The Attack

"ok, lets just get this straight, Im Alex. 17 years old and want to film animals. I know my name soyunds like a boy sounds like a boy but sorry to disappoint you but im a girl. You may think that I like fashion. I don't. That I like make up. Again no. Or that I have a boyfriend. Don't even THINK about going there."

When Alex meets odd and quiet boy Mack ,her world turns upside down. Next thing you know people are getting killed in a terroist attack

Is Mack the murder? Who can Alex trust?

why did he help me set up my gun?


1. me and guns

"Alexandra Mabley! are you ready yet?" My mum yelled up the staircase. "Your going to be late and whose fault is that going to be?"

I frantically brushed my long dark hair and threw it into a messy pony tail and legged it down the stairs.

" Sorry! My hair wasn't behaving!" I cried.

"Your hair never behaves" she muttered under her breath as I fly down the stairs.

I was a sight to tell you the least, I had left half my hair dangling down my back instead of being put in to the ponytail. My eyes had dark rings around them from lack of sleep and not to mention the fact that when I was putting my book back on my desk, my bedside lamp decided that it was a good time to fall on my head. So now I had an ugly bruise on the top of my forehead. Great.

"Dont forget your gun!"

"Got it already!" I said as I swung the gun over my shoulder. I lept on to my bike and sped off down the road.


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