Kiss Me


39. Chapter 36


I woke up with Aria in my arms. This felt nice i haven't held her in a year. She looked so beautiful laying on me, her small breathes, her gentle hands around me. She looked like sleepy beauty. It was around 1 & i had to use the restroom but i didn't want to wake up Aria, so i just let her lay with me and i closed my eyes again.


After meeting with Calum's mom & Calum saying 'i love you' made me a happy person, i was finally happy.. i had everyone with me. I wanted to check on Aria again because well hey! She's my sister do i need a reason? So i go to the elevator & wait about 30 seconds & i was on her floor. I was walking towards her room & i opened the door & i saw Luke & Aria laying next to each other, aw they make the cutest couple ever! I'm so happy that shes finally awake & Luke finally gets to hold her. When i walked in Luke opened his eyes immediately & smiled & mouthed 'hey' i just smiled & waved back. I didn't wanna wake Aria up so i mouthed 'i'm going to check on my parents okay be right back' he just nodded & laid his head back on the bed & Arias head was on his shoulders.

I left the room & i went back to the elevator to go to my parents room.

I was walking towards the room & i opened the door to see my parents up & watching tv.

"MOM YOUR UP!!!" i run and hug her

"DAD SO ARE YOU!!!" and then i run to dad


"Hey young lady watch your mouth!" my dad says and then he replies

"i missed you more! come here!" and i run to him & i just feel like i'm complete for once

After hugging dad i went to hug my mom, again, telling her i missed her so much too.

"So guys.. do you know what happened?" i asked while looking down

"Honey, lets not talk about that right now. We're all okay & thats what matters"

"You're right okay" i say & smile

I start thinking & i probably tell them i have a boyfriend.. i wonder what my dad would say, well lets find out.

"Hey guys.. i have something to tell you"

They both look at me & raise their eyebrows

"I have a boyfriend!"

I first looked at my mom & her mouthed opened & then turned into a smile.

"Thats great hunny! Whats his name?"

"Haha well funny story.. well not like literally funny but you get me right?" & i looked at my mom & she slowly nodded her head & i could tell she didn't get me but oh well haha

"anyways Calum, thats his name is actually the guy that was stuck with you under the basement.."

I then turn to my dad

"Oh wow him! His very sweet.. is he okay?" phew thank god my dad didn't make it awkward

"Yeah! he's actually in this same building & OH YEAH GUESS WHAT AGAIN!!!" i yell in excitement

"ARIA WOKE UP!!" i turn to my mom she looked so happy & i hug her again & i turn to my again & he looked confused. Shit. I never told him about Aria.. fuck well i think imma leave that to my mom haha

"Actually mom hey why don't you tell Dad whose Aria & stuff while i check on Aria & Calum?" she looked at me and knew what i was doing & she replied

"Alright sweetie"

YES she said okay haha, well the only reason why i didn't wanna tell him about Aria is because i know how he is & he might get mad at me for the last to know about who Aria is & i don't want him mad at me.

So i went off to Calum's room again, damn i've been all around this whole hospital in one day.

With that i was about to enter the elevator when i see Luke & he tells me to stop the doors, so now its me & Luke in the elevator.

"Hey! what happened with Aria & everything?"

"She was still really sleepy & i had to use the restroom when Calum texted me saying to visit him so here i am"

"Haha oh thats weird i was actually going to his room right now"

"Of course you were" Luke replies & looks at me like i know you love him face

I playfully push him & then the elevator door stops because we're on Calum's floor.

We were walking towards Calum's door & We see Joy still in their. I stop.

"Wait" & i put my hand in front of Luke so he stops too


"I'm scared to go"


"Because Joy knows me & Calum are dating-"

"WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DATING AND YOU JUST TELL ME THIS" Luke replies in excitement, i put my hand on his mouth so he shuts up & i say

"Well yeah.. anyways she caught us like cuddling & i just feel like i'm just-"

"Not good enough?" Luke buds in but i don't care because thats exactly what i was going to say.

"Yeah.." i reply & look down

"Hey! don't ever think that Zoe you're an amazing girl & you shouldn't ever think that!" He looks into my eyes & pulls me in for a hug. I needed that. Luke is so great, he literally is my lost long brother.

I take a breathe in & we both enter the room.


Me & my mom were talking & I see Zoe & Luke come in & i immediately smile.

"Babe! hey come here" i say & open my arms so we can hug

"Aw hi love" she replies & kisses my forehead

She slowly moves away when Luke comes & hugs me too & says

"i missed you buddy"

"i missed you more" i reply & we do like that manly hug where we hug kinda then like tab the back (haha i hope you get what i mean)

Luke said hi to Joy & hugged her while Zoe said hi too, i could tell she kind of felt awkward but i didn't want to put her on the spot.

"So Zoe how are you parents?" Joy asks

"Oh actually pretty good, no permanent damage so thats good" & she smiled

"Thats good hun" my mom said & smiled back

Wow thank god they like each other, i'm glad that Zoe finally has Aria & her parents back.

