Kiss Me


33. Chapter 32


I woke up and went down stairs to find Luke sleeping still on the couch. It was 6:30 am because we had school today, but i really did not feel like going, yet i've missed so much already but i need to learn.

I went downstairs & woke up Luke

"Luke get up!"

"Its way to early Zoe let me sleep"

"Theirs school big baby get your ass up"

"Uuggghh" he groans

I jump onto the couch & he just glares at me

"I hate you"

"you love me"




"haha whatever" as i laugh & get up

I went back up stairs to get ready & came down at 7 fully ready & i went to eat & Luke was barley getting up

"haha you still havent gone up loser"

"hey! i'm up!"

I went to eat some cereal & Luke went to the bathroom.

"Hey imma go to my place to get my clothes"

"Alright bye see you at school"

I ate, went to get my school bag & went off to school, that day was boring and whatever until i got a call from the police at lunch

"Zoe? Is this a good time to talk?" Andrew asked

"Um yeah.. i'm just at school right now, well its lunch what happened?"

"I have some news.."

"yes.. go on"

My heart was racing what was he going to say?

"You know how you said that you don't know for sure if your parents are missing?"


"I'm sorry, but they are"

"What?! HOW DO YOU KNOW? Is this for sure? MAYBE THEIR STILL AT THE BEACH HOUSE please tell me this is a joke i just cant take this"

"I'm sorry. I know this is hard, & i know they are missing because neighbors herd screaming monday afternoon but thought nothing of it, which is strange though i mean its screaming?! anyways.. since its been 3 days & soon to be 4 & its going to be tough to find them. i'm sorry, i hope you have a good day. goodbye"

I didn't even bother replying, i couldn't even talk.. i cant loose my parents please no

I walked over to Luke while he was with Michael & Ashton & ran into his arms saying

"Its true Luke my parents are missing"

He just stood their, so did Mikey & Ash. Something was up

I wiped my eyes & said "guys why are you acting so weird?"

"You tell her" Michael says

"Luke & Ash both look at him like why the fuck did you say anything face

"Tell me.. tell me what??" oh god what happened now

"Umm" Ash says

"Tell me please!!"


Michael blurts out & Luke & Ash immediately looks at me & my heart broke into a trillion more pieces than before

"Missing?! what no he cant be! please tell me this is a joke i cant take this" my eyes were soaked with tears, my head was pounding, it was so hard to breathe, my heart was racing, i couldn't think.. i felt dizzy i just could not handle anything anymore

"Calums mom called the police too & his been gone for almost 5 days" Ash says while looking down

"FIVE DAYS ?! FIVE THATS ALMOST A WEEK what if.. what if his dea"

"Sh don't say it, his not i'm sorry" Luke says and pulls me in for a hug, i think he gestured for the other boys to come because michael and ash came in and all hugged me. I was crying in all their arms, i felt really safe & loved but the brokenness was still in my heart

The lunch bell rang & i could NOT deal with school literally AT ALL so i decided to ditch

I was walking home when i get a call, i didnt bother looking because at this point who cares its not like its nothing good.. or so i thought.

"Hello?" I ask

"Yes hello dear, this is Serena. Aria your sister has just woken up from coma. Shes free for visits"

When she said this i felt like screaming on the top of my lungs 'YAAYY YESS MY SISTER FINALLY FUCKING WOKE UP YAY'


"Hahah your welcome dear"

It felt like all the worries i had immediately disappeared SHE WOKE UP FINALLY ! I HAD to tell Luke

*Riinngg* *Riinngg*



I was in art when i got a call from Aria, the teacher went to make some copies so i answered. Before i could even answer she yelled



When she said the words 'Aria' & 'Woke up' made me the MOST happiest man in the world ! i'm going to finally see the love of my life ! its been a year ! i just left the art room i didn't care if i was going to get detention, i ran outside & to my car & zoomed away ! I was speeding so fast i was surprised i didn't get pulled over ! It was about 10 minutes into driving and i was near the hospital, i got a rose on the way because i was at a stop light & someone was selling them, i thought it would be perfect. I finally arrived their & got the rose & just ran into the front office, the front lady Serena probably already knew i would be here she smiled when she saw me and said "Shes free for visiting" my heart was racing , I'M FINALLY GOING TO SEE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE LOOKING BACK AT ME IN OVER A YEAR ! I was on Arias floor, i was near the door & quickly opened it.


I slowly open my eyes, i see a figure. It feels like i was just taking a nap, the last thing i remember is seeing Luke doing drugs at Jason's house & i immediately run out & then it just turned pitch black. What happened?

I looked at Zoe, she was crying hysterically & looking down at me, my eyes were still faintly open but i could kind of see things, like everything was blurry. I look at the door because it was opening it was Luke & he looked like the cutest person i've seen, he was crying while walking closer to me, i was looking into his eyes.. he kissed me forehead & said

"You're back babe i've missed you so much"

He gives me this beautiful rose & i smile, he gently puts his hand on my face & i hold it their & said

"Luke" i felt very weak & that was hard enough saying that one word

I looked back a Zoe & said

"What happened?"

