Kiss Me


46. Chapter 43


I wake up next to Luke, he had his arms wrapped around me with the cutest sleeping face. I felt so safe and secure while he was holding me, I decide to wake him up.

"Babe" He doesn't flinch

"Babbee" i say and i touch his shoulders, still no response

"Luke!!" i say louder and push him

"Huh wait what??" he wakes up immediately and lifts his head up with his eyes half open

"Hahah you are such a heavy sleeper" i reply

"Haha i know i am i kinda like it though because i could sleep better even when someone is trying to wake me up " he says trying to prove a point

"Whatever you say" i reply smiling at him

"So what time is it?"

"Almost 10"

"Damn already we slept in late well i probably would've slept later if a certain someone didn't wake me up *looks at me and smirks*

"Hey! i was bored i wanted you to get up" i say trying to defend myself

"I'm just joking babe" he says as he kisses my nose & the butterflies in my stomach just about explode

Is it normal to still have these feelings? I mean every simple little thing he does gets my heart to race, it feels like it will jump out of my chest any moment its like adrenaline but it's not. Luke makes me so happy and i can not even explain it..

Calum and Zoe walks in

"Hey! you guys want some breakfast? we heard you guys talking in the hall" Calum asks as he is in the door way

Wow I haven't updated in so long so sorry this is short i just wanted to put at least something! okay thank you for reading loves 💓💓

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