Kiss Me


45. Chapter 42


I woke up to luke not next to me, i look around trying to find a time & it was already 8:00 pm wow i slept for 7 hours! i must have been really tired

I try to grab my phone to call luke but just as i grab it he comes in

"Hey sleepy head how are you feeling?" Luke asks me

Shit did he know i had a headache??

"Um i'm fine haha what made you think i wasn't feeling well?" i look at him with a confused look

"I dont know i mean at the restaurant i knew something was up & then falling asleep for 7 hours has to mean you were tired right?" he replies

"Oh yeah its just i didnt get much sleep last night" i say as i feel guilt by telling an amazing, caring person a lie

I honestly don't know what is making me feel like i cant tell anyone something is up, i dont get it? i mean i have amazing friends why do i have to hide all this? i don't.. i really don't i dont know maybe i should just ask the doctor somethin-

"Aria?" Luke asks as i loose my train of thought

"Huh yeah?" i reply

"Are you okay?"

"Yea-yeah i'm fine babe" i say and smile while luke is giving me a worried look


I know, i just know something is up. I can feel it in myself, she isn't telling me & i don't know why.. i have to get it out of her. I walk closer to her, face to face, eye contact, i was touching her jawline and i asked again

"are you okay?" i wanted to see what her eyes looked like. Sadness. That is what they looked like..


Shit. He asked me how i was again & you know when you get that hurting feeling in your throat & then someone asks if you are okay & you cant do anything else but break down? I could feel my eyes slowly water as his gentle hands rubbed my check

"Babe what is wrong? I'm here for you, you know that right?"

"Yeah Luke of course i know that, it's just- i don't know what is wrong i don't know anything, i don't know how i feel.. well maybe i do just today at the restaurant i felt so insecure & that everyone would judge me for what i was wearing.. like i'm not good enough & ive been getting these headach-" SHIT I DID NOT JUST TELL LUKE I HAVE BEEN GETTING HEADACHES

"You have been what??" he quickly asks me after i accidentally say that when i was lost in thought

"Feeling insecure, yeah thats i-"

"Aria, no you said you've been getting headaches?! Since when? how bad? how are you feeling no-"

"Stop" I abruptly interrupted Luke

"I jus-just don't like all these questions please, it's so overwhelming.." i add on

"Okay, that's fine but i think it would be best to tell the docter.." Luke replies

"Its not a big deal i swear *puts fake smile on* It was probably the mc donalds food, yeah"

"Idk i mean i dont like the sound of this.. i don't want anything happening to you" Luke says as he rubs my shoulders


I don't want to her loose her. Not again. She is my world & she has been in coma TWICE! I'm sure it is not a good sign to be getting headaches!

"Nothing will happen!" she says trying to reassure me everything is alright

I kiss her forehead & say "Alright.. but if you have any, and i mean ANY sort of pain from your head you call me snd we'll go in together" She just nods & smiles.

"So you're staying the night right?" She asks me

"Yes i am! Its already 8:40, you want to watch a movie online?" i ask her

"Yess lets watch a scary one!" she says as she jumps into bed & i follow her

"You wana see Gone Girl?" i ask, she nodds her head and the movie begin

*2 and a half hours later*


"Wow that was a good movie i did not expect it was her the whole time like what the fuck shes crazy hah" Aria tells me

"I know!! she is crazy" i reply back

It was about 11 something & i wasn't that tired & i don't think Aria was since she got an extra 7 hours.

"So what do ya want to do now?" I ask

She just smirks & starts kissing my neck

"Ohh alright" i reply and smirk back

I take my shirt off as she starts kissing my chest and goes lower

She throws her sweater off as i hold her, i take her bra off and she takes her jeans off

She goes back with her self laying on the bed as i start kissing her mouth & her neck & chest

She takes off my underwear as i do to hers

*Next Morning*

sorry for the shortest chapter ever! and sorry for never updating :/ i hoped you liked this chapter loves! i will try to update it more x

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