Kiss Me


27. Chapter 27


After eating the pancakes i made, Zoe & i went back to Zoe's place to get her school stuff & different clothing. After that i drove us to school & that was just a regular high school day.

***Schools over***

"Hey you want to come over?" i asked Zoe

"No its okay, i think im going to stay home & i need to call my parents seeing how their doing. See you tomorrow"

"Aw okay babe" i came closer to her, she smiles

We make the perfect eye contact

"I love you, see you soon" i reply

"Okay bye babe" and we kiss


I don't know if i should say 'i love you' to Calum still.. i mean i do love him but does he even deserve my love? I dont know maybe i should open up to him.. I get home & again so lonely.. i wonder how long my parents are staying at that beach house, i should call them.

**Riinng** **Ringg*

"Hello sweetie?" my mom answers

"Mom! hey, hows the beach?"

"Darling its wonderful!! I wish you were here."

"Yeah me too.. hey how long you staying?"

"Only for 3 more days dear, see you soon love you"

"Okay bye mom love you too"

After the phone call i go up to my room & take a shower, do my homework & listen to music for a little.

I was really bored so i called Calum

*Rinngg Rinngg*

"Hey Cal, i'm so bored & no ones home you wanna come over?"

"Hey babe! & really where is everyone? & yeah i would love too"

"Well my parents won this trip thingy & their staying at this beach house i think in like well i dont know haha she never told m-"

"Yeah! i know!!" calum said whispering loud

"What you know?" i ask

"What no sorry, my mom was talking to me.. finish what you were going to say"

"uhh okay well it was a contest" i reply sounding kind of unsure

"Oh! lucky i wish my parents won a contest to go a beach" he replies

"Yeah, haha so come over in like 10?"

"Yeah see you soon"


Zoe called me & right when i answered Jason pulled up to my driveway. Wonderful 😒

"Hey Cal, i'm so bored & no ones home you wanna come over?"

"Hey babe! & really where is everyone? & yeah i would love too!" i tried asking her questions so she would be talking while Jason is literally standing right in front of me mouthing words

"BABE? SHES NOW YOUR BABE? CALUM WHAT THE FUCK?! WE HAD A DEAL" jason mouths & whispers loudly

"Yeah! I know!" i fucking accidentally say loud enough Zoe herd me!

"What? you know?"

"What no sorry, my mom was talking to me finish what you were gonna say" i reply & quickly think of.. Zoe probably didn't buy it.

"uhh okay well it was a contest" she replies kinda sounding unsure

I tried acting fake & everything was fine so i replied saying

"Oh! lucky i wish my parents won a contest to go to a beach"right when i said that Jason's face immediately gets angry, then lights up & storms out of the room. What the fuck? He has so many problems i don't know what to do.. should i tell Zoe? No.. she honestly does not need the drama right now.


I'm fucking pissed, i know Cal is out of my deal so i had to go to his house & i did. Turns out Zoe's parents are at some stupid beach & won some contest.. lets see how they act towards guests.


I'm waiting for Calum to come over & about 10 mins later his here.

"Heey!!" He says & smiles, god i just love when he smiles

"Hey cutie" i reply as i go in for a hug

It was a perfect hug.. you know those hugs where you hold each other & sway back and fourth? It was like that but better, Calum could hold me every day.

"So what shall we do?" I ask

"Hmm it doesn't matter.. its friday so we can do whatever!!" he says & jumps onto the couch

"Yeah true! and we are home alone. You wanna order some pizza & get a lot of junk food

"YESS! i'll call the pizza then we'll go to the store & get junk food" he replies as getting the phone

As Calum was calling, i went to get my money in my room.

"OKAY I CALLED LETS GO!" Calum yells

"ALRIGHT LET ME FIND MY WALLET" I couldn't find it, it took me literally 10 minutes but i finally found it! It was in my drawer under some things.

"OKAAY I GOT IT" i say while running down the stairs

"Okay lets go!" i say and laugh because i was go so fast

"Hey you wanna invite Mikey Ash & Luke over too? We should let them know were cool now" Cal says and smiles

"Yeah sure i don't mind, i'll call Luke & tell

him to call the other people"

*Riinng* *Rinngg*

"Hey Zoe!" Luke answered fast

"Hey Luke! me and Cal are cool now.. i'll explain later but the mean time you wanna come over to my place in 20? and invite Mikey & Ash & we had pizza & were getting some junk food right now & tell them

to bring so good movies!"

"Ohh okay see you soon!"

"Alright bye" i reply and hang up

*Were entering the store*

"Oh my god what should we get?! Theirs just so much good things i just cant make a de-"

"Zoe! calm down haha we should get whatever you want!!" Calum says while laughing

"Haha sorry! I just love sweets.. hmm okay i love ice cream.. some cookies.. OH! Nutella & maybe so-"

"Honey, i think thats enough for the sweet stuff" Calum says as he puts back the other cookies i wanted

"Yeahh true true.. okay but we need chips & some crackers or something more!"

"Haha okay thats fine love"

We get all the food & head back home, it was almost 30 minutes so the pizza should be here any minute

Were putting the food away when i hear a car pull up & its Luke, with Mikey & Ash

I open the door knowing they would stand their waiting for me to unlock, so i just kept it


"Hey guys!!" i say & hug them all

"LETS GET TURNED UP" Mikey yells as he brought in video games, alcohol, movies & even more junk food

"Damn you have everything huh!" Ash says as he grabs a beer & puts the alcohol on the counter

"Hell yeah i do!" Mikey says so proud & we all just laugh

Lets hope this night will be fun!

Sorry this chapters kind of lame & short & sorry for updating so late ! 😭 i'll try to update tomorrow and or monday, thanks for reading loves 😘💞 don't forget to comment, fav & like ! 💕

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