Kiss Me


20. Chapter 20


Ash, Mikey & I were watching TV when Zoe barged out of Calum's room & i saw her eyes were getting redder & redder, she told me lets go home.

We walked out & i didn't know if i should ask her whats wrong or she'll just tell me..

We got in the car & i dont know why but i think she was holding back the tears.. but why?

"You okay..?" i say breaking the silence

"Ye-yeah i'm fine.. me and Calum are just broke up.."

I felt bad.. i wanted to ask her everything but i didn't want her to feel uncomfortable with all these questions

"I'm so sorry" i didn't know what else to say, since we were in the car i couldn't hug her i just put my hand and rubbed her back.

"Its okay i guess.. i mean i can't do anything about it"

I wanted to ask about to whole thing with Calum & jason but i was waiting for her to bring it up.

"You wanna go to your house?" i ask

She just nodds.


We were in the car & Luke asks me if i'm okay.. i wasn't going to tell him what Calum said. It was going to cause more drama, more hurting, i just didn't feel up to that.. i told myself i wasn't going to expect anything anymore & not tell anyone anything so no one gets hurt by me & no one can hurt me, it seems the easiest. I told him Me & Cal broke up.. i just wanted to blame the cry's on Calum, not all the other things.

***20 mins later***

We arrive at my house, i haven't been here in a while.. i kinda wanted to be alone.

"Thanks Luke.. i'll call you tomorrow i guess" i say and put that sad smile, he just looked at me nodded & walked back to the car.

I walked in the house & it was just empty, thats literally how i felt inside. Empty.

I really miss Aria.. i want her to wake up.

I walked to my room & just didn't know what to do, my parents and I haven't spoken in so long, i mean i texted them where i was but i haven't seen them in so long. My dad & mom sleeps in 2 different rooms because my dad snores & my mom never can sleep while his snoring, i walked passed my dads door & he was sleeping i could hear him snoring, i walked passed my moms room & i saw the TV light, thank god, i needed a mom.. even though she isn't my biological she did raise me. I unlock the door & she first said

"Oh hello honey, i haven't seen you in a while."

"Yea-i'm sorry i miss you & Dad" my eyes were starting to water

"Sweetie are you okay?"

You know when someone asks you if your okay, you just break down? Yeah thats basically what happened

"Mommy" i said while running to her crying in her arms. I told her almost everything, just Aria and how me and Calum broke up, i was not going to make her worry about me or anyone else or call the police, it would cause so much more drama.

That night i was so tired from crying so i slept with my Mom, it made me feel better.

I woke up to my mom gone i was wondering where she was, i checked my phone & it was about 10 am, then i here a big BANG

I walk out of the room & was quietly walking to where i herd the noises. I was scared who it was, i didn't feel like seeing any more surprises

I take a left & i see my mom trying to cook, it was so funny yet sweet because she doesn't know how to cook so shes horrible at it.

"Mom what are you doing?" i say laughing

"Haha honey i tried making you chocolate chip waffles, i went to the store & everything

i wanted to make you a nice breakfast after what you told me yesterday.."

"Aw haha thanks mom" i say

"You wanna make the chocolate waffles together?" i ask

"Yeah that'd be nice" she says and smiles

So i'm going to try to make the story slower & try updating like every 2 days. Comment what you think & don't forget to fav 💕

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