Kiss Me


2. Chapter 2

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP" *POW* as i hit that stupid annoying alarm & it was 7:00 am. I got up, undid my hair & picked out an outfit, did my makeup which was basically concealer & thats it & ate some chocolate chip waffles then brushed my teeth & put so spray on & i was out the door. It was tuesday which meant one thing. Bus. Yes i know that totally sucks huh but no my mom had to get up early & only have one car & went to work so i'm stuck here with the bus, & my dad well i dont know who or where he is. My mom never says anything about it so i just never ask questions.

I gave the man my $1:50 & sat all the way back of the bus & started listening to music. Before we were about to go i heard screaming.

"WAIT HOLD ON STOP!!!" *banging the window* it was Luke.

I was thinking wow i didn't know he takes the bus. Then i muttered "shit" i didn't want anyone from school seeing me at the bus, i'm the new girl no one needs to know.

I quickly turned and faced my body away from him.

Before i knew it.. he was sitting literally right next too me.


"WAIT HOLD ON STOP!!!" i screamed while hitting the bus 264's window.

It finally stopped & i payed & then was about to sit in the front but i think i saw that new girl in the back. She was pretty cute. Hazel eyes, pretty brunette hair & such rosy cheeks. I sat right next to her & said

"Hey your the new girl right?" with a little smile

"Uh yeah i am" she shyly said.

"Oh thats cool" i replied

*Really awkward silence"

She put in her earbuds & started looking around.

I went on my phone & 10 minutes later we were at school.

"Well uh yeah bye" she said with a smile. She was so cute, how shy she was made her cuter.


When Luke was talking to me, oh my gosh.. those eyes.. i felt like i could just look once & fall in some dark whole & never get out. They were so beautiful.. & his lip ring i love lip rings i think it looks hot & especially on those lips. He asked if i was the new girl, While he was talking literally i was zoned out & then replied

Their was a real big awkward silence, i just put my headphones on & looked around.

10 Minutes later we were finally at school.

In bio i didn't pay attention at all. I was just thinking about how i need to find a friend. While i was thinking that Zoe comes up to with a big smile and says

"Hi Aria! I'm Zoe"

I reply & say "H-Hi"

"Your a little shy arent you?"

"Uh i mea-" before i can finish

Ms. H interupted & said "NO TALKING IN CLASS GIRLS"

I looked at her & laughed & she laughed too.

***Skips to the end of the day***

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