. He wrapped his arm around me pulling me in to his warm body as he kissed the top of my head. He turned the tv on to "my little pony" and I giggled thinking it was a joke. "What?" He asked "umm..my little pony?" I said breaking into a fit of laughter realizing he wasn't joking. "Hey! Don't make fun of hemmo!" He said trying not to laugh. After about 10 minutes we fell asleep watching the children's show wrapped in one another's arms. I really like this boy. This isn't just a crush. It's so much more..

a few hours later we are awoken by the click and flash of a camera pointed at as. I blinked a few times before realizing Michael had just taken a picture of us sleeping with the guys standing behind him. They broke in to laughter while I sat up and luke rubbed his eyes confused. After a few moments I noticed a girl with long wavy dark brown-maroon hair and dark eyes. Her skin was creamy and she was the definition of beauty. Calum put his arm around her waist and sang "GOOD MORNINGGG" to me and luke and she exploded with giggles. Luke got up and greeted everyone playing cool like he wasn't embarrassed but his pink cheeks told me different. I then noticed another girl who was standing with Ashton. She had short dark hair and bright blue eyes. She was stunning. I felt uncomfortable then. I'm so plain looking and these girls are gorgeous. Ashton booped her nose and she giggled. I hoped that her and the other mystery girl were taken by the boys flirting with them. Because if they weren't luke would want them..my train of thought is interrupted when the girl who was standing with calum walked over to me and said "hey! You must be Avery! I'm Alex." She said extending her hand. I shook her hand and smiled we carried on small talk then she finally said "oh yeah the girl that Ashton won't keep his eyes off of is Riley." I laughed and smiled "well calum can't keep his eyes off of you either he's looking at you right now" I said. She seemed really nice I hoped we would all three become friends.

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