The Attack

"ok, lets just get this straight, Im Alex. 17 years old and want to film animals. I know my name soyunds like a boy sounds like a boy but sorry to disappoint you but im a girl. You may think that I like fashion. I don't. That I like make up. Again no. Or that I have a boyfriend. Don't even THINK about going there."

When Alex meets odd and quiet boy Mack ,her world turns upside down. Next thing you know people are getting killed in a terroist attack

Is Mack the murder? Who can Alex trust?

why did he help me set up my gun?


2. the newbie

I walked up the rocky driveway, I could never cycle up it. I tried and failed miserably when I was going to have my first day working here. Needless to say I ended up coming to the centre with grazed knees and one heck of a bruise on my head. Great look. The shooting centre was massive and I mean MASSIVE! It consisted of 270 acres of green fields engulfing small out of place forest in the centre. The house in which the owner lived ,was a barn ages ago but they converted it to a house, You could see still elements of the barn, like the front door which I think was a stable door when the barn was in its prime. The shooting building was an old barn with 6 targets nailed to the wall. I now work here full time.

I legged it to the bathroom, the last thing I needed was for everyone to see me in this state. I hastly spalshed water on my face. I looked in the mirror. Not too bad but presentable, I tied my hair in a neat high pony tail. Now that looked better than when I first came here, that's for sure!

I walked out on to the yard and I saw the usual people.

Cassie, my all-time best friend if not slightly eccentric to match her wild hair. Also works full time.

Jack and Tom, the twin terrors who are constantly causing trouble but if you get them on a good day they aren't so bad. Part time workers.

Lilo, quiet girl a bit younger than me but she has an amazing aim.( she could probably shoot with her eyes shut!) She has hair like ebony which literally goes down to her feet! Part time.

Last but not least Octavia, gets boys in a second! No I am NOT kidding... Full time worker like myself.

I can easly spot Cassie because of that hairof hers! I walk up to her.


"Oh hey!. Get this, that guy over there by the barn is a newbie. Its definitley going to interesting to see how he gets on..." She had a point. When I first came here everyone called me the 'newbie' for a few years. He has not made any attempt to come and talk to us or any of the boys even. "Octavia went over to him ,like, half an hour ago. Trust me her face was a picture! He totally rejected her!"

Now that made me smile! Putting it simpley Octavia is the sort of girl who expects guys to literally fall at her feet and follow her around like a pathetic dog. Surprising this guy didnt work for her...

"Part time or full time?" I ask.

"Don't know, why dont you go ask?" she says her eyes dancing mischeviously.

"Why me? You know I'm anything BUT sociable" I say indigantly. " Note the BUT in the sentence!"

"Oh go on. Pleeease with a cherry on top and extra sprinkles?" Cass begs.

"Fine" I resign.

As I walk over, I see that he is leaning against the barn wall and messing around on his phone. Slightly   his hair is dark and is constantly falling over his face. He is wearing jeans with a weird fish shirt.

Well this is going to be interesting I think to myself.

"Hey. Whats your name?" I ask.

"Mack" he said bluntly still not looking up from his phone.

Not going to be put off I went on.

" here for lessons or to work here?"

" I work here. You?" he said lifting his head and looking me his eys boring holes into mine.

"I work ,anyway you full or part time?"



Awkward silence.......

"See ya" I say hastily breaking the quietness. I walk briskly away knowing that his eyes are boring into the back of my head.





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