Kiss Me


23. Chapter 23


My eyes widened and so did Zoe's, while Mr. Simmons was still looking for the sticker, i nudged Zoe & mouthed "ASK"


I was just astonished to see a photo with Christian & Mr. Simmons in it!! How can this be? Is this a joke?! Luke nudged me & mouthed "ASK" I was thinking.. maybe i should? I'm just going to say oh what a lovely family & see what he says..

Mr. Simmons finally found that stupid sticker, he looked up & smiled at me, i grabbed the sticker & said..

"Oh what a nice family Mr. Simmons"

"Oh that old photo? I dont know why i still even have it, my son; Christian doesn't even talk to me anymore. His ju- sorry i'm telling you this. Never mind to what i am saying, good day to you both, i hope Aria wakes up."

"O-okay thank you" I reply

Luke just nods his head & we walk out.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!" i whisper loudly (if that makes sense 😜)

"I know!!! I didn't know Christian had a dad! What the fuck?! & His a doctor!!"

"I KNOW?! Should we ask him or tell him?!" I ask as were walking so fast to the elevator.

"I don't know.. you wanna ask Mikey & Ash? I kinda feel like i'm not talking to them that much & their pretty cool." Luke asks

"Yeah, i don't mind" i say & smile

"So are you talking to Cal?" i ask while looking at the ground

"No.. i haven't talked to him since you guys broke up.."

I wanted to ask her about what happened that night with Calum but i didn't want to push her


I was asking Luke if he talks to Cal & i was debating if i should tell Luke what Calum told me but i just didn't want more drama.. i'm so done with it.

We were walking out the hospital & it was about 1 and we were hungry

"I'm hungry, whatcha wanna eat?" Luke asked

"Hmm pizza sounds good!" i say as we walk into Lukes car

"Yeah that does! Leggo" he says while laughing & buckling himself

"You wanna invite Mikey & Ash?" i ask while buckling my self

"Yeah that would be fun, call them for me while i drive?"

"Sure gimme ya phone!" i say grabbing it out of hi hand

I called Mikey first

*Rinngg* *Riinngg*


"Hey Mikey! Me & Luke are wondering if your down to go to .. uhh

"Pizza parlor on oak" Luke yelled in the back

"Wait where?" he said while laughing

"That pizza parlor on oak! & tell Ash too! thanks"

"Alright see you soon"

& then i hung up

We then took about 10 mins & we were there

"What is this place?" i say looking around

"Me and my mom would always go here, it has amazing pizza, its my favorite place" Luke replies while looking at the floor & kicks a rock

I remembered about Lukes mom.. we don't talk much about it & we don't talk much about Carrol.. i dont know why.

"Hello, how many?" the front lady asks

"um 4" i say & smile

"alright, right this way" as she takes us to this booth

About 5 minutes later we say Mikey & Ash talking to the front lady

Luke just raised his hand & they saw & pointed & she escorted them to us.

"Thank you" Mikey says in a flirtatious way

"Oohh Michael you be flirting with her" Ash says while raising his eye brow & smiles

"What? shes hot!" he replies while sitting down next to Ash

"Yeah ahah she is! Give her your #!" Ashton said back

"I think i will" & he grabs the menu & sees what he should get.

5 Minutes later

"This is just so much! I want all of it!" Mikey says while looking at all the pizzas

"Haha you really like pizza huh" I say while laughing

"Hell yeah i do! Lets get pepronni?"

"Yeah i'm down with that" Ash says "Same" Luke says back & I just nod my head

Michael went looking for that cute waitress & he saw her & called her over because we were ready to order

"Yes, have we decided what we want?" she says as having the pen ready to write

"We would like the large pepronni pizza please" Michael says as he flutters his eyes

"Good choice, i'll be with your food shortly" as she grabs the menus & looks at Michael while walking back

"Ooohh SHE WANTS YOU!" Ashton says smiling

"I'm so hungry oh my god!" i say

"I know right oh my god, i cant wait to eat" Luke replies

10 minutes later the food comes

"YES FINALLY" i yell

I dig in & start eating

"Damn Zoe calm down" Michael says laughing

"Haha sorry" i reply smiling

"Oh hey! Guess what me & Zoe saw earlier today!" Luke asks Ash & Mikey

While i was eating and herd Luke ask that i was saying

"Oh yeahyeahh!! i didn't sound clear because i had pizza in my mouth

"What??" Mikey asks & Ash just nods

"So you know Christian right..?"


"Well dude guess what we saw!! A picture of him AND MR. SIMMONS AND HIS WIFE IN A FRAMED PICTURE!"

When Ash & Mikey herd that, their mouths dropped & looked at each other

"What! No! Your lying!!" Ash says in disbelief

"I'm not! I even asked! I was like oh nice family & he replies saying that Christian & him doesn't even talk like what the fuck?!?" I say budding in

"WOW JUST WOW" Mikey says as he takes a bits of his pizza

"I know! What should we do?!" Luke asks

"I dont know?! Are you going to ask Christian about it??"

"I dont know.. i don't want any more drama.. & it really isn't our business with their family and stuff so thats why i'm telling you, what would you do?" I ask looking & Michael & Ash

"To be honest, i wouldn't say anything.. like you said you don't want any more drama & its not your business." Ashton replies

"Okay.. what about you Michael?"

"Yeah i wouldn't ask either."

"Okay.. then we'll leave it as it is" I say while looking at Luke

"Alrighty" he replies, i just smile

We were almost done eating when that waitress puts her number on the receipt

"Ooh look at that Mikey! She gave you her number" i say while winking at him

"YESSS" Mikey litterley yelled

The waitress looks back & she blushes

"Haha i think she herd you!" i say laughing as we got out of from the booth

They all just laugh

"So whats next?" Michael says as we push the door open

"I dont know, i think i'm gonna go home, i haven't seen my parents in a while"

"Hey can you drive me home Luke?"

"Sure" Luke says & smiles

"Aww party pooper!" Ash yells

"Haha sorry! Call me later guys okay?!"

"Whateveeer i guess" Mikey replies back

"Sorry okay, i had fun today though bye guys!" i say & hug them goodbye

Me & Luke are walking back to the car & we soon arrive at my place

"Thanks Luke! See ya soon!" i say & jump out the car

I walk in & go to my room, change into my pajamas & listen to music for about an hour, then i got hungry & ate some food.

I walked passed my dads room & herd the TV on

*Knock Knock*

"Come in!" my dad replies

"Hey! i haven't seen you in a while" i say

"I know, what have you been up to kiddo?"

"Haha nothing much, just boredom hows yours?"

"Work! sorry sweetie i need to go to sleep, goodnight love you"

"Okay goodnight love you too.."

I walk out the room & walked past my moms, it was quiet so i assumed she was sleeping

So i just decided to go to my room & take a nap.

Sorry this is a lame chapter, i'll do better on the next one!(: thanks for reading & tell me what you think 💞 fav & like thank you

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