Puzzle Piece

Luke Hemmings is your average "fly under the radar" guy who's taken interest in the new girl, Avery. Avery is quiet with a secret haunting past. Will her baggage be too much for Luke to handle? Or will he be the support Avery needs? Understanding may be more difficult then Luke ever imagined. Read the story "Puzzle Piece" to find out more!

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23. chapter 23

Luke POV

I could not believe that just happened. God I love Avery. Looking at her now with her cheeks pink, and glassy green eyes and her brown waves spread around her I couldn't help but be fascinated with her beauty. She wasn't like all the other "hot girls" with big lips and big everything she wasn't fake pretty she was the most real beautiful a girl can be. It's hard to believe she's mine. "Luke, why are you staring at me like that?" She asked with a smirk as she pulled her shirt back on. "Because I love you Avery. I really do." I say almost anxiously while pulling up my jeans. "I love you too luke, that was amazing." She says while grabbing the back of my neck to pull me into a kiss. "Do you feel like going back to the mall?" Avery asks while pulling away from our kiss. "If you want to" I say secretly hoping she will say no so I can hold her while we watch movies or sit outside. "Not really" she says kinda chuckling "can we just hang out here for awhile? I just want to be with you." Avery says looking down. "I was hoping you'd say that." I say scooping her up bridal style and spinning her around. "luke! Put me down!" She screams whilst throwing her head back in laughter. Finally I put her down and we walk upstairs hand in hand, and she immediately jumps up on the kitchen counter, i slowly walk over to her and spread her legs stepping in between them placing my hands in the small of her back. Our lips collide and move together like clock work, her gently biting my lip while pulling my hair every so often, letting a moan escape my mouth. "I want to order a pizza" I whisper as I pull away and she throws her head back in laughter. I just want to live in this moment forever. Kissing, laughing, teasing, and just being myself with the girl I love. No pressure to be something I'm not.

Avery's POV.

Luke is the perfect boyfriend. Everything is carefree and on our own terms, no pressure. I feel so connected to him in a way I've never felt with anyone else before. Especially not with my last boyfriend...the reason I switched schools. But sitting here in the kitchen of Luke's house watching his tall slim body lean over the counter to search the number of "papa johns" on his phone, everything felt perfect. Like there was no way anything could ruin this. I'm in love with luke hemmings. Luke looked up at me and smirked while holding the phone to his ear "what type of pizza do you want babe?" He said. "Umm I don't really care I will eat whatever you want." I said smiling at the perfect boy. "Pepperoni it is!" He half yelled before the worker answered the phone and he ordered. I walked up to his room and left him in the kitchen so I could change into pjs considering it's about 3pm and I doubt we will do anything for awhile. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and put on some loose black silky pajama shorts and decided to take Luke's black nirvana shirt. It was so soft and smelled like him. I automatically felt comfortable in it. Like he was holding me. I came down the stairs and he looked at me puzzled. "Is that my shirt?" He asked. Oh god I hope he didn't mind. "Oh yeah I hope you don't mind" I said looking down at it. "No I don't mind. I like that you are wearing it, you look hot in it anyways." He said while wrapping his long arms around my body. Then the doorbell rang, which meant the pizza was here. Luke ran to the door like a little boy on Christmas. I couldn't help but laugh at him. He paid the guy and walked back into the kitchen holding the pizza and a two liter of coke with a cute grin plastered on his face. "Luke I have never seen anyone get as excited over pizza as you." I say through my laughter. "Stop laughing at me!" He said through his own laughter then biting at his lip ring. "Pizza and pretty girls make me excited Avery!" He yelled at me. "Shut up" I said laughing and swatting him away to grab a Piece of pizza. We stayed in the kitchen sitting on the counter eating our pizza and talking and laughing for another hour or so. "Hey I kinda want to go take a nap." I said hoping off the counter. "I will join you" luke smiled. We went up stairs to his bed and I climbed in and he climbed in right behind me. "Can we spoon and I can be big spoon?" Luke asked and I chuckled. "You make everything so awkward hemmo but of course." He curled his body into mine slinging one arm over my waist. He was warm and we fit together so well like puzzle pieces. I felt his body relax against mine and calm had swept over my body. "I love you" luke whispered. "I love you too" I whispered through my smile. And with that we fell asleep.

Luke's POV

I woke up smiling looking at my beautiful girlfriend with the bun on top of her head even more disheveled then before. She looked so damn cute in my big shirt swallowing her. I looked at the time. "Holy shit Avery" I said laughing and her eyelids fluttered a few times before opening completely. "What?" She said with a raspy voice making me smile. "It's 8'oclock, that was a four hour nap." We both just started laughing. "We will never go to sleep tonight." She said. And honestly I loved the idea of pulling an all nighter with her. Or going out and doing something so I could show her off. I checked my phone and I had a text from Michael. "Hey Zayn is throwing a massive party tonight at his house. You better be there." That sounded great. Dancing and getting drunk with my hot girlfriend? Hell yeah. "Hey Avery want to go to a party?" I said looking over at her now sitting up in my bed braiding her hair to the side. "Umm yeah sure, sounds good to me." She said. Zayn and his best friends Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry threw the most outrageous parties.

