Kiss Me


37. Chapter 35


I faintly herd talking. I tried opening my mouth& my eyes but for some reason it was so hard. My eyes were slightly open & i see this figure, i hear her voice. It was like quiet, quiet, loud, loud then i knew who it was. Zoe. I wanted to scream. I wanted to tell her i was okay & i could hear her.. she was walking away, my head was screaming NO STOP NO! My body is just so weak & helpless,

i faintly say "Wait" everything was still blurry but she stopped walking.

"Stop" she came closer to me. My vision getting better

She says "Calum?!"

My vision went blurry again


"Zoe??" I say loud enough for her to hear


She says & immediately comes closer to me to hug me. My heart felt warm, i felt home.

My vision finally went back to normal, i could hear fine & talk clearly.

"Zoe i've missed you! Do you know what Jason did to me?? Babe i would never ignore you!"

The last thing i remember with Zoe is leaving her house sunday & then thats when i got kidnapped by Jason.

"Oh love i know, Luke told me i'm so sorry you had to deal with that psycho! I'm just so happy your okay babe. I felt so alone & sad without you" she says and looks down and puts her head on my chest & i just smile & say "I love you"

Her eyes lite up & says "I love you more"

She kissed my cheek & we laid back on the hospital bed.

"Oh yeah babe your moms here, she went to get something to eat about 10 minutes ago so she'll be back in about 10"

"Oh okay, so you met her?" I ask

"Well kinda i mean i honestly didn't know where we stand.. like am i your friend or girlfriend...?" she says & looks away

"Friend" i reply & look down.

"oh.." is all she said

"BABE! i'm kidding of course your my girlfriend! hahah"

"Haha i hate you!" she says & hits me


"Yeah yeah you big baby"

"Haha i love you" i said again

"Love you more" & she kisses me. I missed kissing her. Her lips, her smell, her beautiful eyes, her long gorgeous hair, the way she smiles & her eyes squint. Just her. Shes amazing & i really do love her.

She lays her head on my chest again & we're just sitting their as i have my arm around her & she has hers around me.

"What if your mom comes in? Like in any second what would she think?"

"She'll see us cuddling, haha its no big deal & then she would be really happy to see me awake & then i'll introduce you as my girlfriend."

"Are you sure she'll like me??!" Zoe looked worried. I was looking at her & she looks up at me & says "She'll love you babe"

"Okaayy...." is all she said


I was scared. I was scared of rejection, and being judged. I didn't know why. I just felt like Calum's mom will think i'm not good enough for him, like i'm just some girl with literally no real family.. but i thought again.. i don't need to know my real family to be happy.. i got my parents and i finally know they're okay & i got Aria! She's been asleep for a year & she woke up. I got Luke his like my brother while Ashton & Mikey are amazing friends, and i got Calum, the love of my life. I'm actually very happy. With of thinking of all the good things i have i felt more confident. I close my eyes & breathe in heavily as i wrap my arms around Calum.

About 10 minutes later i'm startled by a noise, i jump & open my eyes, Calum holds me tighter which made me feel better & i saw it was Calum's mom.

"CALUM! YOUR AWAKE!" Calum's mom yelled

She immediately ran over to Calum's bed. I got up & moved to the side so she can hug him & stuff.

"Mom i've missed you so much!" Calum tells his mom, she goes & hugs him & i'm just standing behind them, i felt so awkward.

"Oh! Mom! This is Zoe, my girlfriend." he says and smiles

She turns around & says "Oh! well hello their my name is Joy (see what i did their😂😉) nice to meet you love" & she comes closer in for a hug

I hug back & say "Nice to meet you too Joy!"

I didn't know what else to say.

Their was an awkward silence, i could tell Joy felt the awkwardness because she looked like she was trying to figure out what to talk about.

"Oh!" Joy says & looks at me & Calum

"Zoe, why don't you come over for dinner sometime?" and she smiles

"Yeah, i would love that" i say & smile

"Well, actually 4 people i know are in this hospital. You, My parents & Aria. I should probably check on them, nice meeting you Joy. Bye Calum" i say and smile. I wanted to say i love you but i didn't know if it would of been too inappropriate.

"Bye zoe, i love you" Calum said. Ugh hearing those words just made me fall more in love with him.

I turn back & smile & say "I love you more, always" & i leave the room.

Again sorry with the short chapter, todays thanksgiving for me so i just decided to update something quick. Hope you liked it loves 😚💗 thank you for reading💕 dont forget to fav like & comment what you think !☺️

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