Puzzle Piece

Luke Hemmings is your average "fly under the radar" guy who's taken interest in the new girl, Avery. Avery is quiet with a secret haunting past. Will her baggage be too much for Luke to handle? Or will he be the support Avery needs? Understanding may be more difficult then Luke ever imagined. Read the story "Puzzle Piece" to find out more!

(Leave any requests you may have for this story or perhaps a new one?! Let me know if you like it or not! I really would like to know if anyone enjoys this or not. Goodbye lovelys!)


13. chapter 13

Luke's POV

When we got back to the house I planned on asking her to be my girl friend. My hands were shaking as we pulled in the drive way. We got out silently and I jogged over to her and grabbed her arm swinging her around to face me. The winter air making everything seem so clear. She giggled as a pulled her hands up to lace our fingers together. I kissed her warm cheek and she looked up to grin at me. I bit my lip ring, god she was so damn cute. "Avery, I have a question" I said looking into her mysterious green eyes.

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