Kiss Me


9. Chapter 9


The next morning i woke with Luke's arms wrapped around me. I felt so safe, so secure like i was home. It was about 9:30 & i was starving.

I turned around and kiss Luke on the forehead saying

"Wake up sleepy" but he didn't even move.

He looked so cute sleeping their, all peaceful i really didn't want to wake him up so i quietly got up & walked down stairs too see Zoe with a cup of coffee watching cartoons

"Well good morning you sleepyhead"

"Haha morning Zoe, what time did you wake up?"

"Like 8 something! i don't even know why ugh i'm still so tired"

"Oh that totally suckkss, at least todays Saturda-Shit!" I'm probably kicked out of school from missing so much & this is my senior year! I've only been to school like 2 days!"

"Oh don't worry, i talked to all of your teachers, since you had amazing grades in Australia all you gotta do is take this REALLY BIG test in like 3 months & if you pass you get your high school degree."

"OH MY GOSH ZOE YOU SUCH A LIFE SAVOR!!" I said & ran into her arms hugging her.

"Haha of course! What are sisters for?"

I just smiled at her & walked towards the kitchen. I ate yogurt with some strawberries on the side. It didnt really fill me up so i had some chocalate chip waffles with nutella & that is just the 😍

It was about 11 & Luke finally woke up, he came down & his hair was all messy & all i can say is.. perfect. He looked perfect to me no matter what his hair was like, i could just stare at him all day. Lmao i probably sound like a stalker but i dont know why but i was really falling for this one.

Luke ate some breakfast & then we all 3 took showers. That day we just sat at home watching movies, i was actually cuddling with Luke when Zoe invited Calum over, apparently they like each other so why not? They make a really cute couple too. Later that night Calum invited his other 2 friends named Ashton & Micheal. Luke & all of 3 of them really hit it off, i knew it was just the beginning of their friendship. They all stayed for dinner, we had chicken & saled.

***1 Hour after preparing dinner***

We all sat & ate until Calum asked me a question.

"So Aria, your 18 & you don't have to go to school anymore?"

"Well no, i don't think so, all i have to do is study & pass this really big test & if i pass i'll get my high school degree, but i might still just go."

"Why?" Micheal asked all confused.

"Because i don't know anything, or anyone the only people i know is Luke & Zoe & their going to be at school all day so i rather just go"

"Ohh i see i would go too" Calum replies & smiles.

After dinner, Micheal & Ashton left while Luke & Calum stayed.

I was still thinking because me and Luke still weren't official while were kissing.. i told myself if he doesn't ask me soon i'll ask him.


Michael & Ashton just left so it was just Me, Calum Aria & Zoe. I wanted to get Aria alone so i can ask her to be my girlfriend. I had it all planned out, so i pulled Aria aside & asked if she wanted to go on a walk.

"Hey beautiful, tonight is so pretty out you want to go outside & take a nice walk?"

She smiled & said "I would love too"

We said bye to Calum & Zoe & we were off. The night was perfect, full moon, no clouds, so peaceful out, you could hear a pin drop, the fresh air, their were cold breezes.


Luke asked me to go on a walk & it was so beautiful out, hearing crickets chirp, seeing the bright white moon, the shiny stars. I just felt like staring at space all night.

We walked to this park & sat down at some swings. I gotta admit it looked pretty scary but for some reason whenever i was with Luke i always felt safe. We were having so much fun, laughing, smiling, kissing, hugging. Then he asked me a question.

"Aria?" Luke asked me & i looked up at him & i swear i dont know why but i guess the reflection light of the moon or some street lights went exactly on those god damn gorgeous blue eyes of his, he had his arms around my waist, i was looking up at him & he was looking at me.

"Yes?" I ask with all these butterflies in my stomach, my heart racing, my mind going crazy. I put my arms on his chest smiling.

"Aria, you are one of a kind, i feel completely different around you, every kiss, every hug, every laugh from you makes me fall for you even more. I honestly don't know what i would do without you.. will you do the honor of being my girlfriend?"

When he asked me this question i seriously thought i was going to cry! Everything was just so perfect. I looked up at him & said "Yes! Without a doubt yes." & kissed him. I completely fell for him ever more when he said this too me.. maybe even love.

We went on the grass & decided to look up at the stars. Just as i thought the night couldn't get more perfect we saw a shooting star.

"Luke! oh my gosh! did you see that?? THAT WAS A SHOOTING STAR!" i said all excited & i wished something.

"Yeah, that was amazing!" he replied

"Well did you wish for anything?"

"Yes of course." *smiles*

"Well what did you wish for?"

"To never loose you."

I just about melted inside & laid my head on this chest & looked up at the stars with him.

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