Kiss Me


21. Chapter 21


After making the pancakes with my mom she had to go to work, my dad goes to work earlier at like 5:30 am and my mom goes at like 10:00 am. I was bored & didn't know what to do, it was pretty early so i was just on my bed listening to music & then i went on youtube for about 3 hours & then i went to go get some food, after eating i called Luke

*Ring* *Ring* *Rinngg*

Zoe - "Hey Luke"

Luke - "Oh hey what's going on?"

Zoe - "Nothing much, i'm really bored.. you wanna come over & watch some movies?"

Luke - "Yeah sure, i'll be over in like 15"

Zoe - "Okay, cool bye"

I was just finished eating a saled & some chicken for lunch & i went to put on some skinny jeans & a white V neck with my vans, it was already pretty cold in my house but i dont have really warm clothing, im waiting till when it gets really cold, my hair looked pretty shitty so i just put it up in a messy bun. I walked downstairs & just waited for Luke to come.

***15 mins later***

*Knock Knock*

I come walking to the door & i say

"Now i wonder who that could be" in a sarcastic way

He just laughs as i open the door

"What movies shall we watch?" i ask raising my eyebrow

"It doesn't matter, its up to you" he replies

"Okay then lets watch Grown Ups?"

"YES!" he replies excitedly

I just giggle

Me & Luke were on the same couch but were a far distance, we had our own personal space.

All of a sudden it started raining in like 30 minutes in the movie. It was pretty cold in my house because the AC vents are always on when both my parents are gone because to turn it off is in the basement & its locked & the only people who have keys are my parents. About 20 mins later, i'm shivering, i look over at Luke & he looks pretty cold too.

"Haha you alright their Luke?"

"Just a tad bit cold" he replies laughing

I get up & hand him a blanket "Here wussy" i say while giggling

I didn't want him to know i was cold because we only had one blanket & his with my sister, that's just wrong.

10 minutes later i'm still shaking from

the coldness

"You alright their Zoe?" he says while mimicking me

"Haha yes, i'm perfectly fine Mr."

"You sure? You look like your shaking"

"It doesn't matter, your the guest. Its all good." i reply rubbing my arms

"Get over here" he says opening the blanket

"Its fine! i swear" i reply with a little smile

"Don't fight it Zoe, just come here" he says laughing

"Fine." i reply & get up & instantly i am warmth by his body heat & the blankets, it felt so much better, but i felt so guilty.

Me & him were laughing at the movie & we look at each other.. it felt like an eternity while looking in his blue eyes.. but i knew its wrong so i brought up Aria.

"So uh when do you want to go visit Aria next?" looking away

"Um is wednesday good?" he says while still looking at me, i could see it in my corner eye.


We were laughing at the movie & then we look at each other.. it was perfect eye contact, i was thinking that i maybe falling for her.. this is so wrong, i'm with her SISTER ! but can you blame me? she looks like Aria kind of & we've been talking a lot recently & shes funny & nice.. and you don't choose who to like, it just happens.. i dont know i'm so confused, i was in deep thought when she asked me a question looking away.

"So uh when you want to go visit Aria next?"

"Um is wednesday good?" i reply loosing my train of thought

"Yeah thats fine" she says smiling

"Do you think she'll wake up.." i ask looking down.. i was thinking of Aria while looking down.. thinking of her cute little laugh, her beautiful eyes, her long full eyelashes, her gorgeous smile, her cute little nose.. but mostly i miss the way she loved me.. i miss her so much. God i'm confusing.. what does my heart want? Why does this have to be so complicated

Zoe just breathes in heavily & puts her hands on her lap & says

"I don't know Luke, i honestly don't.. we should ask the doctor when we go Wednesday" she replies with her eyes already tearing up.. i wanted to cry but i didn't because i wanted to comfort Zoe. She just laid her head on me.

Again i was thinking..

Life just sucks, you don't get to choose what happens to yourself or others, it just happens, & the worst part is, is that you never know when it will happen. It hurts a lot, i wonder what Zoe & I did to deserve this, especially Aria. Shes such a sweet girl, innocent & pure, why do people like Christian & Jason have to ruin everything? They are just psychotic fuckers who ruin other peoples lives because they don't have one.

After Zoe stopped whipping the tears that fell on my shirt, i assumed she was done crying.

"You okay?" i whisper kinda loud but not like talking voice loud

"Yeah, i feel better." she says and looks up at me

I just smile & nod. The movie was about to end when Zoe interrupts.


I look down, i was nervous what was she going to tell me?


I was just about finished crying, & then Luke asks me

"You okay?"

"Yeah, i feel better" i look up at him.. the movie was almost ending & i'm thinking.. through everything.. whose been their for me? Luke.. i had to thank him.

"Luke?" i ask looking down

"Yes?" he asks, having all ears

"Thank you.. for everything.. thank you. If it wasn't for you i dont know what or how i would feel right now. You've been here for me since day 1 & i really appreciate that, it means a lot" i say smiling

"Of course, Zoe i'm always here for you no matter what" he says smiling back

Our faces were really close to each other, i kept looking at his lips. I kept thinking Zoe! Get your shit together!! I looked at his lips & back at his eyes, before i knew it he was looking at mine too..

3 seconds later he pushes his lips against mine.

I hope you liked this chapter!(: comment if my story is okay or good or if i should change some things, i would love feedback! thank you & don't forget to fav & like ! 💞

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