She replies saying "Well.. you were in coma for about a year & you finally have woken up.. Me & Luke missed you so much love, we visited it about 4 times a week. We just felt so lost without you, we are so happy your back"


I walked into the room, her eyes faintly open, yet something was different i was used to the eyes closed, no sound, nothing, just her & her soft breathes.. but this time when i walked in i finally saw what i've been waiting for, Aria looking back at me. My heart felt like it was stitching up, all the hurt was finally being back to normal. All i wanted was Aria & only Aria. I slowly walked over to her, & kissed her on the forehead & said

"You're back babe i've missed you so much" & i hand her the rose i got. I put my hand on her face & she holds it their & faintly says "Luke" She remembered me. Thank god, i was so worried she wouldn't know who i am & that literally would of broken my heart into more pieces than before. My baby's back ! i can finally hold her, kiss her, tell her i miss her & love her.


I was crying. A lot. But it was happy tears. It felt like all the worries i ever had have disappeared, i forgotten everything ! I'm just finally so happy & i could see the look on Luke's face that he was truly happy & all of the true love they have for each other. I'm so happy for them.. but it got me thinking about Calum, then my parents & now my train of thought was on that.. not that my sister FINALLY woken up. I was thinking when Aria said my name

"Zoe?" I immediately look at her & smile


"Don't cry love, i've missed you guys so much" and she looks at me & Luke. We both smile as a tear escapes from my eye & falls down my cheek & curves down on my lips & i wipe it off.

Mr. Simmons come in & says

"Its a miracle"

"It really is" i say as i wipe my tears

"You are a truly lucky person Aria, you can leave the hospital in about 2 days, we want to see for sure if everything's okay"

"Okay thank you Dr. Simmons" Aria replies and smiles. Simmons leaves & it was just Me, Aria & Luke


Everything was all quiet. I wanted to know what happened in the past year. I kind of forgot a lot of thing, but thank god i have my memory for the people i truly love, Zoe & Luke.

"So what has happened this past year?"

Luke & Zoe look at each other & both say


"Well you should tell me then ! i need to refresh my memory"

"Uhhh" Zoe says & looks at Luke


Great. Aria asked what has happened this passed year, basically hell. Thats what happened. I didn't want to reply everything.. Jason & Christian, my parents, Zoes parents, Calum, her mom.. and more. Its just all bullshit, i did not want to say those words again so i threw it back onto Zoe

"Uh well Zoe, why don't you tell her whats going on right now?"

"Oh..yeah" She looks down and already starts crying. I felt bad & i looked back at Aria, she looked so worried

"Oh my gosh Zoe what happened?"

"Well.. you do know me and Calum are dating right?"

"Yeah i think.. is that the bad news?" Aria replies looking confused

"No.. i wish.. well actually my parents are missing & so is um Calum" Zoe was trying so hard not to cry.. i felt so bad. I looked back at Aria & she looked so sincere & worried.

"Aw love i'm so sorry! Thats just awful. I hope the police finds them.." Aria opened up her hands for a hug & Zoe came closer and laid next to her.

I was awkwardly standing their in the room & i didn't know what to do.


Luke was awkwardly standing in the room, god his so adorable. I wanted to ask him what happened about him doing drugs because i'm still not sure about that, although it might of been a year ago it feels like its been a day.

"Babe" i say he looks up and smiles

"Yes my love"

"You know my last memory of everything is you doing drugs at Jason's house.. what happened? Can you at least tell me why you were doing drugs & if you're still doing them?"

"Im going to go get some food, be back soon" i could tell she knew to give me and Luke space.

"Alright bye" we both say to Zoe

I gesture Luke to sit by me so he can at least tell me what happened that night.

"Well.. babe okay so we were fighting.. i was being totally stupid & irresponsible, i was being an idiot & well i used to do drugs & when we were fighting, i just could not handle the pain, i wanted to forget. I wanted to get high & be careless. I wasn't replying to any of your messages & i was just being stupid. I dont know how but you knew i was at Jason's, you walked into the house too see me doing coke & you immediately stopped & ran away crying, before i knew it i herd a big bump & you got hit my Christian, you remember that guy at the park from when i first asked you out? and yeah. I hated ending things with a fight, especially with you hating me."

I was astonished on all that information Luke just said, & that was just from one night. Maybe its good not to know what happened this past year. I looked at Luke & he looked so sad & i hated seeing the sadness in his eyes, he was about to cry when i said

"Hey hey! babe don't cry, i'm here now & everything's alright, okay? i'm not leaving, i love you"

His eyes immediately lightened it up & said

"I love you more" and he gently pushed his lips against mine. Ah those kisses were just absolutely amazing! The way we kissed is just so perfect.

"Not possible" i say & we kiss more.

I hope you liked this chapter! Aria woke up!! Yay! I saw that some of you guys wanted her to wake up & my plan was actually to have her wake up on this chapter😂💕 Well i hope you like my story, thanks for reading babes 💞 dont forget to commet, fav & like 💘

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