Kiss Me


30. Chapter 29


I get home & my parents aren't home? I call them litterley about 10 times each & no answer. Where could they be? What happened? Ugh i'm really worried & I cant call Calum because he's mad at me for some reason? I dont know what i did.. I finally open up to him saying 'i love you' back & he says this to me.. was he using me like i thought he was?

It was about 5 & my parents still aren't home?? I dont know what to think..


It was about 5 when Jason comes back & he puts duct tape on my mouth AGAIN, i start struggling like breathing heavily through my nose, my heart racing, i'm literally sweating. I'm so scared what is he going to do now?

"Alright Calum time to meet your new neighbors!"

What the fuck does he mean new neighbors??

He starts dragging in 2 people with a sack on their head

"MEET YOUR GIRLFRIENDS PARENTS" and he rips the sacks off their head & they looked so frightened i honestly felt so bad, you could see it in their eyes how their looking around the room, how they were trying to get out of the rope they were tied in, how they looked at each other not knowing if it was the end of their lives.

I look up at him & start muttering "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU YOU ARE SO SICK" I don't know if he fully understood me because all he said was


I cant imagine how Zoe feels right now. No parents, no sister & now no me.

"ALRIGHT WELL I'M GONNA GO SEE YA IN LIKE WHENEVER HAHAH" Jason says laughing as he takes a sip of beer

I just look at them.. they look at me

They tension is crazy, i just have to get all of us out of here!


It was now 6:30 & nothing.. i didn't know what to do anymore so i just took a shower did my homework & ate some food, I was pretty sad because i really looked forward into seeing my parents today.. i just feel so alone right & i really hate that feeling.

At about 8 i decided to call Luke

*Riinngg* *Rinnngg*

"Hello?" He answers

"Hey! Luke.. umm i guess my parents aren't home yet even though they said they would be & Calum is mad at me i think for something but i didn't do anything & i just need someone" my voice was already cracking up, my eyes already watery

"I'm on my way"

And we hang up. Thats one thing i like about Luke is that his always their for me no matter what.


It was about 8 & Zoe calls me & immediately she starts opening up to me & i knew something was wrong.

About 15 minutes later i arrive at her place.

I walk to her front door & ring the doorbell, i didn't wanna barge in

"COME IN" she yells from inside

I open the door & shes on the couch.. just sitting not knowing what to do & just thinking about everything

"Hey" i say as i sit next to her

"Hey" she replies as wiping her tears

"Don't cry! Please" i move closer to her rubbing her back

"Its just.. i'm just so alone & empty i dont know what i feel or what to do"

"Your not alone! I'm always here, Mikey & Ash! & Plus i bet Calum isn't mad or anything"

"Then why did he text me saying 'Leave me the fuck alone bitch'" i couldn't even talk anymore i'm just so hurt

"Maybe.. it wasn't him! Think of all the other good possibilities"

"Luke it was from his phone! How can it not be him?! Luke please i know your trying to help but i just cant take this anymore"

i understood & just move closer to comfort her, obviously me talking was not helping

*2 hours later*

School was tomorrow & i didn't know if she was even going tomorrow

"Hey you still going to school? I mean its already almost 10"

"I dont know should i? I mean i wanna be here if my parents come but then again they would get mad if i'm not at school, then i wanna see Calum because i want to talk to him so maybe he might go to school but then again i just cant think and so work i jus-"

"Slow down! It sounds like your waay to overwhelmed.. how about visiting Aria & going back to my place tomorrow? We can ditch.. i know you need your grades but your not going to focus with all this on your mind but then again its up to you"

"True okay i'll miss tomorrow."

"Okay you want to come back to my place or i leave or you stay what do you wanna do?"

"Umm.. stay here i don't feel like getting up & stuff"

"Hahah alright then"

"Alright enough crying for me haha you want to watch some TV?"

"Yeah gimme the remote!" and i take the remote & turn the TV on

We stayed up watching TV & went to bed at around 1

I slept on the couch while she slept in her room



I wake up around 9-10 and i go on my phone for a little, wishing my parents & Calum would text me, call me something..

I rub my eyes & breathe i'm heavily before i put my sheets off me as i get up & go to the bathroom & then go downstairs.

Luke was still sleeping so i decided to wake him up

I hit him with a pillow & he doesn't even move, i laugh & say "LUKE" & just push him

He says "Yes" while keeping his eyes closed & moving into a more comfortable position

"Wake up!!"

"I don't wanna" he replies in a baby voice

"Your such a baby i swear"

"Shut up hahah"

"Whatever haha i'm going to eat you want anything?"

"Hmm cereal!"

"Haha okay get it your self then"

He finally opens his eyes & glares at me in a playfully way

After eating i got dressed, i put on high waisted shorts with a love crop top & tucked that in & wore a long grey cardigan with my grey vans & i didn't feel like putting makeup on.

I walk down stairs & sit on the couch, it was about 11:30 now

"Hey when do you wanna go?" I ask Luke as he gets out of the bathroom

"Hmm 12?"

