Kiss Me


22. Chapter 22


Zoe was thanking me for how i've been their for her.. our faces were really close. I was looking at her lips she was looking at mine, I was thinking.. right now would be perfect to see if i felt something if i kissed her, so i did.

I felt nothing. It was like kissing your mom goodnight. I was so happy, thank god i had the balls to do it though, what if i actually fell in love with her & hurt aria & turns out Zoe isn't the one? When i kiss Aria its so different, my stomach feel likes i'm on a roller coaster thats going to a 100 foot dip, our lips would move in sync, it felt like time would stop & it was just me & her, she was perfect & i know now Arias the one.

"Sorry" i told Zoe after kissing her & look away

"Uh um yeah.." she replies

I had to be honest.. "Did you feel anything?"


After Luke kissed me i was surprised, i mean he was a great kisser but it just didn't feel right.

"To be honest, Luke no i mean your a good kisser but it just didn't feel right what about you?" i reply

"Yeah same, so we good? friends?" he said

"Yeah, friends" i say & smile

I was kind happy Luke kissed me, so now i know that its not right, but when he kissed me it made me remember how i felt when Calum kissed me, completely different. I felt whole inside, special, like no one else was their just me.. i cant believe i'm saying this but i think i miss Calum.. ugh why? He told Jason & Christian i was mad & he told Christian that Cal & Jason were a team & that me & Luke said that.. PLUS made up a fake letter about my aunt, how can i miss him?

**Wednesday Morning**


We missed school that day, we decided we needed a break & too see Aria. I woke up at 10 am & was supposed to meet Zoe at the hospital & 11:30 to visit Aria & ask the doctors whats the chance of her waking up.. i really miss Aria shes my sunshine & latley i cut off everyone, i haven't talked to Ash Mikey or Cal since Zoe & I went over for Zoe to talk to Cal.. i dont know should i talk to Cal? Zoe never told me what he said only that they broke up.. i think i'm going to call Mikey & Ash later, i need some guy time.

After thinking all of that, i got up & took a shower i put on black skinny jeans & a Nirvana shirt & put on a beanie, it was already 11:15 so i just decided to leave.

I arrive at the hospital that took about 10-15 mins to get their which was perfect because Zoe was just about to walk in.

"ZOE HEY" i yell & she turns around

She just smiles & waits

"Hey.. ready?" as were just about to walk in the doors

"Only if you are" i say putting my arms on her shoulder, it was always so hard for Zoe to walk in the hospital, i'm guessing she hated them.

She just breathes in heavily & we walked in.

"Hey Sarah, were here to see Aria" Zoe tells the front lady.

"Of course, just sign in & i'm sure you know her room number" she replies & smiles

We both just smile back & sign in, we walk to the elevator

About 30 seconds later we were on the floor Aria is on.. i was scared to see i always got got nervous before going in her room, i dont know why?

We both took a big breath & i slowly opened the door.

It been about almost 7 months since shes been in coma.. her last time was 6 months, i hope she wakes up soon..

Zoe instantly starts crying.. i wanted to cry. Aria looked so helpless just sleeping their, hearing her small breaths, have her mouth be little open, her hands so cold & on the side & that beep sound.. thats all you would see & hear. I thought Zoe & Aria needed some alone time so i decided to get some food for me & Zoe.


I walked in the room & instantly felt that feeling in your throat where it hurts because you want to cry but then you don't so you hold it back & just have some tears fall.. i felt so useless in that room. I wish i can wake her up, thats all i wanted.. just so she can wake up & we can finally get back to our normal life. I can tell Luke wanted me & Aria to have alone time so he went to get some food. I walked to her bed & sat down..

"Hey Aria.. i wonder if you even hear me, or listen or anything but i just want to tell you that i miss you a lo- lot" i couldn't even finish my sentence, thats how much i was crying.. i could feel the tears flowing down my face as they go around my nose & my lips.. having my eyes water up so its hard for me see

I dont know why i was so affected from all this, she barley knows who i am & i barley know who she is.. but i dont know just this part of me is drawn to her like some sister part & my heart just feel empty, maybe because i grew up with her & i didn't even know.. how can i forget about all those memories with my real parents & her? Its like someone drained my memories.. my real child hood.. this just all hurts so much.

I herd foot steps & then quickly ran to the bathroom, i did NOT want Luke to see me like this, his done enough.


I could hear Zoe crying from the outside.. i felt horrible so i went back & waited another 5 minutes & walked back.. i knocked on the door & she wasn't in their.

"ZOE?" i yell

"Sorry i'm in the bathroom" she replies

I put the food on the counter & slowly walk to Aria's bed.. i grab her cold hand & tears are already coming out of me. She looked like Sleeping Beauty.. i herd the faucet turn on in the bathroom so i knew Zoe was coming out soon.. i turn around to look at the door then back at Aria & say

"I love you" as i lean in to kiss her forehead..

I wipe my eyes & go to the counter with the food & start to set out the food. Zoe comes out & says

"Hey whatcha get?"

"Oh just some burgers & fries" i say smiling

"Thank you, Luke" she says & grabs the food. I pull the 2 chairs that were in their & moved the counter so we both can sit across. The food was very good, i didn't speak much thats how good it was

"So when do you want to ask the doctor?" Zoe asks me while putting in a fry in her mouth

"Hmm after eating?" i reply as raising my eyebrow

She just nods at me back.

After eating, i went to the restroom as Zoe was cleaning up.


After eating, Luke went the bathroom as i cleaned up. After we were done we said our goodbyes to Aria & walked out the room.

We were walking to the front the desk

"Hello, is Doctor Simmons here?" (that was Arias doctor last time & now)

"Yes, he is in the lounge on floor 5 room 127" This nice lady replied as she smiled

"Thank you" I reply back

We went back to the elevator & went to floor 5. We walked down to the lounge & saw Mr. Simmons reading a magazine, he was just about to leave when we called his name.

"MR. SIMMONS!!" Luke yelled

He turns around & walks towards us

"Yes?" he replies

I really couldn't handle saying Aria & Coma in the same sentence, i nudged Luke.

"Uh um Mr Simmons uh-"

"Hurry up lads! i got to get to a meeting, ask me the question as were walking to my office."

"Um uh yeah okay" Zoe replies

Were following Mr. Simmons & he just takes a right & 4 doors down was his office.

We walked in & it was pretty nice.. it had a computer, two shelves behind the desk, a nice view on the right & plenty of food & room.

We walked towards the desk..

"So.. you see Aria.. Zoe's sister is in coma agai-"

"Ah! yes, i'm so sorry for that to happen again"

"Yeah.. we are too" Zoe says while looking down

"Yes.. now what is the question?"

"Well we were just wondering if you think you have a prediction on when she'll wake up..?" Luke says while looking away

"I'm sorry.. but no i do not, it is a less chance of her waking up since because this is her second time in coma in such a short time period." Mr. Simmons replies

"Oh.. we see" Zoe says as a tears fall down her cheek.

"Don't cry! Here you want a sticker?" Mr. Simmons ask Zoe

"Um sure" she replies

He bends down to get the stickers in his drawer & guess what me & Zoe see.. a photo with Christian in it & Simmons & i'm guessing his wife?!?!

Hoped you liked this chapter !(: comment what you think & thank you for reading it means a lot

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