Kiss Me


8. Chapter 8


once luke left i felt so emberrsed.. i just wanted to put on sweats & just watch tv. After finding clothes that took me forever to find pj's i went downstairs.. i was wondering where Zoe went, also i was trying to find Luke.

"ZOE? LUKE? ZOEEEE?" i kept screaming, then i heard a music in this room & walked towards it. I opened the door & it was Luke he was playing guitar & singing. I walked in & said

"Wow haha i didn't know you play or sing"

"You don't know a lot of things about me" & then he chuckled

I think i was staring at him because he literally looked really hot in his clothes & those blue eyes, their so perfect & having him play the instrument & sing makes him even hotter.

"Haha well maybe we should get to know each other then" & did a tiny smile, i tried making it not sound pushy or anything.

He smiled & said.. "yeah haha that'd be nice"

i just smiled, then said "hey wheres Zoe?"

"she told me she went to go get groceries but shes taking forever."

"oh then maybe we should call her?" i replied

"yeah sure hold up."

Luke called & it rang & rang..

Zoe finally answered


"Yeah where are you? its been like an hour or something"

"Yeah sorry, i had to get some money, then got some food & now i'm going to return some things i'll be home soon"

"Okay then bye"

Luke then told me that she was gonna be home soon, so then we decided to watch a scary movie downstairs.

I don't really have a favorite scary movie, i like watching them but i still get scared, Luke got out 3 movies & by then it was about 4:30 when we put in the first movie.

Luke just got out Paranormal Activity 1, 2 & 3

I got popcorn & we both sat at the same couch, i wanted to lay my head on his shoulder and have his arm wrapped around me, i would just about die.


We were watching Paranormal Activity 1, it was only like 4:30 but i wanted to my hands around her she looked so cute, i was glad we were watching a scary movie so when she gets scared she comes closer to me.

It was about 5 & the movie was just about to get scary, Aria jumped & then scooted closer to me, i scooted closer to where we were touching knees. I watched this movie about 5 times, i knew what parts were jumpy & what parts weren't and i knew this up coming part was gonna make Aria jump, so i put my arms around her. She looked at me & smiled, i looked at her & then i slowly leaned in & then our lips touched. When i kissed her it was absolutely amazing, she was such a good kisser, how our lips moved in sync & i could feel her smiling through the kisses. I wanted to kiss her more & more.


Me & Luke were really close, our knees were touching, he then put his arms around me & he was so tall & then i looked up at him, he looked at me & he slowly leaned in & then we kissed. It was so magical, oh my gosh i loved how our lips moved in sync, i was smiling through the kiss & i just wanted to kiss him all that night. We made out for about 5 or 10 minutes, but of course we breathe through those amazing 5-10 minutes.

"Wow ahah" then i giggled & smiled and looked at the floor

"That was.. amazing" Luke said and smiled

I just looked at those gorgeous blue eyes & layed my head on his chest & waited for the movie to end.

About 40 minutes later, the movie ended & then Luke put on Paranormal Activity 2.

When he got back our hands intertwined & i laid my head on his chest, everything was so perfect.. I don't know why we were doing this i mean we weren't together? But he must know i feel because we were kissing and stuff & i hope he feels the same.

Zoe finally came home & saw us on the couch together

"Ooh la la" & winked at me & i just smiled

We got up & made dinner.

I made the saled, while Zoe made pasta & Luke made dessert. It all looked so good.

About an hour later the food was done & i was setting the table, it was about 6:30 and we all set the food down & it was all nice we had a nice dinner.

I was eating my pasta when zoe said

"So Aria & Luke you guys were cuddling" and she winked at me & i just laughed & was blushing so much, my stomach was hurting because of all these butterflies that i felt.


We were eating our food when Zoe

said "So Aria & Luke you guys were cuddling" & then she winked at Aria, she just laughed but she was blushing so much, it was so cute.

Aria cleared her throat & drank some water & said

"Yeah we were, i got scared we were watching a scary movie & Luke made it.. well not so scary" & then smiles

I just smiled & i think i was even blushing.

About 30 minutes later dinner was over & i was about to leave when it was pouring rain out! I couldn't drive home in this rain, so Zoe told me its okay to stay.

When Aria herd that, her face lit up & hugged me, i hugged her back & we just stood their, hugging. It was perfect.

"Right.. um ahah well im going to go to sleep, night love birds" Zoe said

I giggled & went to Zoe's parents room & we had to share a bed, but i didn't really mind.. haha"

We walked in & it was about 8:30 and then we started watching TV & we were cuddling again & kissing then i started thinking.. Aria what are you doing? Your just gonna kiss with someone you barley know? What if he leaves like everyone else?

I pushed him back & said


"Yeah? whats wrong?" Luke asked all confused

"Do you like me..?" i was so scared to ask this, i didn't want to push him away

"Honestly, Aria i think your amazing. You are so gorgeous & i really do like you"

When he was saying that, i almost melted inside, his blue eyes & his lipss.. just everything..

I replied saying "I really like you too" & smiled &

Then luke quietly said "Kiss Me" after we kissed i

layed on his chest. We soon fell asleep on the bed.

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