"Alright thats fine"

About 30 minutes later we left my house

Another 20 minutes we arrive at the hospital, god i hate hospitals.. but ever since i visited Aria alone i kind of got more used to them because before it was always so hard for me to go in.

We walk in & go to the elevator & wait about 30 seconds & were on Arias floor

Were walking & i ask Luke

"Whens the last time you visited?"

"Not for a while.." he replies looking away

"You want me to let you talk to her alone? I visited her on sunday & its only tuesday, you always give me space when i see her so i totally understand if you want some alone time"

"Really? thank you so much, see you in 20?"

"Alright i'm going get some starbucks you want some?

"Na i'm good"

"Okay" i reply & smile


I was pretty relieved when Zoe said i can have some alone time with Aria, its been a while & i didn't want to take up the time if she was in the room too, or cry in front of her

I took a big breathe, my stomach was hurting, my heart was racing, my mind was just thinking & thinking. I slowly open the door & i look at her.. just the same as before.. she looked so helpless & i felt so hopeless, i mean i cant do anything! I cant make her wake up, i have no control & i hate if. My heart is torn in two watching Aria like this, when will she wake up? When? WHEN?! She has too.. i mean i have this little hope inside my heart. I just cant believe its been basically a year with her sleeping.. all these fucking bullshit & all i want is Aria to wake up, my sunshine, my happiness, the reason why i smile, the reason why i'm actually here today. She means so much to me.

"Aria.. i've miss you so much, i'm so sorry i haven't visited in forever! I love you so much and miss you i just cant get the thought wrapped around my head of you not waking up. It just doesn't feel right" i stroke her hand & kiss her on the forehead

"Please don't forget me" I say & i start thinking.. what if she forgot me?! what if she doesn't love me when she wakes up? i couldn't take what i was thinking, my heart felt like it was getting stabbed while my head is going crazy in thinking these thoughts! this is my head, my brain don't i have fucking control on what i think? It didn't feel like that, it felt like my mind was someone else & it was just eating me. I could not handle this, i start crying & i cover my mouth, i didn't know if anyone could hear, i had that feeling in my throat where it hurts so much because your silently crying & its like someones stabbing my throat, i breathe in heavily & walk in to the bathroom i look in the mirror & say

"Luke your okay"

"Luke your okay"

"Luke your oka-"

I couldn't even finish that last sentence because the crying was taking over me.. what was this? Why am i uncontrollably crying?

I just breathe in again & walk out the room & pace back & fourth waiting for Zoe

5 Minutes later

I see Zoe with her starbucks, my eyes are still pretty red & puffy & i'm pretty sure she knew i was crying.

"Luke you oka-"

I didn't let her finish, i just needed a hug, i needed someone. So i hugged her & cried in her shoulder.. shes the first person to actually see me crying this much, & it was usually the opposite where shes crying on my shoulder but today i was crying on hers.

"Luke oh my god your worrying me are you okay?!" she asked while she puts her starbucks down and looks straight into my eyes

"Sometimes the strongest people break" is all i said & she understood. It was nice to have someone comfort me when i'm the one always comforting other people, i felt important.

About 10 minutes later i stopped crying, she asked me if i was okay again

"Are you okay? I mean we can go home & just like forget this happened"

"No, its okay.. i mean i'm supposed to be like this.. crying, i mean i'm only human & i have to face my feelings not run away from them"

"Your right.. okay lets go in together"

I just nod & she takes my arm

We both breathe in & walk into Arias room.

I looked at Zoe & her eyes immediately start watering up.. Aria has this affect on people i swear.

"You want me to go?" i ask

"No.. its okay, i'll just say some things & we'll leave"

"Alright" and i move to the back just patiently waiting, i knew if i looked at Aria i would have another meltdown.

"Hey.. so its only been like 2 days but i miss you! I must sound crazy talking to you haha, whatever i don't care, people can call me crazy. I just love you & miss you a lot.. i just really fucking hope you wake up" and a tear falls off my cheek as i'm holding on to her hand. Shes all i have, well from real family.

"Please wake up soon, i love you.. goodbye" Zoe looks at me i just nod & i slowly come walking to her & we leave the room together.

Were walking to the elevator & about 30 seconds later we walk to the front lady & say thank you & goodbye.

It was only about 12:30 and i asked Zoe what she wanted to do.

"Hey so what do you wanna do?"

"Umm i just feel like going home, i'm really tired"

"Yeah same here, okay"

So i drop Zoe off at her place & we say our goodbyes


I say bye to Luke & i walk into my house, still so empty. Where are my parents?! I called them again.. no reply. I decided to call Calum because i mean i love him.. i just have too.

*Riinngg* *Riinngg* *Riinngg*

He never answered, but then he could be at school but i left a voicemail

"Hey babe.. i dont know what i did for you to get mad at me. I just love you & hope everything's okay, please call me back it would mean a lot.. alright bye"

I'm just really confused, hurt, empty, sad. I dont know what to think or feel anymore.

Thanks for reading loves! I hoped you liked this chapter 😘💗 please don't forget to comment, fav & like !(: also tell me what you honestly think. thank you

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