Kiss Me


28. Chapter 28


After the rest of the boys came over the pizza arrived, Calum paid & we dug in. I'm guessing Luke was really hungry because he was devouring it

"You okay their Luke?" i ask while i laugh and take another bite of the pizza

"Hm? oh yeah haha i'm just hungry" he replied as he stuffs his face in it again

I just giggle

"Hey what movies did you bring?" Ash asks Mikey

"I got when a stranger calls, jeepers creepers & micheal myers their all not terrifying but their good suspenses"

"oh my god jeepers creepers is so creepy like what the fuck is that thing?! DOES IT EVER DIE?!" i yelled

"same with micheal myers! that fucker doesn't die either" Calum says laughing

"well what shall we watch?" Luke asks

"hmm what about we mix up the movies & whichever one we pick is the one we'll watch"

"alright cool" michael replies

so we did that & it turned out Micheal Myers is the one were watching.

I got my junk food which was ice cream & chips & went to go sit on the couch with Calum cuddling next to me while Luke & Mikey are sharing a chair while Ash has his own chair with chips.

The movie started & about 30 minutes in i was creeped out, Micheal never dies! But i felt safe in Calum's arms.. the way he holds me is perfect.. his perfect.

The movie ended around 11:30 & Luke Ash & Mikey all went home while Calum stayed with me.

"Alright bye guys! see you monday" i said to Ash Mikey & Luke as they were leaving, i hug all 3 of them & watch them drive off

"So what do you wanna do now love?" Calum asked

"Haha it doesn't matter, you want to finish some of the junk food?" i ask smiling

"haha you love you & your junk food don't you?"

"yes.. yes i do i think i have a problem" i reply as i open the lid to the ice cream

"no you don't, your perfect just as you are"

Oh my god, Calum was on a roll today! Him giving me the feelings as if a year ago, i was blushing so much, my heart was racing.. i literally could hear my heart from ear. He was giving me that eye on eye perfect freaking eye contact & to me, when you like someone & they look straight into your eyes as your looking into theirs, its so much better than looking at the eyes, lips, eyes, lips, lips, you get me? i dont know its weird, i feel as if his looking into my soul

"stop Calum!" i say smiling while looking down

"what? i'm just looking at you" he replies as he grins

i look up & smile & start blushing again "Calum!" i say

"hahah your so cute when you blush"

i just smile and take a bite of ice cream. Wow.. Calum already has me under his skin.

"you want to watch when a stranger calls?" Calum asks me

"Yeah sure" i reply and smile

about an hour later from watching movie

"oh my god!! why doesn't she just TAKE THE KIDS AND LEAVE THATS WHAT I WOULD DO OH MY GOD"


"Babe" calum says

"LEAVE OMG" i kept saying


"oh yeah? huh sorry i'm just into this movie! she wont leave like what the hell?!" i say and look at him

he just laughs & agrees

The movie ended & it was almost 1

"Hey you tired sweets?" Cal asked

"Kinda, you wanna go to bed babe?"

"Yeah, you want me to go home?"

"No, stay. I feel so lonely here since my parents are gone" i reply as i hold onto his arms

"Of Coruse" he says & kisses me forehead

We share a couch & it was perfect, i felt so warm & safe & for once i finally feel happy. Should i tell him i love him? Do you think he'll run away? Is he still messing with me? Ugh i dont know.. but what i do know is that i do love him.. so i guess i'll say it..

"Calum?" i ask and bite my lip

"Yes love?"

"I.. i love you" i say & look down

He smiles & picks my chin up & says

"I love you more" and kisses me


I couldn't believe it! She said she loves me! Finally! I'm so happy right now, this moment is amazing, i wont ever forget about this day. I love her so much.. shes my angel.

We then went to bed.

I woke up to Zoe hugging me, she looked so peaceful & gorgeous while sleeping.. shes my everything & i am NOT fucking up again.. i wont loose her again.

