Kiss Me


7. Chapter 7


We both ran to the car & zoomed to the hospital

Zoe kept telling me "OH MY GOSH LUKE SHE WOKE UP OMG"

Zoe was freaking out & and i think we almost got pulled over cause Zoe kept screaming "HURRY UP FASTER LUKE!!" It took 20mins but we FINALLY arrived at the hospital. I parked all shitty but i didn't even care we wanted to see Aria!

Zoe ran in & went straight to the elevator, we already knew where to go since literally we visited 4 times a week. We ran to her room & saw her with doctors. We waited until the doctors came out so we could go in. It took like 10 minutes i guess they were just telling her not to freak out & that theirs 2 people to visit her.

We finally went able to go inside.

Zoe was crying & i was kinda awkwardly standing their.. i was so happy she woke up but Aria looked really confused.


I woke up & somehow was in this hospital.. the only thing i last remember was being late too school & having to walk. I have no idea why Zoe the girl in my bio class was crying in this room & oh my gosh Luke was here i tried fixing my hair because his just absolutely gorgeeoouuss. Then Zoe just came up to me and hugged me & tried so hard not to cry, i felt horrible because i had no idea why she was crying.


Aria was all fixing her hair & i think he looked beautiful, I was letting Zoe hug & cry her.

Then Aria spoke.

"Uh wait why am i here?" she had the cutest confused face.

Zoe replied "Well um.. something happened.." then looked at me

I quickly said "Uh um yeah.. we would tell you but i think you should eat & drink water & stuff.."

i tried making it sound like she had so many things to do so we can stall telling her what really happened.

Aria replied, "Wait wheres my mom??"

Zoe & I were so quiet..

"What happened to her???!!" She yelled

Luke just said "We'll explain everything.. um me & Zoe will get you.. uh-"

Zoe interrupted saying "STARBUCKS"

Aria said "that sounds good right now actually, can i have a double chocolate chip with whip cream & have the size grande"

with a cute smile.

We left 2 mins later.


I was actually happy to get my starbucks, but still so confused.. i sat in bed & then realized that LUKE IS COMING BACK.

I got up & like put my hair & up & at least try to look decent.

I tried & tried to look good then i just basically gave up & sat on the bed.

I think i heard them coming so i jumped into the bed because i'm like wearing this stupid doctor shit & it shows my butt like what the fuck how did i even get in this & who invented these things.

5 Minutes later they came in.


While we got her the starbucks me & Zoe were thinking how we should tell her & Zoe thought that i should.. which really sucked because i didn't wanna be the one telling her these horrible things! But Zoe is so convincing.

We walked in & it looked like Aria got up & changed her hair, i thought she looked cute, haha. Zoe handed her the drink & then Zoe sat on the bed, & i sat on the chair. Their was an awkward silence while Aria was slurping on her starbucks.

Zoe coughed & then pushed me.. I coughed & said..

"..Oh um yeah so Aria are you positive you want to know everything..?" i knew she did i was trying to stall..

"Uh yes of course!! tell me now Luke!"

So then i explained her everything...

Aria was crying.. i felt horrible, after i was done she just covered her mouth & started crying, i awkwardly hugged her as she just cried in my arms.

"S-So Zoe your my sister?" Aria tried so hard saying, she couldn't even speak because of all the crying. I was afraid she couldn't breathe. I got up & Zoe slowly walked towards her.

Zoe & her hugged & then Aria said

"... & then our mom.." & started crying more & Zoe was crying too. Aria had no one just me & Zoe, & to her we were just strangers.

***3 Days Later***

the hospital let Aria out, & since Aria was 18 she could live with anyone she wants, so she went to live with Zoe.

I was driving Zoe & Aria home & when i was about to leave because i thought they would want to be alone, & Zoes parents wasnt home because they are really rich & like go everywhere, but Aria stopped me.


Luke was just about to leave when i stopped him by holding back his arm

"Wai-Um Luke.." i shyly said,

"Yeah?" he quickly replied

"Stay." and i looked into his eyes & he just smiled & said "Alright"

When we walked in i wanted to take a shower ASAP. I told Zoe & Luke & ran to the bathroom. I wasn't thinking & ran into the bathroom & it took me literally 5 minutes to figure out how the hell you use this shower thing, i always wondered why rich people got such complicated things.

I think i literally took an hour, it felt so good to be clean. Once i got out muttered "fuck!" i was rushing so much i forgot my freaking clothes, i'm screwed & i don't know this house!! i was yelling

"ZOE!! ZOE!!!" i waited 10 minutes & nothing.. i was thinking holy mother of god i'm screwed, all i had was this stupid towel that was so tiny! AGAIN WASNT THINKING, zoe just showed me the lignin closet & i just took this towel, i don't even think it was a towel, thats how tiny it was.

I walked out & then went through literally every door trying to find Zoe's, i finally freaking found it, took my towel off to dry my self & then.. all of sudden LUKE COMES OUT OF THE BATHROOM. I guess theirs only 2 bathrooms out of this god damn house & the one i was in, was used so Luke was in this one.. he was in a towel only covering his private parts but showed his upper body 😍 I screamed & tried finding that stupid towel i had.


I got out of the shower & then wrapped the towel around me, i walked out & i winded my eyes i see Aria.. naked! she was drying her self, I mean i'm not gonna lie she looked hot naked, i smiled & when she saw me though oh my she was so red & then she screamed & put the towel around her, which barley covered anything & i chuckled & she said

"Oh my god how freaking awkward!! i'm so sorry!!"

i chuckled & said "No no don't be sorry its okay"

she replies.. "um okayy.."

I think i was literally drooling & then i slowly walked out of the bedroom.

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