Kiss Me


44. Chapter 41


im so glad Calum is going to be leaving the hospital tomorrow! yay! i get to go home with my love


We just laid on the hospital bed watching TV & laughing & cuddling.. he has the most cutest smile, where his eyes close causing wrinkles around it, he just looks so happy & it makes me so happy. I just look at him while he is watching the TV while his arms is around me & he looks at me & says


"What babe?" and looks at my eyes & lips


"Oh nothing, i'm just so lucky to have you" i say and hold him tighter



While i was watching TV i could tell she was looking at me, i looked at her asking whats wrong & she tells me the sweetest thing ever. She says I'M lucky to have HER when I should be lucky, She 100% does not deserve me she's so much better but thinking that shes lucky means so much to me.


"You? you're lucky?" i say with a smirk on my face


"Yeah..?" she says confused but still smiling


"Thats crazy because if anything I should be lucky that i have YOU. You are amazing, not me you're everything" i reply kissing her forehead


"Aww bab-"


Before she could finish Luke comes in


"Alright two love birds Me & Aria would like to get some lunch, care to join?" he says standing by the door


I look at Zoe she nods her head & i reply saying


"Yeah we'll be down in like 5 mins"


"Alright cool" Luke replies and walks away


"Wait what time is it?" Zoe asks me


"Hmm it is about.. *checks phone* 11:30"


"Wow! Already that went fast haha" she says


"It really did, you hungry?"




We get up from the bed & leave the room.

We see Luke sitting down holding Arias hand, as we walk towards them they stand up & say


"You ready?"


"Yeah" me & Zoe say at the same time

We looked at each other & laughed



All 4 of us walked to the car & i screamed




Zoe tried running in front of me and beat me too it.

Luke & Calum was just in the back walking and laughing at us. This was nice, just us 4 i don't remember everything so clear but it was a nice feeling, i felt happy. I decided to just walk with Luke & hold his hand.

Calum was driving & me and luke were in the back while Zoe was in the front


"So where do you guys want to go?" Calum asked


"Hm somewhere good!" i reply & i start laughing & everyone else starts laughing


"Well duh Aria of course somewhere good" Zoe says while chuckling


"Haha whatever" i reply looking away


"You want to go to a fast food or a nice restaurant?" Luke asks


"Nice restaurant for a celebration of our Aria waking up" Zoe says & smiles at me


"That sounds great!" Luke jumps in


"Yeah i'm down for that" Calum says while driving


"But guys we aren't even dressed nicely" i say


"Doesn't matter! we're all going for the same reason which is to eat, it shouldn't matter what we wear as long as we pay for i-"


"Shit" I say interrupting Zoe




"I don't have my wallet"


"Don't worry love, Me, Cal & Luke will pay for it"


"You sure guys? It will me expensive and i don't want you spend a fortune on me"


"Babe you waking up is probably the best day of my life, and i truly without a doubt mean that. You are worth so much more than a fancy dinner" Luke says while grabbing my hand


"AWWWWW" Calum & Zoe say at the same time


God i'm so lucky to have such a sweet guy in my life. Luke Hemmings is mine & he is amazing.


"I love you so much Luke" i say looking straight at his eyes


"I love you so much more" and he kisses my forehead as i lay my head on his shoulders.



**About 20 mins later**


"Alright guys we're here" Calum says as he stops the car


We get out & immediately i feel out of place.

This restaurant is called some fancy name i cant even pronounce because it is in Italian. It has 2 glass windows with a big door, railings & gold outlines of some type of pattern on the windows, the lights were dimmed at a perfect lighting to make the mood just right. 2 people came out of the restaurant with disgusted looks on their face, my self esteem went so low i was afraid to go in there. I was just wearing skinny jeans & a big sweater with my converse while Luke & Calum was literally just wearing all black but Calum was a muscle t-shirt while Zoe was wearing a crop top with skinny jeans. The man was wearing a full tux while the woman was wearing this beautiful black dress with lace & her hair was curled with pearl earrings & a beautiful pearled necklace. It was not even 12 yet, imagine how people dressed in the evening! Calum & Zoe were too busy laughing to notice the 2 people, I just look down & say out loud


"Are you sure you guys want to go here? I'm feeling kinda iffy.." i say as i stop walking


"Yeah why not?" Calum asks


"I dont know it just doesn't seem.. us" i say


"Don't be silly! Who cares? Lets just enjoy the food" he replies while grabbing my arm. I do a fake smile & keep walking.

