Puzzle Piece

Luke Hemmings is your average "fly under the radar" guy who's taken interest in the new girl, Avery. Avery is quiet with a secret haunting past. Will her baggage be too much for Luke to handle? Or will he be the support Avery needs? Understanding may be more difficult then Luke ever imagined. Read the story "Puzzle Piece" to find out more!

(Leave any requests you may have for this story or perhaps a new one?! Let me know if you like it or not! I really would like to know if anyone enjoys this or not. Goodbye lovelys!)


11. chapter 11

Avery's POV.

After everyone left I decided to start getting ready for this little date of ours. Luke promised nothing fancy just dinner and a movie. I put on light skinny jeans that fit my body really well. I slipped on white converse and chose yet another plain black fitted long sleeved tee. Although my outfit was simple it was really flattering for my body. I put my long brown hair in a messy side braid. For my makeup I went with slightly rosey color and dark brown and gold smokey eye. I slung my black leather cross body bag over my shoulder. The thought of luke and I going on a real date had my heart pumping out of my chest. There is something so different about him, he makes me forget everything I've been through. Things I can't bare to remember again..

Luke's POV

I was taking Avery to a steakhouse that wasn't super fancy but not super casual and then to the movies. I decided to go with black skinny jeans, a blink shirt, and a red and black flannel. Before walking around to find Avery I made sure my hair was styled just the way I like. Jesus Christ she makes me crazy. We aren't even dating but all I want to do is pick her up and take her into a deep kiss. SNAP OUT OF IT HEMMO. I have to constantly remind myself that she might not like me as much as I like her. After all she was still so mysterious, I didn't know nearly as much of her as I wanted to. There was something about her I couldn't quite figure out. Behind her beauty I know there is pain. Pain that I hope she can share with me one day so I can carry some of the burden for her, or take it away if possible.

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