Kiss Me


4. Chapter 4




*BOOM* the gun went off

I ran up to Aria & she went out black. She was bleeding really bad. Carrol looked so terrified. I felt so bad. I picked Aria up & we walked out the house.


I just told him "you fucked up, give me that fucking gun" i was so giving him the dirtiest look ever.

"Uh what um yeah HELP ME THOUGH"

I just took the gun & ran to Carrols car.

Carrol was driving and she literally went through 3 red lights.

We finally got to the damn hospital.

I was carrying Aria, her moms eyes were so red from crying she kept muttering to her self

"This is my fault its my fault my fault!!"

I kept telling her "No carrol don't say that!!"

i tried to convince her that it isn't but she kept muttering & crying.

Carrol screamed "HELP PLEASE HELP"

2 Nurses ran to me & picked up Aria & drove her away to the emergency.

Carrol was crying in my chest. I felt so horrible. Just as i thought things couldn't get worse.. Jason walked in.

I muttered "fucking shit"

Carrol looked at me in more fear.

I walked over to Jason & said "Look man i don't think you should be here right now"

He replies "Fuck that fuck you man you cant tell me what to do, i'm older than you, i just want to talk to Carrol"

As he was walking towards her

I roll my eyes & grab his arm & say "No! you did enough! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CALL THE GOD DAMN COPS"

He looked at me straight in the eye & hit my shoulder as he walked out.

Carrol looked at me and hugged me so tight. She whispered to me "What am i going to do" crying again in my shirt.. i didn't know what to say. I just held her.

***3 Hours Later***

"Arias parents??" The doctor said out loud it was bout 11:30 and Carrol ran up & i followed her.

He stated "Well.. i have good news & bad news.."

I ask "WHATS THE GOOD NEWS??" hoping it amazing news & the doctor replies..

"We got the bullet out.."

I looked at Carrol she had the most happiest smile ever, i look at her she looks at me and crys.

The doctor interrupts, yes.. but

Carrol went from smiling & crying to the most worried face i have ever seen..

She replies "..yes what is it?"

The doctor says "Aria is in acoma"

Carrol replied "A-Acoma??? WHAT HOW?"

the doctor said "Yes, i'm very sorry. Its because with all the shock she had she went into a deep deep sleep."

I asked "Woahh what will she wake up??"

The doctor replies "Yes.. well we don't know its 70% to 30%"

Carrol says "So 70% she will wake up?"


I ask "Can we see her?"

Yes but one at a time.

I told Carrol to go first.

I was sitting in the front room waiting.

**30 Minutes Later***

Carrol comes out & crying even more & i run up to her & hug her tightly. She quietly told me that i can now see her.

I wiped her tears & walked in the room.

I looked at her & she look so peaceful & beautiful just laying their. I felt so guilty & sad. I grabbed her hand & quietly said "I'm so sorry" & kissed on her forehead.

I walked out the door & sat next to Carrol.

It was an awkward silence

I looked at her, she was just looking at floor. I look straight & then she mutters "Its my fault, my fault, my fault!" I quickly grabbed her hand & said

" No! don't say that! its not your fault!"

I tried making her look at me, but she was just looking at the floor, like she was reading something with her eyes having them go left, right, left right like she was replying the moment over & over in her head.

I asked her if she wanted to water. She nodded. I walked away & got her some water. I came back & she was gone..

I checked Arias room & she wasn't their.

I was worried, where would she go?

I quickly thought, then.. Jason came to my mind.

I thought *Fuck*

i leave the hospital & then i see Zoe walking in, I ask her why shes here

"Hey zoe why are you here?"

She looked worried & said " I honestly don't know i got a phone call saying that my sister is in the hospital. So i left school & came here."

My eyes widened, "Woah you have a sister?"

she replies "No.. i mean i don't think so.. i tried explaining it was the wrong number but then the guy said something no one would ever know so i kinda believed him"

"Wait what did he say?"

"Uhh- i rather not say Luke"

"Zoe please! Its so important!"

"Why is it important?" She glared at me in confusion

"Um i will tell you if you do.."

"Okay fine, the caller knew that i was adopted."

I open my mouth & say "What?? YOU WERE ADOPTED??"

"Um yeah.. luke please don't make this a big deal. I literally told no one, your the first person to know."


Zoe asks all in confused "WHAT WHAT ??"

"Zoe.. i think your Arias sister."

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