Kiss Me


32. Chapter 30


(After school)

Its been 4 days of me being stuck under Jason's basement & Zoe's parents has been under with me for about 2 days.. barley feeding us, isn't Zoe worried they have not come home? I need to get out of here, i just don't know how. Jason comes in the room and i look fucking horrible, i'm barley breathing, i sleep literally 2 hours a night, i'm starving, i'm dehydrated i cant deal with this anymore, Zoe's parents look terrified more than ever, i want to talk to make them more comforted but the god damn duct tape is really making it hard for me to breathe & i just feel so weak & helpless..


Its been 2 days, i keep worrying & worrying! I could not deal with it anymore so i decided to call the police.

**Riinngg** *Riinngg*

"911 whats your emergency?"

"my parents are missing i think can you please have an officer come over i'm really worried i live on almond st the 4 house down"

"alright someones on the way"

"okay thanks bye"

I hope my parents aren't missing, i just don't know what to think anymore i just need someone i dont know anyone

I then just laid in my room for about 15 minutes, then the officer came.

The door bell rang & i went downstairs & opened it.

"Hello you wanted to see an officer? my name is Andrew, you believe your parents are missing?"

"Yes, please come in" i reply

He walks in & immediately starts looking around at my house.

"So what are your parents name & what makes you think your parents are missing?"

"My moms name is Jessica & my dads is Anthony & well they won this radio contest thingy to go to the beach and stay for a week like a beach house, but i couldn't go. They were supposed to be back monday & todays wednesday."

"Okay, is their any other family members that i can talk too?"

"No not really, i was adopted so i don't know anything about my real family plus my parents never talk about anyone its always been just us 3."

"Alright, well since its been 2 days, under the law they're missing, i have to go back to the station & we'll do whatever it takes to find your parents."

Oh my god.. he said they're missing!! THIS IS HORRIBLE!! I cant deal with this right now.. oh my fucking god! who the hell

would take my PARENTS?!?

"Oh.. my god oh okay thanks" i say as looking down already shedding a tear

"i'm sorry.. i hope they're not missing.. may i ask what radio station?"

"umm i'm sorry i don't know but maybe just go online or something & you'll find out what radio i guess"

"alright thanks for your time, what are their numbers?"

"My moms is 626-451-864 & my dads is 626-585-6479" (p.s i just put random numbers together lol)

"okay thank you"

i put a fake smile as he left my house, i needed a friend so i called Luke

***Riinngg** **Riinng**

"Hello?" Luke answered

"Hey.. um can you come over i need someone, i would try Cal but i don't want to make things worse already i don't want him both mad and annoyed with me"

"Alright, be their in 10"

I loved having Luke always their for me, his such an amazing friend.

10 mins later his here, i'm just on my couch & he immediately walks in & comes to my couch

"Whats wrong??" he looked into my eyes

"Okay so i guess my parents are missing & i just am so confused about Calum and i feel so alone and i just want Aria to wake up i just don't know what to do" i reply as my throat is dying to cry but i hold it in, i feel like i cry way to much in front of Luke, i'm surprised his not annoyed with my yet

"Oh my god Zoe! Thats horrible, i hope they're not missing oh my gosh" & he pulled me in for a hug. I needed that hug

"You know Calum hasn't talked to any of us since he left your house saturday, his parents even asked us where we think he is and we said we don't know so i dont know whats going on" Luke told me

"Your lying!! oh my god no i cant loose Calum & my parents! not when arias already gone"

When he said that i just cant deal with the thought of them all being gone, no..

please tell me i'm dreaming something please i cant take this anymore

"I'm sorry Zoe.. i honestly don't know what to say or do.." he says while looking down

"Its okay i mean you've always been here for me, i just need someone to talk to" and i go in and hug him and just cry in his shoulders.

About 30 minutes later i finally can breathe normal again & have me be calm, i was really tired i just felt like sleeping.

"Hey luke i'm really tired, you can stay or go if you want imma go to bed, goodnight"

"Alright, its pretty late so i'll stay, see you in the morning"

I walked up stairs & he just went on the couch to sleep.

Hey guys! I'm so sorry this chapter is so shitty, i just am SO tired, and i have so much hw and i'm so exhusuted, i dont know why, but please don't stop reading, it'll get better loves!(: & OH THE CONCERT WAS FUCKING AMAZING THE BOYS ARE SO CUTE AND SO TALENTED AHH IF I THINK ABOUT IT I WANNA CRY BC I WANNA GO BACK BUT YEAH OKAY!(: Thanks for reading don't forget to comment, fav & like 💞

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