Kiss Me


40. Chapter 37


We were finally their, but something was strange.. i was scared. I'm scared that what if one day she will forget me? What do i do? Shes my everything.. & if she does one day i cant be like oh yeah hi i'm your boyfriend, because i'd be a complete stranger & it just hurts a lot. I was thinking & thinking when Zoe called my name.



I shake my head & look at her & say "What?"

"You've been acting all weird since i told you about Aria.. anything you wanna talk about?"

I couldn't tell her. If i did maybe if something happened to Aria she wouldn't tell me because of how i react.

"Oh uh yeah, yeah i'm fine"

"Okaay.." is she said & we walked in Arias room.

"Hey i'm really thirsty i'm gonna get water really quick be back in 5"

"Alright" i replied

She was awake & smiled immediately & got out of her bed to hug me. I loved it. I felt important to her, I feel like she gets happy when i'm there & that makes me more happy. She was hugging me really tight & since i'm so tall, she had her arms around me & put her chin on my chest as her beautiful eyes looked into mine.


I couldn't wait to see Luke & Zoe.. even though they've been gone for such a little time but i kept thinking too, what if i slowly loose my memory? Like is that even possible? I don't want to hurt anyone especially Luke. He means the WORLD to me.

When Luke walked in & immediately felt happiness & warmth in my heart. I got up & ran to Luke. The feeling of his arms around me & as i look up at his beautiful blue eyes, that amazing dimple when he smiles, the way he bites his lip with his lip ring, the way when he does smile he shows his tongue in between his teeth, his gorgeous blonde hair that i could touch for hours, his arms & how safe i feel in them. Just him, everything about him makes me feel like i'm on Cloud 9. How could someone make me so happy?

"Hey babe" Luke says as we're making amazing eye contact

"Hi my love" i reply & i go in for a kiss, we kiss with so much passion & love with every kiss we did it felt like a billion butterflies are fluttering around inside of me, like they were getting loose for the first time. He was such a good kisser & i loved playing with that lip ring. I bite his lip as he kisses my neck. We were kissing like we haven't seen each other in 5 years when i just saw him earlier.

"Wow somebody missed me" Luke says as he looks at my eyes then lips then back at my eyes & bites his lip.

"Don't do that" i replied

"Do what?" he says and starting laughing

"Bite your lip, it just makes me i dont know just i dont know i cant explain" i say and laugh then bite my lip

"Don't do that!" Luke says & points at me

"Haha do what?!"

"Bite your lip" he says & goes in for another kiss

I stop the kiss with my finger & say

"Hey wheres Zoe?"

"Oh she went to go drink some water she'll be back soon"

"Alright cool" i reply & smile

We get on the bed & cuddle & watch TV together.


I was so thirsty, i finally got some water & was headed back to Arias room. I walked in too see the 2 love birds cuddling & smiling. They're so cute, literally the cutest couple.

"Hey guys!" i say and walk towards the bed

"Zoooeeee!!!" Aria says & gets out her bed to hug me

"Arriiaa!!" i reply & hug her back.

"When do you get out again?" Luke asked

"About 2-3 days!" Arias replies

"I cant wait to have you back at my place babe so we can.. you know sleep" Luke says in a sarcastic voice, knowing what he meant

"Haha yeah totally just sleep" & she smiled and bit her lip as Luke bit his

"Alright you love birds its already almost 5 when do you wanna leave Luke?"

"Hmm around 6?"

"Aw you guys are gonna leave me?" & She pouts her face

"I'm sorry babe but we'll be back early in the morning !"

"You promise?" Aria says & puts out her pinky towards Luke &

"i promise" he says & puts his pinky towards Arias

"Alright so its only 5 you guys hungry?" I ask

"STARVING!!!" They both yell

"I would imagine! You guys barley ate today!" i say and laugh

"Hey how about me & Luke go get food so its faster because it would be hard if i did it myself"

"Yeah true, babe what you want?" Luke asks

"Hmm whatever is fine, some fries and hamburger & shake!"

"Sounds good" I say

"Alright, lets go Zoe"

"Bye my love i love you" Aria says & kisses Lukes cheek

"Bye babe see you soon" & he kisses her forehead

Me & Luke leave the room.

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