Kiss Me


41. Chapter 38


Me & Luke are heading out of Arias room & went to get hamburgers & shakes.

"Where do you want to go to get the food?" I ask Luke

"Hm you wanna go to in & out?"

"YESSS!!" i reply

"Haha okay lets go"

And we start the car

*20 mins later*

We got the food & now is headed back to the hospital

"Dude this is soo good i think i'm going to finish it before i get to Arias room"

I looked & Like and he smiles then looks down

"Hey whats wrong?" i ask

"Its just.. what you told me earlier"

"Ohh.. i know i'm worried too"

"Is that even possible?" he asks

"Honestly, i don't know. I don't think so.. i mean maybe she just need to refresh everything? She has been asleep for a year, thats way to long"

"True.. i just don't you know want to loose her" & i look back at him & he keeps looking down, avoiding eye contact & barley eating his food. He really does love her & maybe he is the one for her.

"Yeah i understand" i reply & rub his back for comfort

Now we we're at the hospital

We walked in the room & went to Arias room.


We got the food & headed back to the hospital, it was about 5:30 when we got inside.

We walked to Arias room & she was watching TV & an immediate smile appeared on her face.

"Guys you're back! Yay" she says & takes the food away from me & puts it on the table

"Yesss i'm soo hungry" Aria says & pulls a chair up while i get one & Zoe does too

Since we were so hungry we barley spoke, but it wasn't an awkward silence it.

"Damn that was good" Luke says & wipes his mouth

"Haha that was!" Aria says

"Well i think we should get going Luke it is already passed 6" Zoe says

"Yeah okay hold on"

"Alright i'll be outside, bye Aria see you tomorrow love you" Zoe says

I really didn't wanna leave Aria, but i mean i was gonna see her in the morning.

"Babe you really going?" Aria says & looks down

"Just for now, i'll see you tomorrow i promise.. i love you so much" & i kiss her her forehead & she was looking down & bring her chin up so now we're making eye contact

Something was wrong.. i could feel it

"Babe whats wrong?"


I don't know why but i just did not Luke to leave. I felt so safe with him, i don't want to be alone in the hospital alone. I dont know just something inside me just wanted him to stay.

"Nothing.. its whatever i'll see you tomorrow love you" & i kiss his cheek & put my head on the pillow & closed my eyes.. when i opened them about 20 seconds later he was gone.


I could tell Aria was upset, and i didn't want to bother her so i left.

I was walking out & see Zoe

"Hey you ready to go?" She asks

I look back at Arias room & then back at Zoe & say "Yeah lets go"

"Everything okay?" Zoe girls

"Ye-Yeah everything's fine" i reply

We headed back to the car & got in.

Zoe went back to her place, & i went back to mine. Funny thing is that we are both alone, i lost my mom & don't know where my dad is & both of her parents are at the hospital with Calum & Aria.

I thanked Zoe & went in my house.

Alone. So alone. No one there, i just couldn't wait till Aria was back at my house.

I go to my room & think of everything.. of this past year

For me i lost my mom, i found Aria & fell in love with her, she got coma because Christian & Jason, now they're in Jail while Zoe's parents got kidnapped by them too & Calum. Calum & Zoe were together but broke up.. but now together again. Aria lost her mom & never knew her dad. Zoe & Aria are sisters.. me & Zoe kissed but i didn't feel anything, thats all i could remember of right now & all that is just horrible. This is our senior year & i haven't been going to school & school ends so soon & Aria hasn't even been to school for a whole month because of the coma.. what are we going to do?

I didn't wanna think more of all those horrible things, so i went to bed.

I woke up to my phone ringing

*Riinngg Rinngg*

"Hello?" i answer without even opening my eyes & mumble it

"Luke?? Get out here now"

Once i herd Zoes voice i thought something was wrong & got dressed & put a beanie on & ran out the door

Zoe was waiting on the porch

"Hey! So sorry i'm late i slept in i gue-"

She turns around & shes been crying.

so so so sorry for not updating😩 i hope you liked this chapter loves ! don't forget to fav comment and like thanks babes💕

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