In Lord Voldemort's Mercy

((English version of my danish one))

After the fight in the Ministry of Magic, Harry is home at the Dursleys in the summer holidays. But! Something is wrong. Harry's scar is burning and he figured that Voldemort was nearby. What would happen to our hero, if the dark lord gets his hands on him? (Warning; Yaoi. BoyxBoy)


1. Breaking the Ward.

Chapter 1. Breaking the Ward.


The cold window glass against his forehead made the burning feeling fade a bit, even though, he know by now it wouldn’t just go over.

The scar burned lightly, it was almost like a headache, just a bit worse than normal. Harry opened his eyes, he looked out at the street to Private Drive number 4.

He just didn’t know what to think or feel any longer, after the fight in the ministry of magic. He felt like he lost more than just his godfather Sirius, but also the only chance to get away from his place.

He was tired, even not in his summer vacation could he have a calm moment. The Dementors had been in Little Whinging, they had somehow manage to get to his cousin Dudley, don’t ask him how or why. They just did, for some odd reason he even saved his ass.

What reason? Right, he wasn’t Lord Voldemort, he was nothing like him. Even id Dudley should be mocking him around again, he didn’t cared. He was still his cousin, so at least he wouldn’t have Vernon and Petunia hanging over him for letting their precious little son die.

Harry let his breathe escape his lips, it made a foggy part of the window where Harry’s mouth had been at before. The teen leaned up, he held his glasses off his nose and rubbed his eyes.

He really wanted to sleep, he just couldn’t find the rest for it. He kept having nightmares, Cedric dying in front at him, Sirius fading in front at his eyes in the ministry as he went through the veil.

He hated it…

The dreams kept haunting him, why was he also so stupid?!

Irritated, Harry stood from his seat in front at his window. The Dursleys wouldn’t be back before hours, what could he do?

He stood in the middle of his room, his mind tried to figure what he propyl should do for some hours.

His scar…

It started to burn again. Harry held his hand at his forehead, his finger lightly rubbed the burning scar.

“Stop it…” He mumbled, while he tried to get control over it. It was hard though, since he didn’t know how to control it any longer.

Harry froze, the memory about what Dumbledore said to him when his scar started to burn.

“I will believe, that your scar will give a slightly pain whenever Lord Voldemort is having a strong emotion, or whenever he is nearby.”

Harry’s eyes went over to the window, he could possible not be outside Privat Dr-

Harry whined, the scar started to burn stronger now. He clung his hands at his head, his knees bent so they couldn’t carry his weight any longer.

He wasn’t in his bedroom anymore, he was down at the street, looking at a few masked people. One of them stepped closer and bowed deeply in front at him, his hand at his heart and face downward.

“My Lord, we have located the house Potter should be kept at, the wards are strong around it, but we try very hard to break through.” Was they all complete idiots?

“How many of you, does it really take to break down the ward?” A cold voice spoke out, a shiver even ran down at the death eater in front at him.

“F-Four, My Lord.” The Death eater whispered in a stuttering voice, he dared to look up into the red eyes.

“It takes four of you, to get down a simply ward?” Voldemort asked coldly, his eyes narrowed as he pointed his wand at the Death Eater.

“My lord – pl-please we ar-“

“Avada Kedavra!”

The green light illuminated the Death Eater in front at him, the others took a step back to make sure none of them would piss of the dark lord.

Harry whined, he tried to keep himself away from Voldemort’s mind, but he know where he was now.

With a shakily hand, Harry grabbed the chair nearby him and pulled himself on his feet.

He needed to run, he needed to escape before Voldemort broke the wards.  He needed to think fast, he needed to have a few items with him.

But what?

Of course his wand, in case he needed to get in battle. Harry then grabbed his bag, he opened it and took out the few school books he had from last year. He grabbed some clothes, his photo album and a few other things he might need.

When he were done, Harry held his bag over his should. He went to the door, pointed his wand at it.

“Alohomora” He whispered, the door got unlocked one by one from the outside.

The door soon opened for him, so Harry went out from it and went down to the cupboard under the stairs.

When he got his hands on his broom, he could at least try and fly away. Who would notice him? That is only if they don’t look at the sky, Harry bite his lip. He knew he should try and write to someone, tell them he would be going.

The thing was, he didn’t know who he should write to. Even if he got a chance to do so.

Harry looked over at the front door, he felt something weird around him. Had they already broke down the ward?

Oh yes they had, because he saw two silhouettes at the front door. Harry got his broom in the cupboard, he got inside himself and closed the cupboard door.


Harry held his hand over his mouth, he heard the door being knocked down.

“Find the boy, but don’t touch him! He is mine.” The cold voice spoke out, the sound of quick footsteps were heard soon after.

Harry closed his eyes, he kept his hand at his mouth and hoped none of them would find him in here.

He could hear how they went past the cupboard, even a few went up the stairs. Harry managed to peak a bit out, seeing no one was at the front door.

This could be his chance, he hold back a hiss in pain as he felt his scar burned again.

To hell with it!

Harry banged the cupboard door opened, he ran out as fast as he could with the broom in his hand. As soon he got outside, he jumped on it and sat off the ground with his feet, already a few meters away from the house.

Harry mange to fly away, as far that he could fly right now. Even though, as soon he though he did get away. Hell broke loose.

Around five Death eaters on brooms too had set after Harry, they cast spells toward him. Trying to get him down or catch him, so they could bring him to the dark lord.

Harry dodged a lot of the spells, even he flied faster or avoid the upcoming Death eaters at his sides.

When he though one of them were about to catch him, he saw a white light hit the Death Eater right in the face. Harry looked ahead, he saw a few people he do know. Mad-Eye were one of them, but what where they doing here?

“Potter! Come quickly!” Mad-Eye shouted, he made another cursing spell toward two Death Eaters.

Harry looked back, seeing a few of the Death Eaters falling down toward the ground. Somehow, he couldn’t handle but feel guilty if they died by the fall. Even if they were follows by Voldemort, they were still humans too.

“Potter!” Mad-Eye shouted.

Harry turned his attention toward Mad-eye, he gasp as something black went in front at him. It almost looked like a black mist, but the red eyes there appeared in the middle already told him who it was.

Harry turned sharp to the right, he flied away, as fast that his broom could carry him. He heard shouting’s behind him, hearing the spells flied pass his ears.

The teen looked back, seeing a few of mad-eyes company dueled with some Death Eaters.

He didn’t paid attention for a short moment, where a spell hit him at his side. Harry lost the grab at his broom, he fell off it and were falling fast toward the ground. He tried to get a hold on his wand, trying to at least make a spell to soften his fall.

He hit a tree, landed on a branch and rolled down against it, landing on another branch and hit the ground right after.

The pain went to him like a snake’s fast bite, he could even tell he might had broken a few ribs. He fumbled a bit after his glasses, which had fallen off when he landed. However, when he started to move, he could only feel the pain shot through his body.

Some thick liquid ran down from his head, if he know it right it would be blood.

“What a pity.” The cold voice spoke nearby, Harry turned his head enjoy to have a blurry vision of a person getting near. But the voice made it clear for who it was, it could only be Lord Voldemort who slowly got near him.

So this was it? He should die while lying on the ground, pain in his body and a bad sight. Great, just perfectly great.

He could hardly see the wand in front at him, only that the tip of the wand lighted a bit up.

“Rennervate” the words so cold a demanding went out from voldemort’s mouth. The spell made the boy unconsciousness, it was finally time.

Lord Voldemort had Harry Potter in his mercy, which he would enjoy very much.

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