Avery's POV

I hadn't really been to many parties before but I was excited to go with luke. We were going to leave in two hours which gave me just enough time to shower and curl my hair into loose beachy curls and do my makeup. I did a gray with black accent smokey eye. I did winged eyeliner which took forever but looked great and curled my eyelashes. I decided to use a dark rosey colored stain on my lips. For my outfit I went with a three quarter sleeved black lace dress that was fitted and went to about mid thigh. Finally I slipped on some black pumps. I was done getting ready with 10 minutes to spare. That's unusual for me. I walked out into the bedroom and luke was standing wearing black skinny jeans and a plain black shirt. His blonde hair was quiffed and his lip ring looked hotter than usual. I let my lips part while checking him out. He really was gorgeous. He turned to face me and his mouth fell open. "Babe you look hot. Guys are going to be all over you." He said whining. This was ridiculous, I am not hot or anything no one would pay a second glance. "No luke I promise they won't. Only you if I'm lucky." I winked at him. This made him smile and we were out the door and in the car. Once we closed the doors I said "shit it's cold I forgot it was December." We both laughed. About 15 minutes later we pulled up to a huge house surrounded by cars and beer cans in the lawn. We could hear the music coming from the house before we got out of the car. We walked in the house and several guys came up to greet luke with one of those "cool guy bro hugs" that were so ridiculous to me. No one really said anything to me given I didn't have really any friends here besides Riley and Alex but I had only met them one other time and I didn't see them here. Eventually one guy stumbled up to me and luke in the kitchen who reeked of bourbon and was slurring some stuff about how he loved luke and was glad he was there I couldn't help but chuckle until the guy said "who's this hot chick?" Gesturing towards me. I didn't say anything I just watched his eyes scan me hungrily up and down. I was disgusted. Then luke spoke up "dude back up that's my girlfriend." And with that the drunk guy turned around and walked out of the kitchen as Ashton and a curly haired boy with green eyes came and walked toward us. "Luke!" Ashton yelled and handed luke a red cup of some type of alcohol. Luke smiled and drank it. Luke and Ashton talked for a few minutes as me and the curly haired boy stood there awkwardly. Finally he extended his hand out and said "hi I'm Harry. What's your name?" I couldn't help but notice how attractive he was. "Hey Harry I'm Avery!" We continued with small talk about mine and Luke's relationship and how Harry and Ashton were good friends. About 10 minutes later Harry and I noticed that luke and ash left us. We just laughed and went into the living room to continue our conversation on the couch. We sat for about 30 minutes and he told me about his boyfriend louis, who was at home with his grandmother right now. "Awh harry you two sound so sweet!" I said and he smiled and looked down. "Where in the hell is luke?" I said asking no one in particular. "I will go find him" Harry offered.

Luke's POV

I was on my 3rd shot of vodka when some tall guy with brown curly hair came up to me "um hi luke I'm Harry but Avery is looking for you." Why in the fuck is this guy talking to my girl friend? And why is she letting him? God I knew I shouldn't of let her wear that outfit. I knew guys would hit on her all night. But that's probably what she wanted. "Did you touch her?" I slurred. Woah I'm drunk. "Umm no I didn't, she just wanted to know where you were." Harry told me. God I bet Avery wants him. He's so much cooler than me at school and god I'm stupid for thinking that this would last. I turn around and poor myself another rum and orange juice mixture. This was my 3rd or 4th one of these. There was a tall blonde next to me with way to much makeup on and a tacky pink dress. She smiled at me and I just leaned down and kissed her. Woah why did I just do that. She isn't even pretty. I love Avery. Shit I screwed up. But the next thing I know Harry is calling me a dick and turned around I assume to go find avery. Shit. Avery. He's going to tell her about the kiss. Wait who did I kiss? I can barely walk and I feel like my feet are 40 pound weights. I'm trying to follow harry back to where Avery is but I can't see straight. I'm so drunk. Fuck. Where's ash? He never lets me get this drunk. Then I'm back in the entrance of the house and Avery is crying and walking out with harry holding her. Fucking Harry. This is his fault. Wait what am I saying. He didnt make me kiss that girl. I kissed her. I ruined this. Great I ruined another part of Avery's life. "No Avery!" I yell after. She turns around in the front yard with harry and yells through her tears "why would you kiss her? I thought you loved me!" Oh shit oh no. God do I love her. And I just screwed up big time. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. "No Avery of course I love you! You were-just-and-I...Harry was all over you! And I got mad. And not to mention this is the drunkest I've ever been." I say. Both of us now standing in the front yard two feet apart with harry awkwardly watching from the side. "Luke! Harry is gay! He has a boyfriend!" Avery screams at me. "Plus I would never even think of cheating on you, I guess that's something we don't have in common." She says and then starts to storm off down the street.


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