Kiss Me


43. Chapter 40

Characters (Sorry I probably should of done this earlier, but I tried uploading pictures it was really hard lol so I will just type their names & if you don't know who they are then just search up the name :)

Luke Hemmings as himself

Aria as Lucy Hale

Zoe as Selena Gomez

Calum hood as himself

Ashton Irwin as himself

Michael Clifford as himself

Calums mom, Joy as her self

Arias mom, Carrol was Jennifer Connelly

Lukes mom (okay sorry I forgot what name I said for Lukes mom so yeah but this is the character) was as Lukes real mom Liz

Jason as Drew Van Acker

Christian as Chuck Hittinger

Zoe's parents as real selena parents, Mandy Teefey and Brian Gomez 

I don't know if I am missing someone lol if I am tell me okay because my memory sucks, this is all I could remember right now, okay enjoy chapter 40 :)


Zoe came in crying so Luke ran to her and asked about her dad, i didn't know what was going on so i got out of bed & walked towards them.

"Guys whats going on? What happened?" i ask looking confused as Luke held Zoe

I was facing towards Luke which ment I couldn't see Zoe's face while they we're hugging, i tapped Zoes shoulder as Luke gestured like saying talk to her she's your sister!

"A-re you okay?" i asked

She turns around & her eyes were so puffy & red, she had a running nose & she didn't even speak, i just opened my arms so we could hug & she just cried in my arms. I felt so bad & i didn't even know what's going on

Luke being Luke, he came & hugged me and Zoe & so we were a big group hug, Zoe started laughing so i did & then Luke says

"Theirs that smile!"

Zoe looks down & wipes her tears on her cheeks

"Whats wrong love?" i asked while rubbing her shoulder

"It-its my dad.." she says not making eye contact

"What's wrong with him?" i asked still trying to make eye contact with her

"He's dying" she replies quietly but enough for me to hear, i could tell she didn't want to say those words in a sentence, i feel so awful! I quickly replied saying

"OH MY GOD!!! I'M SO SORRY!!" and hugged her again but this time even tighter

I looked at Luke & he looked surprised too

"What?! Oh my god the heart attack hit him that hard?!" Luke says in a worry voice

"Yeah i guess it did" she replies again having her eyes tear up more


I told Aria about my dad, i really didn't want to say those words in a sentence but she is my sister & deserves to know & now Luke knows about what happening to him.

After i told them i really wanted to be alone but then i didn't, it was weird. I had that feeling in my throat & i wanted to cry but i took all my strength & guts to not.

"Have you seen Calum?" i ask trying to change the subject

"No we haven't, you want me to see if he is up?" Luke asks

"Yeah that would be great, i don't wanna bother if he is sleeping" i reply

"Alright be back soon, bye babe" and he kisses Aria

As he leaves the room, Aria gestures me to sit next to her on the bed, so i did.

"Hey girrlll" she says trying to brighten up the mood

"Hey" is all i managed to say

"I know things are tough right now & you honestly 100% do NOT need or deserve this right now, you've been through so much & you're just barley 18! I know its really hard right now but i promise you it would get better & you always have me, Luke & Calum and your mom & Lukes mom & Calums mo-

"Haha okay i get it a lot of moms, go on" i interrupt laughing

"Hey! haha let me finish, as i was saying, if you need ANYONE to talk to about anything i'm here, always! Besides i'm your sister i'll be near you 24/7"

She was right, i mean it is hard & i honestly do not need this right now but i have her & Luke & Calum & all the moms haha, i am not alone & i can get through this with them.

"You're right Aria, thanks" i say & smile

"No problem babe! What are sisters for?"

We just laughed & then Luke comes in

"Hey Calum's awake, you can go check up on him" Luke says as he shuts the door

I jump off the bed & run to the door

"Alright guys see you soon!" i say and smile

I couldn't wait to see Calum, i really miss him & he always manages to put a smile on my face

I got in the elevator & waited for Calum's floor

I got to it & i ran out & went to his room, i quickly opened it too see him watching TV

"Babe!!" he says as he drank some water

"Calum!!" i reply and run towards him, he gets out of his bed to hug me, the hug was amazing. I had my arms around him as he had his arms around my waist. Since he is taller i look up at him & i go on my tippy toes to kiss him on the lips, i go in for a peck but instead we were like making out. He was such a good kisser, like REALLY good. He knew how to kiss & he to move his lips & how he made me feel.. ahh i can't describe it. We kept kissing & we landed on the bed, i was on top of him & he was kissing my neck as i moaned. He had his hands on my lower back now as i had mine on his chest.. oh my gosh that chest! With all the tattoos & his stomach is just so hot. He had his shirt on but i could still feel how toned it was. I kissed him one more time & i say

"I missed you" and i laid my nose on his

"I missed you more" he replies and then kisses me forehead

I smile then sit on his chest while he was holding me & i was holding him

"You always make me smile thank you for that, i really needed it" i say while rubbing his arm

"I love you so much babe, i always hope i make you smile you deserve to be happy, you are an amazing girl.. you are MY amazing girl" he replied & my heart began to flutter, he had this way with words & i truly do love him. He is the best thing ever.

"I love you more" i reply making my head look up at his gorgeous eyes

"Also.. guess what" i say looking down again

"What's wrong babe?" he asked while rubbing my arm

"My dad is- well like he kinda had a heart attack & now is slowly dying" i say, slowly but quietly & a tear already went on his shirt

He gets up from sitting on the bed, so he is still on the bed but his head is not on the pillow so that made me get up & he replies saying

"Oh my god! I am sooo sorry! That is so horrible babe i'm so- i just wow come here!" & he grabbed me and he held me

I love being in his arms, i felt so safe & welcomed

A tear fell again & it went on his shirt again & i look up at him as he wipes the tear from my cheek & looks down at me

"I'm scared" i say as my eyes began to tremble with more tears ready to come out

"I totally understand why you are scared, i'm so sorry babe i wish i could do something to fix everything.. i wish i could make everything better for you" he says

Gosh he was so sweet, i could tell he is not good at giving advice or being their for someone but he was trying which made me love him more


When she told me about her dad, i felt awful! Like no one should ever go through that. I'm not really good at giving advice or anything, i feel like i don't say anything right i dont know

I hugged her & we just stood there hugging. It was nice i love hugging her, she is my world.

"Babe guess what!" i said

"What?" she replied smiling

"I get to leave tomorrow!!" i say & she starts jumping

"REALLY THATS GREAT!!" she replies & kisses me

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