Kiss Me


36. Chapter 34


So i'm at home just watching tv & i get a call

"Hello? Andrew?"

"Yes! Great news!! We found your parents!! go to the hospital on Maine street, they're room 176"


"Haha your welcome, goodbye"

I hung up & ran to my car & drove to the hospital.

*Arrive at the hospital*

I immediately walk in & i see Luke & Michael & Ashton with this lady that kind of looked like Calum. I walk over to Luke


"Zoe! Thats wonderful & you'll be even happier to hear they found Calum too thats why his moms here (luke pointed at her) He was under Jasons basement along with your parents-"

Whoa that was Calums mom.. oh my god. I pretended i didn't care..


"Don't worry, i would've done that way before you but the police took him already"

"Oh okay."

I walk over to Ash & Michael & hug them & say hi. I didn't know if i should say hi to Calum's mom, i didn't even know her name.. so i just waited, besides what would i say? "Hi i think i'm dating your son?" lol no

I went to room 176 & slowly opened the door, & took a big breath.

When i walked in it was dead. Just like when i used to see Zoe. Since my parents are both not in good conditions, there is a space for my dad & mom, no ones their. Just me. I look at both of them & just feel like screaming, pulling my hair out, ripping my heart out. These are my parents & i'm just watching them lye their so settle, so still.

I sit down & start crying. About 5 minutes later the door opens & its the doctor.

"Miss can i help you?"

"Um yes *breathes in* whats wrong with my parents?"

"Oh hunny, don't worry they're just very dehydrated & weak but no permanent damage, they're just resting because they've had a rough week."


I felt SOO much better. Aria woke up, My parents are okay, Cal- OH MY GOSH CALUM I NEED TO VISIT HIM.

I ran to the front to hopefully see Luke & i did, so i ran over to him again


"What roo-"


"Haha how did ya know?"

He just looks at me & i laugh

I run to the elevator again, and 30 seconds later i'm his floor. I start walking to his room.

Oh my god my stomach hurts! It feels like a thousand butterflies are just flickering inside me, my heart racing. What if Calum's mom is their? AWKWARD. I don't know her name & i don't know where me and Calum stand. UGH SOMEONE HELP ME.

I slowly open the door. Yep. As i would guess, Calum's mom is here. I mean i can't blame her, her sons been missing for a week. I awkwardly walk in their & she looks up at me, eyes all puffy & red, she sniffed her nose & asks me

"Yes dear?"

"Um hi i'm Calum's fri- um well actually my parents were in the same basement as Calum and stuff so lik- i'm sorry i'll just"

"Wait" she says to me

"Come here" she says again

My heart racing, what is she going to say?!

I walk over to her.. she stands up & opens her hands like a hug

"I'm so sorry you had to deal with what i had to deal with, with my son! Oh my god my poor darling are you okay?"

I hug back & say

"Well I do admit.. it was hard, but i'm sorry what you had to deal with too! At least now they're all okay!" i say & smile. Okay thank god this is going better than i thought.

"Thats true, so your Calum's friend?"

"Umm kinda i think i dont know yeah?" GOD HOW CONFUSING WAS I?

"Haha okay then. Well you could wait until he wakes up, i'm going to go to the ladies room & get something to eat, i'll be back in 20 minute probably"

"Okay" is all i said & i smiled.

Once she left, it all hit me.

I'm getting those sad, helpless, feelings again when i look at Calum. The same as i looked at Aria. Ugh i just want him to wake up so i can know for sure he is okay & we can talk. I sat on the bed & started talking..

"Hey.. Calum.. i've just missed you so much. I'm so glad your found. My heart felt empty & lost without you. I hope your okay & i cant believe i'm about to say this again but.. i love you" & a tear drop fell from my cheek & onto his hand, i looked down wiped it & looked back up

I got up & slowly was walking away looking at the ground. Before i was about to leave i heard a faint

"Wait" I look back & i see Calum's eyes barley open, wasn't he sleeping? I just breathe in again & place my hand on the doorknob

"Stop" i heard a lot stronger than faintly but not so loud that i for sure herd it. I look back

"Calum?" i ask & i walk closer to the bed



"CALUM OH MY GOD I MISS YOU OMG" & i kiss him on the forehead, i see his cute cheesy smile & i smile

My heart was so warm & happy. I'M FINALLY SO HAPPY.

Sorry this is SOO short, i just wanted to update something. Thanks for reading babes ☺️💗 dont forget to fav like etc 💕 & happy early thanksgiving & happy thanksgiving ! xD

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