"Do you know when you can get out of the hospital?" Zoe asks me

"Umm no i don't did they tell you anything mom?" & i looked towards her

"Yeah they said in about 2-4 days" she replied

"Thats great! I cant wait to have you back at your home & school & stuff" Zoe says all excited

"Haha me too" i reply

"Do you know when Aria & your parents can get out of this hospital?" Luke asked me

"Hmm no i don't, let me go find out" Zoe replied. I wanted to go with her but i know my mom wouldn't let me.

"Alright babe i love you" i can tell whenever i say those words 'i love you' she lights up more & it's just so adorable & she's just so adorable

"Aw haha i love you too" she replies as we kissed, i wanted to kiss her more but she backed away knowing my mom was watching.

Then she left the room.


I love hearing those words.. 'i love you' i feel important to someone & i dont know it just makes me feel this way & i can't explain it.

I walked to Arias room first & she was finally up.

"Hey sleepy head" i say & she laughs

"I dont know why but i was really tired haha"

"Yeah.. so wheres your doctor?" i ask

"How should i know? Haha & hey wheres Luke?"

"He's visiting Calum"

"Calum? Whose Calum?"


"What do you mean whose Calum?!? His your friend you remember don't you?!"


No.. i did not remember. But i could tell Zoe really cared & looked really worried so i lied & replied saying "Oh Calum? I know him.. yeah but maybe you should tell me more about him" besides if it was just one person i didn't remember who cares right?

"Oh okay.. well he's actually my boyfriend" & she immediately started blushing

"Aww!! my sister has a boyfriiieennndd! how long have you guys been dating?"

"Well.. it kinda was on & off & he did something kinda bad but lets not get into details but today i think we made it 100% official! i met his mom & everything."

"Haha thats wonderful i'm so happy for you!"

"I know i'm finally happy too" Zoe says & smiles

"So.. how come you & Luke are the only people that visit me? Where are mom & dad?"

When i asked that I could tell Zoe was even more worried.. shit i probably should of never asked.

"Umm you don't remember?" She asks

"Uhh yeah i do?" I say but it sounded more like a question.. fuck.

"Oh my gosh Aria your memory isn't good! I'm getting the doctor right away!!"

"No Zoe!!" I stopped her, i didn't want any more hospitalization. I'm sick of if in here. Besides what if its temporary? I just want to go home, thats it.

"What Aria? I have too! What if it gets worse?"

"Zoe calm down.. i only just forget 3 things no big deal i mean i remember you & Luke PERFECTLY FINE & if i do forget anything you can just tell me, i'm pretty sure this is just a faze because i was out for a year! Let me sink in & still see if i'm forgetting things alright?"

Phew, i think i got to her.

"Al-alright.." she says & sits back down

"Get Luke i miss him already" Aria says & i just laugh & say

"Alright love bird"


I was worried. What if Aria forgetting a couple things wasn't just temporary? I would've told the doctor but she just woke up.. i didn't want her mad at me. I want a relationship with her. She then told me i should tell her to come down so instead of me calling him i decided to get him back at Calum's room, so i can see Calum again & tell Luke what's going on.

"Alright love bird" i reply "I'll be back soon with the love your life" I looked at her & she started blushing. It would be a shame if she forget Luke..

I went to the elevator AGAIN for the millionth time. I was on Calums floor & i opened the door to see Luke & Calum laughing in the room while Joy was gone.

"Hey guys! Sorry to ruin everything but Arias awake Luke she misses you already" & once i said that he immediately jumped off the chair & told luke "Alright man, gotta go."

Calum replies saying

"Like that? Alright bye man" Then Luke was about to leave & then i said

"Wait! Luke i needa tell you something wait outside"

"Ughhh" he replies

"Its about Aria.. its important" Once i said that he listened to me & looked already worried.

"Aw babe whats wrong?" Calum asks as Luke shuts the door

"I'll tell you later love, but for right now i missed you so much! I'm so glad your okay babe okay i don't want Luke waiting i love you, forever & always Calum" & we kissed & he held me in his arms for about 20 seconds. God his so sweet.

"I love you too, forever & always" as he replies & kisses me on the cheek again. God is it okay to love someone so much?

I leave the door & Luke was sitting on a chair & gets up & asks

"Whats wrong? What happened? IS SHE OKAY?"

"Well i dont know.. what i'm about to say is for your ears only.. okay don't say any-"

"okay okay i wont just tell me!" he asks franticly

"Well when i visited her i told her Calum was in this building too & she asked me who Calum was.. i freaked out & asked if she really didn't remember & then she said she did remember so i let it go.. but then again she asked why is it only Me & you visiting & not her parents.. i freaked out again & wanted to tell the doctor but she really did not want me too.. she said it could be temporary but i don't know i hope it is! so i'm telling you because i thought you should know & maybe try to refresh her memory so she remembers"

"Ohh.. wow okay i'll try"


When Zoe told me about Aria, my first thought was that she forgot me.. i really just do NOT want that happening. Shes my happiness, my smile, my world.. i was thinking so much & all i could think of was saying "Ohh.. wow okay i'll try"

So now we're headed off to Arias room.

Sorry for not updating in a week😩 I hope you liked this chapter! Comment what you think don't forget to like & fav babes 💕

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