Kiss Me


25. Chapter 25


I was walking home from school & listening to music when my mom texted me "hey sweetie! me & your father decided to go to the beach for the weekend, your father won some contest & we won! wonderful huh? well see you soon, we already left love you"

Thats weird, out of no where they just go? I dont know i just hope they have fun.. maybe i can spend the night at Luke's or something so i can forget about Calum.

I opened my door to my house & it was really quiet. I guess they did already leave.. i kinda wish i went with them.. i just want to forget everything.

I really didn't feel like going to school tomorrow, but i had too. My grades are slipping and at this point education is the only thing going for me.

I went to my room, listened to music for about an hour & went to take a shower, then did my stupid homework. It was about 8:30 & i was so bored, alone at this house doing nothing so i called Luke.

**Riingg** **Rinngg**

"Hey luke i'm so bored my parents left for the weekend come over or something"

"Haha well hello to you too, i'm with the boys is it cool if they come"

"Of coruse! wait is calum their?"


I was with Ash Mikey & Cal at my house when Zoe called me. She just told me how shes bored then invited me, but then asked about Calum.. i was right in front of him i cant be like okay & just have Calum not come, his acting cool again & i don't wanna ruin anything.

"Uh hold up" i replied to her she just sighed

"Calum! Zoe invited us over but i dont know do you wanna see her" i whispered while mouthing it & covered the phones speaker

He just looked at me he was about to speak when Zoe said


"Yeah we will be over soon!" and i just hung up, i never said Calum's here or not so technically i'm not lying.. right?


Luke just hung up.. he never said that Calum is their, what if he is? Should i talk to him? Should i even care if i should talk to him?? Why do i care?! He hurt me so much, why does my heart want him still? Why cant my mind take over my heart, that would make life easier, getting over people faster than having your heart still have hope inside & i dont even know how it still does, i feel like i'm loosing everyone, but lately its better well kinda i guess i dont know just not as painful as it was before. I turned the TV off & went to put of different pajamas, not kitty cat ones😂

I changed into a oversized shirt & shorts, i had my hair up in a bun because it was still damp because of the shower. I turn the TV on & just wait. About 10 minutes later my door bell rang.

**Knock Knock**

I opened the door, and i only saw Mikey Ash & Luke, i took a sigh of relief.. then behind Mikey i see someone, oh god.. its Calum.

"O-oh hey guys! Come on in.." i say while looking around

"Wow nice place Zoe!" Ash says while Mikey ran to the couch

"Haha make yourself at home guys" i say laughing

Luke was looking at Cal & Cal was awkwardly standing their next to the couch where Mikey was at & Ash was next to Luke near the TV

"So i hear you have this house to yourself?" Ash says while grinning

"Haha well that you hear is true" i say while walking to the kitchen, i wanted to act like Calum wasn't their.. showing him i don't care even though my heart just wants to scream & shout..

"You guys want some snacks?" i ask

"I would, what do you have?" Calum speaks up while he voice cracked & walked up to me.. Holy. Shit. He. Just. Talked. To. Me.

"Uh um oh okay what do you want?" I say looking confused while biting my lip, Luke just smiled. I wonder why.. How he asked me though.. it literally was like the first time he talked to me. I wonder if he thought that too


Ash asked Zoe if the house is for herself, she replies saying that it is. Shes acting like i'm not even their. Does she even care? Did she even love me? Does she love me? Ugh i was just standing their awkwardly when she asked if any of us want snacks.. this was my chance to talk to her, so i did.

"I would, what do you have?" my heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, my voice even cracked.. it was like the first time i talked to her.

She replied saying "Uh um oh okay what do you want?" Luke smiled, i think he knows i still love Zoe & when i finally spoke up he smiled? I dont know why else would he? i could tell she was so surprised of me talking to her, i had to act confident.

"I want your moms brownies that she makes every month" and i smile and walk to her fridge & took them out, thank god they were their imagine they weren't? I would look so stupid walking to her fridge with no brownies inside


I asked him what he wanted, he said "I want your moms brownies that she makes every month" and he smiles and walked to my fridge.. okay i guess his acting like nothing happened so i guess i'll do the same?

"Oh you still remember..?" i say kind of blushing & looking away.. Calum loves my moms brownies.. we would always eat them together..NO ZOE! No! Stop, don't fall for it! i thought to myself

"Of course i do" he says & we make eye contact, ugh those eyes.. I look away i just cant fall again, nor for what he did.

"So you wanna watch some movies?" I say while walking towards the living room where Luke Mikey & Ash were.

"I feel like thats what we always do, we should do something else!" Mikey said

What Michael said was true, we should do something else.

"I know right, hey Zoe you have a fake ID?"

Luke asked

"Yeah but i never even used it so i don't think it'll work so-"

"LETS GO OUT!!" Ash screamed

"YESSSS!!" Mikey & Luke joined in

I never gone to club before only Calum knows i haven't but i didn't want to be bored home doing nothing and make it seem like im not fun or whatever but i tried getting out of it saying we have school..

"Guyss its only wednesday we still have school & i really can not afford missing school, my grades suck" i say looking away

"Oh come onn, it'd be fun!" Mikey says looking all excited

"Naah guys, i'm not really feeling it, but you guys go! Have fun i'm actually pretty tired." Actually no i was not but i didn't wanna be the party pooper of not going out.

"Yeah guys i'll stay with Zoe" Calum says

WHOA Calum would stay with me? ALONE? okay i'm kind of scared but then i don't know?! just WHAT


Calum finally spoke to Zoe, i smiled because i know he loves her & if they talk things out, things can finally go back how they were.. well not fully just a little.

Zoe then asked us if we wanted to watch movies but Mikey replied saying thats what we always do & thats actually kind of true, so i thought of going out

"I know right, hey Zoe you have a fake ID?"

i ask

she replies "Yeah but i never even used it so i don't think it'll would work so-"

"LETS GO OUT!!" Ash yelled before letting Zoe finish, i was down to go out.

Mikey joined in saying "YESSSS!!"

I could tell Zoe didn't want to go out because she kept saying she isn't up to it, until Calum said he'd stay with her. I was surprised yet happy! They need the night together to set things straight.

"YEAH! That'd be perfect, hey Mikey me & you leggo!" i say while jumping to my feet & pointing at Ashton.

"uh umm alright" Zoe replies confused..

"Okay bye! talk to me tomorrow!" i say & hug Zoe a goodbye & winked at Calum, i'm pretty sure he knew why


What Luke did was strange, why did he want me & Calum alone so bad? why did i want that? literally like half of me wants to talk to him and everything but then the other half is saying 'FUCK you for hurting me'.. but you know, sadly the other half of me wanting to talk is always stronger than my 'FUCK you for hurting me' and i don't know why but it always wins.

"So what movies do you wanna watch?" i ask as i sit on the couch.. thinking uncontrollably because.. ME AND CALUM ARE ALONE IN MY HOUSE!

"Listen.." Calum says & comes closer to me

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