Kiss Me


47. Chapter 44

    ARIAS P.O.V "Yeah! i'm hungry, you luke?" i turn my face to him as he looks up    "Yeah! what do you guys want?" Luke replies    "Hmm anything that is breakfast doesn't matter, what about you zoe and calum?" i say after   "I really want some iHop!" Zoe says excited    "oooh yess!!" i jump in and practically fall out of my bed    "Haha calm down girls, iHop it is" Calum replies laughing   I get up and get my clothes from my bags and get dressed and brush my teeth    I come out and see all 3 of them waiting    "Oh wow sorry for holding up guys" saying embarrassed    "Yeah you little princess" Zoe replies jokingly    I laugh and we all start walking out    As we are walking, we past my doctor.. great    "Uh aria where do you think you are going? s/he says (sorry i forgot if the doctor was male or female i'm not good at this😂)    "Out to breakfast! why?" i reply in confusion    "Well, we still haven't talked about a check up, i need to know when you will be free and if you had be having an headaches or has forgot anything? This is important"    Shit. Fuck. I did not want  to say infront of my friends whom have been through enough that i have been getting headaches and did forget some important things. (If you don't remember, Aria woke up and she didnt know who calum was and what happened to her parents; she never knew her father and her mother killed herself)    "Umm oh yeahh..." I say looking away hoping anything else can come to his mind and change this subject    LUKES P.O.V That reminded me. She had been getting headaches, i need to tell the doctor no matter if she doesn't want me to. I do not want to loose her for the 3rd time. No. I cant loose my happiness, my angel.    "Yes! Doctor, me and aria will talk to you say, around 3ish is that okay?" i walk up near them holding her hand, trying to reassure her that i am here and that i care   ARIAS P.O.V Why in gods name did Luke tell the doctor we will talk to him?!?   "Um we will??" i say looking confused as i turn to luke    "Yes we will babe" he says and smiles   "Right.." i say mad at him for doing this    "3 it is! See you soon guys" the doctor replied    "Hey we'll catch up with you" i say to calum and zoe    I pull Lukes arm back and look at him and shook my head saying "Why did you do that??"   "because.." he says looking down   "luke seriously why this isn't your choice when i go and talk about whats going on, i'm a grown women i can do things on my own i don't need you to be my parents"   i walk away and pull my arm as he was still holding it   "Aria!!" he says in an angry yet sad tone    "What?" i turn around and roll my eyes   "Have you thought why i did that? From my fucking view??"   Okay yup Luke is angry now    "No! and i don't really want too!!" i reply    "Well i'm going to tell you anyways! I did that because i don't want to loose you. NOT again Aria. I've lost you 2 times and the second it was practically my fault.. that feeling after i had for months was.. indescribable knowing the only girl i love, the only girl that makes me happy is in coma again because of my selfish and addictive ways. That night ruined me i cant even tell you how I felt and ho- how i still feel about it" he says as his tone changes into sadness, he chokes up and a tear rolling down his face    "Luke.." i reply walking towards him almost about to cry    "I'm sorry.." as i'm up to him, our bodies touching and i hold his face in my hand    He just looks down at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and tear rolls down his face. I gently swipe the tear away and say "You are my everything. I did not know what love was until i met you" and kiss his cheek   "i love you" he replies as we hold each other   *cough* *cough* Calum comes indicating that him and zoe wanted food!   I wipe my eyes, as i do to his and we hold hands and walk to the car    *At ihop*   "hmmm what sha'll i get??" i say looking at the menu    "get whatever you want girl" zoe replies and i laugh   "Well, i'm getting 3 full pancakes, 2 sausages some potatoes, eggs, a slice of french toast and hmm strawberries and some soda!" Luke says "i think that will be enough"   All 3 of us look at him    "you think??" Zoe says astonished at how a man could get that much    "Hahaha damn you are going to be full until next year if you eat all that" i reply laughing as our eyes meet   The waitress comes and we all take our orders    *After iHop*   "I am. So. Full." Luke says putting his hand on his stomach looking like he could barley breathe    "Are you okay??" i ask trying not to laugh    "hey!" he points at me but seemed to drunk because he couldnt even point straight   "i think we should get back to the hospital" Calum says   "Yupp" me and zoe both say at same time    I get up really fast and fall back down   "owww" I accidentally say out loud and put my hand on my head   Zoe looks back and says "whats wrong???" looking concerned   "uhh i dont know i mea- OWWWW" it felt like someone was throwing rocks at my face, it was throbbing so bad i couldnt move, or even talk the slightest movement would cause it to become worse   "Aria!! whats wrong?" she asks again   Calum and luke were lost in conversation and she tugs calum because she was next to him   "Guys!! somethings wrong with aria!!"   

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