Kiss Me


18. Chapter 18


"Read it and see whose it from!!" i say in eager

"Okay okay..

Dear my 2 angels; Aria & Zoe,

I wish i can talk to you in person, i wish i have told you this sooner. I miss you guys so much.. I'm sorry i left when you Zoe left, i had too your mother was being out of control & i couldn't help her so.. i thought i should tell you this. Hi my name is Emily, i am your Aunt, so sister of Carrol.. when you guys father died your mother wasn't her self & honestly i don't know how she could take care of 2 kids.. so i did something horrible.. Zoe i payed your adopted parents just to adopt you. I thought i was doing the right thing.. look whats that gotten us? Aria in coma twice & Carrol dead. This is all my fault & i feel horrible. I thought you should know this because the lie that Carrol said she put only you up for adoption was just to not have Aria know about me or you so she just said she didn't have the money. I'm sorry angels i love you guys. I hope Aria gets well soon. xoxo


As i was speaking tears were just rolling out my eyes! This is just horrible! How can this be true?! At this point i wish i was in coma too.. I was thinking.. angels? why would that sound so familiar? I thought it was always a man in my life saying "Angels" but.. maybe its Emily? I never knew who the man was i just thought a man, the only person i told was Cal but that was almost a year ago when we were close & he called me Angel for the first time & i told him why i love that word..

"Oh my god" i finally speak out

"Zoe, i'm so sorry! i cant believe this is all happening right now."

"I know.. if Carrol had a sister don't you think she would of told Aria before she died? She did leave a note.. it just doesn't make any sense.." i say & lean on Luke because literally thats who i go to when i'm sad or need someone.. Calum's been acting strange lately. Just as i was about to cry some more Calum walks in. I dont know why, but he kind of looked angry at me? Like what did i do?

"Zoe, hey is everything okay?"

"Ye-Yeah everything's fine" i say as i put on a fake smile.. i really didnt feel like telling Calum everything.. just not right now

"You sure?!" he asks all pissed

"Uh yeah.. im going to go drink some water, you want some Luke?" i say, on purpose to ignore Calum

"Um yeah suuree." Luke replies confused


"Uh yeah.. i'm going to go drink some water, you want some Luke?" Zoe asks me

"Uh yeah suuree." I reply, i didnt know what was going on.

Their literally was an awkward silence for about a minute which felt like years.. & this isn't the usually Calum we were cool, somethings up..

"Hey man everything alright?" i ask

"Yeah whatever i guess" Calum replies harshly

"Oh well if you need anyone i'm

here?" i accidentally made it sound more like a question than statement..

He just looked at me and walked out of the room. I was their thinking tf is wrong with him?

About 3 minutes later Zoe comes in

"Here ya go" she says all happily

"Yeah thanks, so whats going on with you & Cal?"

"I honestly don't know dude.. he's been acting weird lately."

"Yeah he has been.." i reply

"Hey! did you ever find out who told Christian i was mad?"

"Oh no! shoot i totally forgot, lemme ask all the boys right now. I'll text them"

"Hey guys, a couple months ago you remember when Christian came in Arias room & said that he knew she was mad, did one of you guys tell him? Because i didn't & she didn't so someone did & yeah, call me or text me when you can." I texted the group so it would be less work from me.

"Okay did it" i say

"Okay cool" she replies

We decided to leave about 20 minutes later & go back to my place. Zoe didn't feel like seeing Cal & honestly neither did i.

We were was just about to walk in when my phone starts ringing, it was michael

"Yo man! I did not tell Christian that Zoe was mad! Why would i do that? Thats so fucked up. Please believe me! I would never do that"

"Whose that?" Zoe ask

"Mikey" i mouthed & she nodded her head

"He didn't tell christian" i whispered & mouthed

she nodded again

"Alright man i believe you, thanks" i reply

"Okay good, thanks too bye"

"He didn't do it" i say

"You sure.." she questions

"yeah i mean if someone really cared they would of called me instead of text & make me believe he didn't do it."

"Yeah true" Zoe replies

About an hour later Ash calls

"Hey!! I didn't tell Christian about Aria i swear! His crazy & that would be crazy of me if i told him that, please believe me!" Ash pleaded

"Alright man, thanks for telling me." i reply

"Of course! see you soon"

"See you soon, bye."

"So that was Ash, all we need is Cal too call or text." i say

"He's probably still angry for whatever reason"

"Yeah probably."

We were watching Mean Girls, & about an hour and half after Ash call me i get a text from Cal, all it says was "No."

"Hey Cal texted back."

"Texted? What he say" Zoe asked confused


"No? thats it?!"

"Yuupp.. maybe his just mad still. I'm sure he didn't do it."

"Yeahh.. hopefully" Zoe mumbles

The rest of that night we watched more movies & then just went to bed at 2 in the morning.

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