"Babe" i say

She slowly opens her beautiful eyes & rubs them.

"Morning love" i say again

She smiles & says "Morning babe"

We then get up & use the restrooms & eat breakfast, which i again make.

"So when your parents coming home?" i ask while drinking my last bit of water

"Tomorrow! I cant wait i miss them a lot" she replies

"Thats good, i hope they had a good time"

"Yeah me too"

"Hey babe, i gotta go see you monday" I said to Zoe

"Oh okay, bye love" she replies as she kisses me cheek


I had to go because guess what, Jason texted me i had to come to his place now or something horrible will happen. I couldn't tell Zoe that. About 15 minutes later i arrive at Jasons

I walk up to the door & walk in too see Jason on the chair, literally waiting for me

"Uh whats up?" i say confused

"Sit" he says as he points a gun at me




"CAN YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH?! I SAID FUCKING SIT!!!" he comes closer to me & puts the gun to my head & unlocks it off of safety mode

I unwilling go sit on the couch & he ties me up

"JASON what are you doing?!?!"

"Don't fucking talk!"

He ties me up with rope AND duct tape! How the fuck am i gonna get out of this?!

He was finally done & he still had the gun pointing at me

"I know everything" Jason says

"Okay.. look i'm so-"

"I don't want to fucking hear it you backstabbing asshole, Just do this one thing & you'll live"

"Okay.. i will what is it?"

"Stop talking to Zoe"

When i heard that.. my heart broke into two pieces

"Jason no i cant! You don't understand i lo-"

"Shut up! God this isn't a decision, just stop fucking talking to her."

"I cant! Thats to hard i love her so much she means ever-"

"OH MY GOD AGAIN WITH THE TALKING" he got a duct tape & taped my mouth shut

"Alright well, *takes my phone away* i'm off so i'm going to be taking you to the basement, alone"

I was struggling so much! How could he do this?! HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE? I'm so scared right now & all i could think about was Zoe & I'M WORTHLESS just sitting in a basement for god knows who long

"So i'll be back whenever bye" & Jason leaves

How could something be so perfect for a little bit turn into something so god damn horrible the next? I dont know what i'm going to do.


That sunday i just stayed in watching TV & eating the left over pizza & junk food. Around 12 i decided to call my parents asking what time they'll be home

*Riinngg* *Ringg*


"Dad! hey what time you gonna be coming tomorrow?"

"Oh hey sweetie & hm maybe around 11 or 12, you'll be at school so you'll see us when you get home"

"Oh okay bye love you & miss you!"

"Love you & miss you more! goodbye"

And i hung up. After that i was bored, so i decided to give Aria a visit.

I went upstairs & put on a sweater & jeans, my hair in a bun no makeup & my vans. I usually go to the hospital with Luke but today i felt like doing it alone.

I got in my car & drove to the hospital, which took about 15 minutes

I finally arrived & parked & walked in. I knew what room to go to so i went straight to the elevator.

About 30 seconds later i was on Arias floor & walked into her room.

She again looked so peaceful.. but again so dainty just sitting on the bed, breathing faintly, he eyes fully shut, her hair somehow perfectly around her head, her hands gently on the hospitals bed & that beeping sound, that's all you would see in this room.. but of course the flowers & cards.

I slowly walked to her bed & sat on it.

"Hey Aria, i'm sorry for not visiting as much as i used too.. but good news! Me & Calum are finally happy again. Isn't that great? He makes me so happy & i can finally say i'm almost happy.. just you waking up would probably make me even happier than ever! I miss you a lot sis.. like a lot a lot & i just want a girl i can talk to when i need someone, a girl to talk to when i need advice.. i just need you." i was already tearing up.. when will she wake up? she has too.. she just HAS too.

I just sat on the bed talking & talking..

"I wonder if you even hear me.. imagine you don't & i'm here looking crazy" i laugh and wipe my tears

"Maybe i am crazy, i'm laughing at my own jokes & talking to myself."