I tried not looking at Luke cause knowing him he knows something is up & i honestly don't want to start anything.

But sure enough he tugged my arm & mouthed 'Are you okay?' i look at him & whisper 'oh yeah i'm fine' & do a fake smile


I dont know what i was thinking or feeling, i just felt like people are going to judge me for what i'm wearing, i usually don't care what people thought of me but i just feel so venerable.


We walk in & right away I tried opening the door but it was pretty heavy so i try it hard & i hear a bell ringing, i look around GREAT! this door has a bell for when someone leaves or opens the door, i knew everyone was looking & by now i just felt more embarrassed than before.


"Guys lets just go" i say and face the door away


"Why? Whats wrong Aria?" Zoe steps in


Fuck. I didn't wanna talk about anything


"Nothing, i'm just you know getting kinda tired & i really do appreciate you guys for this dinner, i just really feel like heading back to the hospital and resting."


"Alright, yeah we can go another time" Luke says and rubs my shoulder


I take a sigh of relief & just smile at him


"Alright guys whatever you want" Zoe says & Calum nods his head agreeing.



I knew something was up. Aria just didn't want to go in their & i know she wasn't going to tell me but the least i can do is make it easy for her & back her up. I was going to get it out of her though, i thought maybe i should stay the night with her at the hospital.


Calum & Zoe were ahead of us while Me & Aria were behind them. I grab her hand & say


"How would you like it if i stayed with you tonight?"


"YES OH MY GOD!" she replies in excitement



"Haha okay, cool." i reply & she smiles at me. She has the most amazing smile. Its big with white teeth & it just fits her face.


We all get to the car & Zoe says


"Wait what about food?"


"Oh yeah, you want to just get drive through?" Aria asks us


"Yeah thats fine, lets get Mc Donald's" calum says & we all chuckle & say yeah


**20 mins later**


We got our food & sat down at the tables to eat.


We all sat together & it was nice, we all were laughing & talking. It was just a good lunch.



After eating the Mc Donald's my head starting hurting, i ignored it & drank so water, about 10 mins later It got worse.


"Hey i'm going to use the restroom, be right back guys" i say & they all nod


I get up & walk to the bathroom door


It got 10 times worse, it hurt so much i didn't even want to keep my eyes open, i look myself in the mirror & i just feel like a hammer is hitting my head constantly, i feel hot & as if it is hard to breathe.


I put water on my face & try walking back to my table


I sit down & about 5 mins later we leave


"Calum i'm still so fucking happy you're coming home tomorrow!" Zoe says while holding his hand


"I KNOW! My mom is very excited as well, she got all my stuff at home ready"


"Awww haha" Zoe says back


"When are you going to come home?" Luke asks me


Shit. I don't even know what the heck is going on right now because of this headache and i have to act like it doesn't hurt.


"Hmm i don-t know hopefully soon" i say while looking away


We get to the car & drive back to the hospital.


By then its about 1 or 2 & we all are just tired and decide to call it a day. Zoe kisses Calum goodbye & Calum goes to his room. Luke stays with me & we go to my room. Now i'm kinda scared because this headache is making everything worse & i just want to spend the day with my amazing boyfriend.

We head to my room & lay on my bed

We just cuddle & watch TV. I slowly fall asleep on his shoulder as his arms are around me.

I'm beginning to feel better. My headaches slowly going away & i'm in that sleep mode where you're just about to fall asleep but still hear everything. Luke turns off the TV & moves into spoon position & i change to that as well. I was warm, comfy, felt safe & happy. I fell asleep.


WHOOAA 7K reads lol IS THIS REAL?! or is that just my phone i dont know well so sorry for not updating for MONTHS & i'm not promising that i will update every week i just thought no one really cared for this movella but yeah haha well thanks for reading babes💞

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