Puzzle Piece

Luke Hemmings is your average "fly under the radar" guy who's taken interest in the new girl, Avery. Avery is quiet with a secret haunting past. Will her baggage be too much for Luke to handle? Or will he be the support Avery needs? Understanding may be more difficult then Luke ever imagined. Read the story "Puzzle Piece" to find out more!

(Leave any requests you may have for this story or perhaps a new one?! Let me know if you like it or not! I really would like to know if anyone enjoys this or not. Goodbye lovelys!)


26. chapter 26

Avery's POV

I feel dirty. The trust I have or had for luke is hanging on by a thread. I said it was ok but it wasn't and it isn't. You can't take a girls virginity, say you love her, and turn around and kiss someone else. Drunk or not, that isn't how love works or how it will ever work. Maybe this isn't love...but I want it to be. I want luke. I want all that he is. I want him to need me. I want him to miss me even when I'm still here. I want to be him to be attached to me as I am to him. But I don't know how I'm supposed to trust him now. What is love without trust? It's nothing at all...so maybe that's what we are...nothing at all.

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