Kiss Me


31. Thank you for reading ♡

Hi(: i'm sorry i haven't updated in forever! i promise i will try either friday or sunday, not Saturday because guess what ?! I'M GOING TO A 5SOS CONCERT AND OMFG I CANT FUDGING WAIT AHHH!!! okay so i haven't updated because of school😒 lame lame school, lol but i do want to thank you for over 290 reads ! thats a lot of people & your all reading my story ?! i just really appreciate it loves x i'm not a professional writer so i do try to make the story interesting for you & fun to read☺️ okay thank you for reading this lame paragraph ! i'll update soon promise 💘 just dont forget whats going on & my story😂 because i know how its like waiting, i'm waiting for literally 10 fanfics & they havent updated

okay goodbye now ☺️

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