"Your not crazy, dear"

I look up & see Mr. Simmons

"Huh oh.. hi sorry am i not supposed to be here right now?"

"I just came here to tell you its already almost closing time."

"Closing time? I just got here" i say and look very confused

"No.. you got here around noon its already 5:30"

i mouthed saying 'what the fuck'

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?! i've been here for 5 hours? It seriously did not feel like that"

"Well sweetie i would love to stay & chat but i just came to say its almost closing time.."

"Oh yeah.. sorry okay bye now"

He leaves & shuts the door

"Wow Aria.. i talk so much i don't even know how long i stay here! Haha well i love you & miss you..goodbye" i say to Aria & leave the hospital.

I got to my car & drove home. Once i got home i took a shower & did my homework & laundry.

It was about 8:30 & i was finished with everything so i just made myself so ramon noodles & watched The Amazing World Of Gumball.

Around 9:30 I went to brush my teeth then went upstairs to go to bed.


My alarm woke me up at 6:30, i turned that shit off & got up & did my usual routine for stupid school which was

undo hair, get dressed, makeup, food then eat & i was out the door.

I was kind of excited to see Calum today at school & my parents when i got home.

I was at school & i didn't see Calum anywhere, which is weird because his always early.. but i just decided to let it go & see him during lunch


"Hey guys have you seen Calum?" i asked Luke, Ash & Mikey

"No? I thought he spent the night at your house?" Ash asked

"No, well yeah he did saturday but left sunday morning"

"Oh, his probably not feeling well or something you should call or text him" Mikey says

"Yeah okay i will" i reply and smile

As i was leaving luke yells


I turn around & wait for him


"You never told me about how it went with you and cal or anything!"

"haha oh yeah, well he basically just apologized & he looked really sincere & i kinda do like believe him and stuff so i think were back together!"

"apologized? for what?"

SHIT i don't want Luke finding out what Calum did.. i just want to forget the past

"Ohh just that he uh broke up with me" i said while walking away

He caught up & said "Oh well i'm glad your finally happy! hey when can we visit Aria?"

"I just visited yesterday & i cant today my parents just came back today so i kinda wanna spend time with them"

"oh okay, i'll go by myself this week then"

"alright, next week lets go together" i say & smile

"okay cool" he replies

After that little convo, i went to text Calum

"Hey babe! Why aren't you at school today? Everything okay?"

The bell than rang for next period & i went.

*After school*

I was walking home & a kinda little sad how Calum did respond to my text. I was just about to delete the message when he replies saying

"Leave me the fuck alone bitch"

When i saw this message.. i couldn't breathe.. my heart broke into A TRILLION pieces. What did i do? I just literally could NOT function Why would Calum say that to me?


I was stuck in the basement for about a day now.. no food, no water, no phone, no NOTHING! Jason took everything. I was so weak & tired, i couldn't sleep.. i'm in a fucking chair how can i? My mouths taped shut and its hard to breathe because the tapes almost covering my fucking nose & i'm literally about to give up

Jason FINALLY walks into the basement & smiles, i just glare at him. He was eating a chicken leg & he gave me half by like having near my mouth & making me take bites while his holding it.

"Ayyee Cal you still alive eh?"

*He takes off the duct tape*

I breathe in heavily

"Oh my god jason just get me out of here!!" i yell at him


I just shut my eyes & look away

"And oh yeah your girl texted you saying where were you and shit & i just replied saying leave me the fuck alone, so she thinks you hate her for no reason hahahaha"


"What do you think i'm doing? Because of her your not in my deal anymore, because of her & Aria Me and jason are fucked up. They need to go but since Aria hasn't woken up for almost a year now i don't think she will ever & all i have to deal with now is Zoe"

"Your so corrupted and sick go rot in hell you fucking bastard" i say & spit at him

"WHAT THE HELL" he yells & spits at me even worse & throws his beer at me

He slams the door & leaves.. how am i going to get out? What am i going to do?!

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