Kiss Me


24. Chapter 24


I woke up from my nap and it was about 8:30 on a wednesday night, i had school tomorrow & i haven't been going lately, i wonder if Aria still has that school scholarship thingy.. i hope she does, its not her fault shes in coma they have to let her keep it shes only 18..

I got up and decided to take a shower, since i took a nap i was pretty awake, after my shower i changed into my pajamas and it was about 9, i went downstairs to watch TV about an hour later i was bored so i called Luke.

**Ringg** **Ring**

"Hellloo" Luke answered

"hey dude i'm bored whatcha up too?"

"Nothing much just eating some fries with the boys right now"

"ooh fun" i say while laughing


Zoe called me around 9 & i was just telling her i'm eating some fries with Ash ask me who i'm talking too, i mouth & say Zoe, Mikey kept mouthing invite her!! invite her!! i mouthed back okay okay

"Hey Zoe you wanna come over? since your bored why not" i ask

"Sure be their in 10" she says & hungs up, right when she does Calum walks out of the bathroom, i think to myself FUCK! they just broke up i'm sure they don't want to see each other, but i didn't know i was supposed to know or say something and Calum is acting cool again i don't want him thinking i like Zoe or anything because i don't, i'm in love with her sister. I didn't know how i'm supposed to bring this subject up so i just said

"Oh! Calum, Zoes coming over soon" i acted like i don't know anything, the less i know the better

His face just comes to complete shock, all he says is "Oh."

Mikey & Ash were confused because they thought they were together still.

"Oh? Oh??" Mikey says looking at him confused

"Yeah whats up Cal?" Ash asks while looking at Me then Cal

"Ask her, i'm leaving."

"Uh no your not! Not until an explanation!!" Mikey yells

I just walked to get myself some water, i didn't wanna be in the middle

"Ask her guys! I don't feel like explaining" he says & i could see his eyes watering up.. wait why is he crying? does he still love Zoe?


After the phone call i ran and put on sweats & a tank top & ran to my car, i looked like shit but i didn't really care, it was just the boys.

I was surprised how their was no traffic, i made it in like half the time. I was on Luke's street & parked on the side walk, i got out of my car & walked up to the door, i figured i could just walk in so i did but then i hit a body.. it was Calum's!

He was saying "ASK HER" and boom we make eye contact, i looked straight into his eyes, they looked so sad.. they were also teary, i hope Calum saw the hurt in my eyes because that instant i saw him i felt like curling up into a ball & crying.

"Oh i'm sorry" he says faintly as he walked passed me. Sorry for what? Bumping into me or fucking breaking my heart into a billion pieces? My eyes were already watery & i just did not want to explain or tell Luke & the boys what he did & why im sad, i'm just so done with the drama. The more left unsaid the better.


"Just tell us what happened between you guys!" Ash pleaded. I couldn't tell them about Jason & Christian.. i mean just thinking about it right now is like why did i do it? I lost Zoe, she was my angel & i fucked everything just because of jealousy & i know they don't like each other because the way Luke looks when he talks about Aria is true love, i'm such an idiot. I regret everything but sadly i cant erase the actions that i did or the memory. Hopefully one day she'll forgive me. I felt like crying, i HAD to get out & the boys kept pleading about telling them, except Luke & i don't know why.

"PLEASE!!!" Mikey demanded

"ASK HER" i reply yelling as walking out of the house.. i bump into somebody.. Zoe. I instantly felt that sick feeling, i felt so awful, the way i treated her & what i did. I could see the hurt in her eyes. I faintly said "Oh i'm sorry" meaning i'm sorry for just everything.. but she probably just thought i meant sorry for bumping in to her. She probably doesn't even care about me or even still love me. I'm just somebody she used to know & that hurts a lot.


I walk in Luke's house & Ash & Mikey yell

"ZOE!!!"and run up & hugs me, i felt a little bit happier because of all the love. I look at Luke & he looked worried, why?


Zoe walks in the room & Mikey & Ash run & hug Zoe, i was just awkwardly standing behind them because i was worried about Zoe, what did Calum do so wrong? It just cant be a breakup, i wanted to ask but i just wanted Zoe to feel comfortable telling me.

"Hey!" Zoe looks at me and smiles

i just wave & smile.

That night i spent the night at Luke's house, we all went to bed at like 1.


My phone alarm goes off at 6:30, i'm just on the couch as Luke's on the floor & Cal & Ash are sharing a chair. I quickly get up to turn that damn alarm off & rememberd i had school!! I had to go! & So did the boys. I kick Luke & he just groans

"LUKE get your fucking ass up!!" i whisper loudly

"Whattttt!!" he says in an annoyed way

"We have school you know!" i say as i rub my eyes & stretch

"Who gives a fuck" he replies as he turns and gets in a more comfortable sleeping position.

"YOU NEED EDUCATION! its not like your going to be apart of some famous band!"

"You never know" he replies grinning

(you see what i did their😂😉)

"Haha very funny! Now get up! I don't wanna go to school alone."

"I hate you" he replies as he gets up

"Wake up Mikey & Ash!"

He just shakes the chair & they both open their eyes instantly, it was funny.

So basically that day we all went to school. It was pretty much a normal day. I didn't see Calum which strangly bothered me.

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