Kiss Me


5. Chapter 5

"what?? my sister? thats impossible! my parents would at least tell me & i don't even know aria how are you so sure?"

"its a long.. confusing story" Luke replied

"you better start talking, lets go get coffee"

"zoe i cant! Carrol is now missing & i think jason took her"

"jason ?? the guy that just got out of jail why would he want Carrol?"

"i told you its complicated.. call you later"

i quickly walked away and went to the house where i found jason & Carrol fighting before

15 minutes later i was their, i opened the door & everything was quiet.. too quiet. i looked around the whole house, no where to be seen then i heard a yell come from the basement..

i walked over their & herd yelling i peek my eye into the room to be absolutely surprised to what i saw.. Carrol had tied up jason holding a gun to his head.

i was thinking oh my god Carrol no what are you doing!!!

"you hurt my little girl now i'm going to hurt you" as Carrol told jason in the meanest way possible

jason was terrified saying "no no i'm sorry i didn't mean too please DON'T!"

"if my girl doesn't wake up, you wont live"

she triggered the gun & took it off safety mode

i come creeping up behind her trying to take the gun away from her.. jason saw me and his eyes lit up, i shook my head & said shh with my mouth. Carrol didn't see me so i went from behind her & tug the gun away & kicked it away from her


"shh Carrol shh" i told her

she became weak & fell into my arms and started crying

"i'm sorry so so sorry" she was sobbing in my shirt & jason was still tied up in the chair

i told Carrol to go home & take a shower and just to relax & gave her my car keys. she left & then i untied jason

"jason you really fucked up"

"no need to remind me" *rolling his eyes*

"i dont know how your going to make this better but just figure it out"

***skips to the end of the day***

*ring ring* it was my phone, it was zoe

i picked up


"Luke! are you busy? you need to explain what is going on like now!"

"zoe its already 10:30 i'm tired & just want to relax"

"fine, then i'll come over text me your address"

"but zo-"

before i could answer she said

"alright thanks bye!"

i sighed & texted her the address

20 minutes later zoe was here

*knock knock*


"Zoe calm down jeez" i replied as i opened the door.

"yeah yeah whatever sit on the couch & explain!"

"uh-okay well.. aria was actually born here, in the US but she thinks she was born in Australia, her dad was actually your birth dad, you guys split up because when the dad died of cancer, this rich lady (your mom now) wanted only one daughter & she took you & not Aria. you were only 2 & a half, your mom was devastated but it was either give you away or have your real mom die & not have you or aria ever be adopted. Also you guys were up for adoption because your real mother was very very poor, after your dad died of cancer the bills went crazy, she was a single mother with 2 daughters that is such a hard job..."

before i could say something zoe cut me off

"what.. wait wow okay.. umm wait how do you know all this??"

"aye you cut me off, as i was saying.. i know because okay so Aria was alone while you went who knows where, your real mom got so depressed, she wasn't eating.. sleeping anything. that was until she met jason, my brother.."

"what woah you have a brother??"

"uh um yeah more like a half brother i dont know all i know is that his fucked up, as i was saying jason fell in love with Carrol, Carrol thought she loved him, 5 years later jason gets arrested for being abusive to Carrol & by then Aria was 7 but never saw jason, aria just thought her "mom" was single, so then they stayed in Australia while jason had to come to the US to go to jail, so Carrol stayed so they could be so far away from jason. I know Carrol because jason always talked about her & me and Carrol got close, she was like a mom i never had. I moved to the US 3 years after jason got arrested & by then Aria was about 10. 8 years later Carrol got a job in the US & this was the first job offering she ever got since her husband died, she was scared to go to the US but needed money. Aria was 18 & now she moved back her, Jason got out of jail & then today.. i guess Jason wanted to see Carrol to win her back & i guess Aria followed or something & then Jason shot Aria & now were here.. & i know because Carrol told me everything. Whenever Carrol went to go to "work" in Australia she would take care of me, she got money from me, i took money from jason because jason had a stash of money & yeah.."

"what.. woah.. this is complicated i just cant right now.." zoe replied

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