Kiss Me


42. Chapter 39

(Here's a recap of what happened since i haven't updated in forever & you guys probably forgot.. so Aria woke up, Luke & Zoe went home after visiting Aria all day, Zoe visited her parents, & Calum because they all were held under Jason's house in the basement. Zoe & Luke go home, Zoe goes back to Luke's place in the morning to visit all of them again but once she turned around to face Luke, She's been crying.)


"Zoe! Oh my god whats wrong!"

"M-my dad.. he he ha-had an heart attack" Zoe replied, me barley understanding what she was saying.

"Oh my god! Is he okay?!?" i reply in a worried voice

"I-i don't know.."

"Lets get the hospital!! Hurry!!" i say & run to Zoe's car

I drive since shes been crying it would be hard for her to see.

I zoom to the hospital & we run in the front room,

"Do you want me to go with you to check on your parents?" i ask

"No, its oka-okay just check on Aria for me."

"Alright.." i reply & run towards her room.


I was scared to know if my dad was okay or not, i was scared that if i did go to their room he wouldn't be watching TV with my mom & laughing, i was scared that he was not okay & i wasn't their for him. I'm scared i didn't get to say my last goodbye to him. I'm just scared.

I walked to the elevator & waited for it to stop on my parents floor. I walked out & ran to their door. I hesitated to see what happened, but i had to know.. i took a big breath & slowly turned the nob & walked in.

I instantly see my mom sitting with my dad on the same bed, he had all these wires hooked on him.. he was sleeping & my mom was crying.. i wanted to cry more & more but i felt like if i did my mom would have to comfort me when shes already broken.

"Is h-he okay?" i say finding it hard to speak.

My mom breathes in heavily & says

"Sweetie.. i am sorry to say this but-"

My heart sank to my stomach, my head starting hurting, what was she going to say?!?

"But what mom?!?"

"Darling its so hard for me to say this but, your father is.. now slowly dyin-"

"NO!! what do you mean slowly?!?!" by now i'm crying my eyes out & its hard to speak & it feels like my throat is getting stabbed & its hard to breathe

"Honey come here.." my mom says & she gets off of the bed & puts her hand out in a hugging way & i just cry in here arms.

"How long?" i finally managed to say since it was hard to breathe from the crying

"the doctors suspect a couple days they don't know for sure, the heart attack really messed everything up.." & now my mom started crying

"i'm going to check on aria & Luke & tell them this awful news" i say & wipe my tears & my mom just slowly nods & goes back on to the bed


I ran to Arias room, i missed her so much already, she's my everything & she is finally awake!

I get to her room & immediately open the door to see her watching TV, her face lights up & she smiles & jumps out of bed

"LUKEEEYYY!!" she says & runs into my arms & wraps her legs around me as i hold her up

"Babe you came yay" she says again

"Of course i would come babe" i reply & look into her beautiful eyes, the sparkle in them, her gorgeous smile, the way she holds me, her perfectly colored juicy lips... she's so beautiful & she is mine.

"i missed you so much love" she says & goes in for a kiss, i kiss back & she still has her legs wrapped around me & putting her hands threw my hair & i had my hands on her lower back & i went towards the wall so it was easier for me to hold her while we made out, she bit my lip & i started kissing her neck & then she started giggling & then she just held me.. really tight & long & it was perfect

"i love you" she says slowly & quietly while still holding on to me

"i love you more" i reply & look back at her gorgeous eyes

I lay her down on the bed & she tells me to come cuddle with her so i did. We watched TV & cuddled for about 10 minutes.

We were watching a funny TV show when Zoe came into Arias room balling her eyes out

She comes running towards me as i get up from the bed & i ask her whats happened

"Zoe! what happened with your dad?!" i say while hugging her

Aria gets our of bed & runs towards me while i was hugging Zoe

SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING 😭😭 Im such a horrible person :( hoped you liked this though💕 thanks for reading babes 💖

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