Kiss Me


26. Chapter 26


"Listen" Calum says & moves closer, holy shit is this real, am i dreaming? Ahhh i can't breathe! My heart was racing! LITERALLY I COULD HEAR MY HEARTBEAT FROM MY EARS LIKE IS THAT EVEN NORMAL?? How can he make me feel this way?!

"Yeah?" i say looking up at him, making that god damn perfect eye contact..

"I am so uncontrollably & so terribly sorry, for everything, what i said & did.. i'm such an idiot & a coward, what i-" his eyes were already tearing up his voice was cracking, i could see the sincere look in his eyes

"Shh i believe you" i say looking at him, almost crying

He looks at me and gently lays his hands on neck & starts kissing my neck, then slowly went back up & we kissed.. it was even better than before. It was perfect! Our lips would move in sync, everything.. i think i could finally be happy now, all i need is Aria to wake up.

"But Cal.." i said as he got up

"Yes, my dear?" he says, i could see the happiness in his eyes he was happy we were talking again.

"Can i ask you a few questions about everything & just get everything out?" i say almost already crying

"Of course, anything for you" he replies sincerely

"Okay.. why did you do it?"

He grabs my hands & looks straight into my eyes saying "I was an idiot, it was out of anger & jealousy" I wanted to ask him what made it seem like Me & Luke liked each other but i really didn't feel like talking about Luke.

"Okay.. are you still talking to Jason or Christian.. be honest please." i say looking away

"Yes.. i still talk to them, im sorry but if i did say something about me getting ou-"

"Getting out? What are you in on?" i say as my back is more straight, my eyes looking straight at him.

"Uh- getting out on the deal Jason told me on.."

"Oh theirs a deal? Okay what is this *deal*?" I say as i cross my arms & lift an eyebrow

"Well.. since Jason thinks you told Christian about Me & Jason, Jason's pretty upset. I'm not talking to Christian as much but i don't think they talk. Anyways the deal is if you like move back to Australia or have something bad happen to you that i have cause or something, Jason would give me 10 grand.."

When i herd this i wanted to push Calum away & just run away! How could Jason be so fucked up?!

"Ohh.." is all i said as i turn away when a tear rolled down my cheek.

"Hey hey! don't cry.. i'm going to try to be not in the deal anymore! I swear please."

He grabs my hands & pulls me close to his face forcing me to look him in the eyes

"I love you.. okay thats why i cant be apart of Jason's deal anymore either.. i couldn't make you go back to Australia or even get more hurt than you already are, i just love you so much."

I didn't know if i should say i love you back, but i know i do but i didn't want him thinking i'm already under his skin, we barley just made up today.

"Okay.. thanks" is all i said

"You wanna come back to my place & eat some food & watch some funny movies?"

I kinda wanted too because i would of been all alone at my house.

"Yeah sure" i replied with a sly smile

We walked out of my house & into my car

since Luke's the one who drove Cal, Ash & Mikey to my place. I put in the keys & we arrived to his place about 15 minutes later.

"So what movies you up too?" He says while giving the cutest smile

"Hmm how about that first movie we ever saw together?" i said smiling back

"Of course! Bruce Almighty, haha thats such a funny movie." he says while getting the disk out of the box

"It is! Jim Carry needs an oscar! & i cant believe i was the first person you saw it with" i reply while almost blushing

"Yeah.. i remember our first day, everything!"

I just smiled back,wow he remembers our first date.. that was over a year ago

He puts the movie in & he gets a blanket & we cuddle through the whole movie, it was all so perfect, before i knew it i fell asleep.


We were watching the movie when Zoe falls asleep, she looked so cute sleeping their all peaceful & beautiful. I gently stroked her hair & laid her on the couch as i turned the TV off & slept on a different chair, i didn't want her thinking anything that i'm going to far or something because we barley made up & i don't even know if were back together, then i quickly fell asleep too.

It was 8:30 am on a FRIDAY! meaning school! I know how much Zoe cares about her grades, plus Jason was supposed to drop by around 9 & i really don't want them seeing each other, i'm just going to have to tell Jason i'm out.

I woke Zoe up & told her its 8:30 am she quickly got up & said


"Calm down babe!" *holy shit did i just call her babe*

"Okay.." *breathe in breathe out*

"I'll make us some breakfast, & we'll head back to your place to get you new clothes & your school supplies & then we'll go to school late together & i'll make a note for us" i say smiling

"Okay babe, sounds great"

*SHE CALLED ME BABE! YES* (by the way, * means like their thinking or something.)

"What do you want for breakfast?" i say and i open the fridge

"CHOCOLATE PANCAKES" i yell all excited

"Sounds good, alright" i reply getting the stuff out, i was surprised we even had chocolate chips with us.


I was supposed to meet Cal at his place today around 9 to discuss the deal, so i went over around 9:30. I pulled up & saw Zoes car.. i was confused? Why the fuck is Zoe at Calums place? I quietly park & walk up to his house. I see them. Talking. Smiling.. i was so pissed why is she smiling & talking??? my heart was racing, my blood was boiling, my fists became into punching mode. I wanted to hurt something. I watched them make their stupid fucking pancakes when she mentioned my name.

"So no more Jason right?" she says eating that damn pancake

"Yup, no more. I'm out of the deal." Calum says while drinking a glass or milk & she just smiles.

Oh okay Cal thinks his out of the deal? Okay we'll see. Calum just made the biggest mistake ever & Zoes going to pay for it.

Sorry its so short, hoped you liked this! Fav, comment, like please thank you

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